12 Best Mesh WiFi Systems for Smart Homes (Reviews)

12 Best Mesh WiFi Systems for Smart Homes (Reviews)
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Are you tired of dealing with Wi-Fi dead zones and spotty internet coverage in your home?

The solution lies in the latest mesh Wi-Fi systems, designed to provide seamless, high-speed internet connectivity throughout your space.

These innovative systems have revolutionized home networking, offering a reliable and efficient way to stay connected. With the rise of smart homes and the increasing demand for stable internet, mesh Wi-Fi systems have become a must-have for households of all sizes.

From apartments to large homes, these systems ensure optimal surfing performance, eliminating dead zones and buffering. After rigorous testing and research, we've curated a selection of the best mesh Wi-Fi systems for smart homes, covering a range of options to suit different needs and budgets.


What is the Best Mesh Wifi System for Smart Home?


1. Google Mesh Wifi AC12000 - Best overall

Google Mesh Wifi AC12000 - Best Mesh Wifi Routers For Smart Homes

CHECK PRICE  |  13,662 ratings

The Google Wifi AC1200 Mesh WiFi System is a reliable and scalable solution for seamless home network coverage. With a three-pack, it covers up to 4500 square feet, eliminating dead zones and ensuring a fast connection in every room.

This mesh system replaces your router, intelligently maintaining fast Wi-Fi speeds. Easy setup through the Google Home app, parental controls, and compatibility with all Google Wifi points make it a versatile and user-friendly choice for whole-home coverage. Enjoy uninterrupted streaming and efficient connectivity with this smart Wi-Fi upgrade.

Helpful Review: Easy to set up and goood bye dead zones

I live in a 3-story townhouse and ALWAYS had issues with dead zones in my house or out on my deck and garden. I recently switched from AT&T Fiber which had good service but the landscapers in my neighborhood kept cutting the lines because they weren’t buried deep enough. So I decided to try T-Mobile home. Great service on the floor with the router but it could not handle my 3-story home.

Since I work from home, this was a problem with Zoom calls freezing up all the time.. I tried a Wi-Fi extender which sucked and I stupidly allowed the return window to pass before returning it. So as a “last resort” I decided to try a mesh network. After reading reviews, I decided I buy this Google system and it is the absolute best!!! Lightning fast speeds in my office which is two levels away from the T-Mobile modem. Having a Wi-Fi device on each floor was the game changer. It was super easy to set up and works like a charm. 


2. TP-Link Deco AXE5400

TP-Link Deco AXE5400  - Best Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Systems for Gaming, Expert Tests - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

CHECK PRICE  |  3,332 ratings

Upgrade your home network with the TP-Link Deco AXE5400 Tri-Band WiFi 6E Mesh System (Deco XE75). This powerful 2-pack covers up to 5,500 sq. ft., eliminating dead zones and buffering. With the latest 6 GHz band, true tri-band speed, and AI-driven mesh technology, it ensures seamless connectivity for up to 200 devices. 

Easy setup via the Deco app, Alexa compatibility, and TP-Link HomeShield for enhanced security make the Deco XE75 a top choice for a fast, reliable, and secure home network.

Helpful Review: Works perfectly

We’ve used many different mesh network options before and none of them have worked in our home. The issue with our floor plan is that our house is long and the fiber connection is all the way on one side of the house - and it’s the WRONG side for it to be. Everything electronic is on the other side of the house. It has been a challenge.

This system has changed everything. This system was very easy to set up and WORKS. It works better than I ever dared to imagine was even possible with a wireless backhaul. We are finally getting the great speeds that we PAY FOR all throughout the house. The coverage is perfect, the system is stable and we don’t get dropouts anymore! The app is also EXCELLENT.

It offers deeper customization than other mesh networks we have tried (Nest, Eero, etc). You can choose which Deco unit devices connect to/prefer. You can choose how the Deco’s connect to each other and to the main unit (daisy chain vs direct connect). There are just so many options and they are all laid out simply and in a manner that is easy to understand and manage.

