We believe your home should be a sanctuary and your travels, unforgettable experiences. That's why we bridge the gap between cutting-edge smart home technology and curated luxury travel journeys.

Our Mission

    • Craft Smart Homes: We provide advice to seamlessly integrate automation and innovation into your living space, creating a haven of comfort, convenience, and security.
    • Curate Extraordinary Travel: We handpick exceptional travel experiences, designed to immerse you in unique cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and unparalleled luxury.
    • Unify Your Life: We connect your home and travel seamlessly, ensuring an effortless transition from everyday life to extraordinary adventures.

Our Expertise

    • Smart Home Specialists: Our team of tech-savvy consultants guides you through the latest advancements, tailoring them to your lifestyle and needs.
    • Travel Connoisseurs: Our experienced travel curators have explored the globe, crafting personalized itineraries that exceed expectations.
    • Passionate Team: We share a deep passion for innovative living and enriching travel, fueling our dedication to crafting the perfect experience for you.


More Than Just Services

We're your partner in creating a life of seamless luxury. From seamlessly adjusting your home's temperature before you arrive to planning bespoke adventures in hidden corners of the world, we're here to elevate your living and travel experiences.


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GRAND GOLDMAN Contact Address

Email: sirparsons@yandex.com
Street: Schermenweg 194, 3072 Ostermundigen
City: Bern
Phone number: +41 27 256 37 92
Country: Switzerland