I couldn’t be happier with the Deco system. It’s been a huge relief for me and my family to finally have stable internet that is incredibly fast, all throughout our home and front/back yards. Very happy customer here and will definitely be sticking with TP-Link in the future for our Wi-Fi needs. - Kevin G


3. TP-Link Deco W7200

TP-Link Deco W7200 - Best Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Systems for Gaming, Expert Tests - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

CHECK PRICE  |  35 ratings

The TP-Link Deco W7200 is a two-piece mesh system that offers excellent performance at a reasonable price. It supports Wi-Fi 6 and provides coverage for up to 5,500 square feet. The system is easy to set up, with satellites that join the mesh as soon as you plug them in. 

It lacks a USB port for additional connectivity options but it’s a great option for most gamers.

Helpful Review: Superb mesh wifi

Upgrade older router and range extenders since it seemed someone in the family was always having a slow signal. Went WiFi 6 route to have 3 antennas thinking one dedicated between routers only would assure better user signals. What a household difference in range and uninterrupted signal throughout a large house. 

Highly recommend. Purchased the refurbished unit to evaluate difference at an affordable price and so far it works like new and so much better than inferior alternatives. - Zen

4. Asus ZenWiFi AX6600 XT8

Asus ZenWiFi AX6600 XT8 - Best Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Systems for Gaming, Expert Tests - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

CHECK PRICE  |  3,062 ratings

The Asus ZenWiFi AX XT8 is a top-of-the-range Wi-Fi mesh system that provides high-speed performance, making it ideal for smart homes and gaming. It features a quad-core processor, 512MB of memory, and 256MB of flash storage. The system supports Wi-Fi 6 and has a 2.5Gb WAN port, three Gigabit Ethernet ports, and a USB 3.1 port.

Helpful review: Incredibly fast

Consistently fast 600+ mbps. Never lost connection anywhere in the condo. 3 lans on the side, good enough for anything that needs to be plugged in. Otherwise wireless is just as easy and reliable. You have the option to bind ip to any device, so the ip never changes even if you have to reboot the router. 

You can choose different ssid for the 2 5Ghz network, or keep the same name. Totally up to you. This router is the most secure out of all the ones I’ve used in the past. I bought a single, since I don’t have a big space. If I need an upgrade on figure, configuring a node for the extra space is easy enough. - Devon

5. Asus ROG Rapture GT6 AX10000

Asus ROG Rapture GT6 AX10000 - Best Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Systems for Gaming, Expert Tests - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

CHECK PRICE  |  3,475 ratings

The Asus ROG Rapture GT6 is a Wi-Fi 6 mesh gaming router great for smar home, that offers impressive performance. It stands out with its unique design and LED grid on the front that can be customized. The system is built for gamers who like showing off their hardware and offers blazing-fast speed built for gigabit networks.


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    6. Eero Pro 6E 

    Eero Pro 6E - Best Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Systems for Gaming, Expert Tests - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

    CHECK PRICE  |  3,648 ratings

    The Eero Pro 6E is a Wi-Fi 6E powered mesh system that is easy to set up and manage. It offers strong performance and is ideal for those who prioritize easy setup. However, it lacks USB ports and its parental controls require an optional subscription. The Eero Pro 6E has a coverage of up to 6,000 square feet.

    7. Netgear Orbi AX4200 RBK753

    Netgear Orbi AX4200 RBK753 - Best Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Systems for Gaming

    CHECK PRICE  |  23,221 ratings

    The NETGEAR RBK753-100NAS AX4200 Orbi TriBand WiFi 6 Mesh System offers a robust smart home mesh WiFi experience with 8 streams of WiFi 6, covering up to 7+ bedrooms and 7,500 sq. ft. With improved connection capacity, longer device battery life, and a dedicated Tri-band backhaul, it ensures strong and reliable WiFi. 

    This system supports gigabit internet speeds, accommodating up to 40 devices on your network with wireless speeds up to 4.2Gbps. Enjoy the convenience of a single WiFi network for seamless room-to-room roaming.

    8. Google Nest Wifi Pro 6E

    Google Nest Wifi Pro 6E - Best Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Systems for Gaming, Expert Tests - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

    CHECK PRICE  |  793 ratings

    The Google Nest WiFi Pro is a cutting-edge home Wi-Fi system that ensures super-fast speeds and reliable connectivity for your entire home. With three routers covering up to 6600 square feet, it utilizes advanced Wi-Fi 6E technology for optimal performance. 

    The system automatically adjusts to prioritize activities like video calls and self-monitors for network issues. With three bands (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz), it delivers lightning-fast and consistent speeds, making it a top choice for seamless home connectivity.


    9. ASUS ZenWiFi Pro AXE11000

    ASUS ZenWiFi Pro AXE11000 - Best Mesh Wifi for AT&T Fiber: High-speed & Coverage

    CHECK PRICE  |  480 ratings

    This advanced system features 12 streams of WiFi 6E, offering speeds up to 11,000Mbps. With a new 6GHz frequency band, dual 2.5G WAN LAN ports, and ASUS RangeBoost Plus for expanded coverage, it ensures a seamless and ultrafast connection.

    The bundle includes two units for whole-home coverage and comes with additional features like IFTTT support, internet security, and easy setup. Elevate your WiFi experience with this cutting-edge mesh system.


    10. Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi System

    Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi System - Best Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Systems for Gaming, Expert Tests - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

    CHECK PRICE  |  808 ratings

    The Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi System offers seamless internet coverage, eliminating dead zones in homes up to 4,500 sq ft. This 3-pack features Gigabit Ethernet ports, app-managed parental controls, and a user-friendly setup. With Bark In-Home Parental Controls, it provides added security. 

    The system is equipped with 3 Ethernet ports per router, making it ideal for smart homes, gaming consoles and streaming devices. Vilo prioritizes simplicity, making it the perfect choice for whole-home coverage and easy network management.

    11. Wyze AXE5400 Wi-Fi 6E Mesh Router Pro

    Wyze AXE5400 Wi-Fi 6E Mesh Router Pro - Best Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Systems for Gaming, Expert Tests - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

    CHECK PRICE  |  179 ratings

    The Wyze AXE5400 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6E Mesh Router Pro is a powerful solution for seamless, high-speed Wi-Fi coverage. With mesh technology, it eliminates dead zones and buffering, providing whole-home coverage of up to 2000 sq. ft. The router offers internet speeds 500% faster than traditional routers, reaching 2.5Gbps. 

    Its Mesh Technology allows easy expansion, supporting up to 150+ devices. Automatic updates, parental controls, and easy setup through the Wyze app make it a reliable and user-friendly choice for home networks.



    12. Linksys MX12600

    Linksys MX12600 - Best Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Systems for Gaming, Expert Tests - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

    CHECK PRICE  |  3,067 ratings

    The Linksys MX12600 Mesh WiFi Router is a cutting-edge AX4200 WiFi 6 router that forms a Velop Tri-Band WiFi Mesh, providing seamless wireless connectivity to over 120 devices across an impressive 8,100 sq ft area. 

    With lightning-fast speeds, easy setup through the Linksys App, and intelligent mesh technology, dead zones are eliminated, and your entire smart home enjoys stable streaming, gaming, and smart home device connectivity. Enhanced security features, automatic firmware updates, and parental controls make it a reliable choice for families.

    How to Choose a Mesh Wifi System for Smart Home

    When choosing a smart mesh Wi-Fi router for your AT&T fiber, consider the following factors:

    • Speed and Performance: Look for a system that supports the latest Wi-Fi standards, such as Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 6E, to ensure high-speed, low-latency connections.
    • Coverage Area: Consider the size of your home/office and choose a system that can provide reliable coverage throughout the entire space.
    • Number of Devices: If you have multiple computers devices and other connected gadgets, opt for a system that can handle a high number of simultaneous connections without sacrificing performance.
    • Additional Features: Look for features such as advanced security, quality of service (QoS) settings, and easy management through a mobile app.


    Deco AXE5400 smart mesh wifi system full kit - Best Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Systems for Gaming, Expert Tests - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM 

    How We Test Mesh Routers Speed for Smart Home



    We measure the actual speed and performance of the routers to ensure they can handle the demands of smart home devices, online gaming without lag or latency.


    We assess the routers' latency to determine how quickly they can process and respond to smart home devices requests, surfing/gaming data, which is crucial for a smooth online experience.


    We evaluate the routers' coverage area to ensure they can provide a strong and reliable Wi-Fi signal throughout the entire home, including areas where smart home, professional and gaming devices are typically used.


    Top Mesh Wi-Fi Routers for Smart Home - Takeaway

    The best mesh Wi-Fi system for smart homes depends on your specific needs, including the size of your home, the number of connected devices, and your budget. Look for a system that offers high-speed performance, wide coverage, and additional features tailored to gaming needs. 

    With the right smart mesh Wi-Fi system, you can enjoy a seamless and lag-free gaming experience throughout your home.

    Best Mesh Wi-Fi Systems for Smart Home - FAQ

    Do I need mesh WiFi for smart home?

    Mesh WiFi is beneficial for smart homes, especially for those with multiple devices spread throughout the house or for large or multistory homes. It can relay wireless traffic back to the modem better than a traditional router, providing a fast, reliable Wi-Fi signal throughout the entirety of the home. Mesh systems can help boost speeds at range in small- or medium-size homes as well.

    Is mesh WiFi really better?

    In general, mesh WiFi is better than traditional routers or WiFi extenders. Mesh systems use multiple access points to create a single, seamless network, providing better coverage and lower latency in a wider area. They can eliminate WiFi dead spots and ensure a strong and reliable connection for all devices throughout the home.

    What is the longest range mesh WiFi system?

    The longest range mesh WiFi systems can cover a large home with a strong WiFi signal. For example, the Linksys Atlas Max 6E (up to 9,000 Sq. ft) and the Linksys Velop AX4200 mesh kit (up to 8,100 Sq. ft) offer tri-band WiFi 6 that can cover a large home with a strong WiFi signal at a reasonable price. The packs are easily expandable with additional units.

    What is intelligent mesh WiFi?

    Intelligent mesh WiFi refers to a system that uses multiple access points to create a single, seamless network, providing better coverage and lower latency in a wider area. These systems are designed to intelligently manage the network traffic and ensure a strong and reliable connection for all devices throughout the home.

    What are the disadvantages of WiFi mesh?

    While mesh WiFi systems offer many benefits, they can be more expensive than traditional routers or WiFi extenders. Additionally, some mesh systems may not necessarily make the internet faster at short to medium range. However, they can offer better coverage and lower latency in a wider area, making the connection feel faster throughout the house.

    Why not use mesh WiFi?

    Mesh WiFi may not be necessary for smaller homes or spaces where a single traditional router provides adequate coverage. Additionally, some people may find the initial cost of setting up a mesh WiFi system to be a disadvantage. However, for larger homes or those with WiFi dead spots, mesh WiFi can be a beneficial investment.

    Is too many mesh WiFi bad?

    Having too many mesh WiFi nodes can potentially cause interference and lead to decreased performance. It's important to carefully plan the placement and number of nodes to ensure optimal coverage and performance throughout the home.

    Does mesh WiFi slow down speed?

    Mesh WiFi systems are designed to provide strong and reliable WiFi signals throughout the home, but the speed can vary depending on the specific system and the placement of the nodes. In general, a well-designed mesh WiFi system should not significantly slow down the speed, especially in areas with good signal coverage.


    Best Mesh WiFi Systems for Smart Homes (Reviews)



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