14 Best Watch Winders for Rolex & Most Watches (All Budgets)

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Are you tired of resetting your automatic watches every time you switch them out?

A watch winder might just be the solution for you. But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to choose the best one for your watch.

We have done the research, and compiled a list of the best watch winders to keep your timepieces alive. From affordable options to luxury designs for diamond watches and all other timepieces, we've got you covered in this ranking with some original finds.


What are the Best Watch Winders?


1. Best Overall: WOLF Watch Winder Heritage

Dual Version  |  Triple Version

The WOLF Heritage Single Watch Winder is our best watch winder for automatic watches. It is ideal for enthusiasts who want a reliable and stylish way to keep their timepieces well winded everyday. 

  • Patented Innovation - The winder counts the precise number of rotations, ensuring your watch receives the exact amount of winding it needs.
  • Customizable Settings - The winder is pre-programmed with 900 turns per day and offers directional settings that can be adjusted to clockwise, anticlockwise, or bi-directional.
  • Multiple Power Options - The winder can be powered by either battery or the universal power adapter that comes included.
  • Sturdy Watch Cuff - The cuff is designed to fit bigger and heavier watches with up to a 52mm case and uses a locking mechanism for a secure fit.
  • Stylish Design - The winder features a sleek design with a glass cover, chrome finished hardware, and smooth faux leather and satin lining.

Why we like it

The WOLF Heritage is our best automatic watch winder for its precise winding technology, customizable settings, and stylish design. In their know-how, the brand has made sure to make it ideal for casual, formal and dive watches.

This winder is a great investment for anyone who wants to keep their watches running smoothly and looking their best. Plus, the multiple power options make it even more convenient. Whether your first luxury watch is a Patek Philippe, a sparkling golden Cartier or a Swatch, it will feel like home.


2. Best Dual Watch Winder: SMITH’s Bamboo

If you're looking for an aesthetic watch winder that's built to last, put Smith’s Bamboo Watch Winder on your list. It has a rustic yet modern design, and it will take care of your timepieces while adding a touch of design to your room.

  • Smith Manufacturing Quality - The company has been making quality watch winders since 2007 and offers 24/7, 2-year after-sales service and parts support.
  • Patented and Redesigned Winder Cup - The watch winder cup has been redesigned in 2020 and is able to fit extra-large to small watches with a safety gauge that accommodates watch sizes from ø56mm to ø26mm.
  • Individual Winder Switch with 4 Modes - This Wolf winder has an individual switch with 4 modes, including automatic clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, to suit every need of watch winding.
  • Sleeping Quiet Design - The upgraded noise reduction design with Mabucchi motor makes the Smith Bamboo Watch Winder ultra-quiet with noise levels ranging from only 10-20 decibels, which is as quiet as your own breath.
  • 4 Leg "H" Pillow Revolutionary Design - The unique 4 leg "H" pillow design ensures that your watch is stable and secure while it's rotating inside the watch winder box.

Why We Like It

We like the Smith Bamboo Watch Winder for its high-quality construction, redesigned winder cup, and the individual winder switch with 4 modes. It also has a noticeably ultra-quiet motor. This watchwinder will please any amateur or collector of trending luxury watches who also cares about design.



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3. Best Triple Watch Winder: LEADER Storage Box

Best Triple Watch Winder: LEADER Storage Box, $285 - 12 Best Watch Winders That Really Keep Your Timepieces Alive (2023) - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

If you already have 3 watches, then you are launched for a prolific collection that you have to anticipate.

The LEADER Box watch winder is the ultimate solution for watch enthusiasts who need to store their entire collection in one place. With 3 winder rotors and 12 storage slots, you'll be able to keep all your watches organized and ready to wear.

  • Space-saving Design - It's compact enough to fit on your desk or dresser, taking up as little as 14" x 8" of space. You can keep your watches easily accessible without sacrificing valuable space in your room.
  • Easy to use - Setting up this winder is a breeze, with 4 predefined winding programs that meet most existing winding requirements.
  • Super spacious - The large storage compartment has 12 watch storage slots with soft velvet pillows, ensuring your watches stay safe and secure while they're not in use.
  • Stylish Design - The Black high-gloss finish will fit perfectly in any interior.

Why We Like It

The LEADER Watch Winder and Storage Box is a sleek and practical solution for storing and winding multiple watches. Its space-saving design and easy setup make it a great addition to any room. 

With its 3 winder rotors and 12 storage slots, your entire collection is safely kept in one place and ready to wear. If you are an avid collector who likes to contemplate his watches, here is your best affordable watch winder.


4. Best Design: HiPai Futuristic Single Automatic Watch Winder

HiPai Futuristic Single Automatic Watch Winder - Best watch winders | GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


The HiPai watch winder is a must-have accessory for watch enthusiasts. With its new curved front cover design, this winder is not only modern and fashionable, but also artistic and practical.

  • Brilliant Design - The built-in LED blue background light makes your watch look more high-end and easy to use at night.
  • Silent - Its Japanese MABUCHI motor is extremely silent when running, with noise levels as low as 10 db, ensuring a long-lasting and stable working lifetime.
  • Safe - This winder will keep your watch bright and protect it from scratches and dust, with its anti-magnetic design making it even safer.
  • Versatile - With adjustable watch holders and four rotation modes, it fits all sizes of bands and accommodates different watches.
  • Power & Warranty - The HiPai watch winder is powered by a 100-240v AC Adapter (included) and comes with an 18-month warranty.

Straight out of a spaceship, the sleek HiPai watch winder is available in white and black and is great for any new watch.


5. Best Multi Watch Winder: TIMECUBE

Best Quad Watch Winder: TIMECUBE, $400  - Best Watch Winders - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

At this point, you are a collector who understands the importance of keeping watches wound and ready. That's where the TIMECUBE comes in.

This strong winder is designed to meet all your needs, no matter what type of watch you own. Here are the top 5 features and benefits of the TIMECUBE.

  • Universal Compatibility - With individually programmed winder rotors and 15 available winding programs, the TIMECUBE can accommodate any watch model. An electronic controller counts every turn of the watch to maintain supreme winding precision.
  • Modern Design - The TIMECUBE has a high-gloss finish and large display window, making it a stylish addition to any interior.
  • Super Spacious - With 4 watch winder spaces and 3 watch storage slots in a compact case, the TIMECUBE provides ample storage for your watch collection.
  • Fits Most Watches - The polyurethane watch holders fit any bracelet and strap sizes and can be used for men's as well as women's watches. The maximum watch case diameter is 2.4 inches (60 mm).
  • Interior Backlight - The TIMECUBE features an interior backlight especially convenient in the dark. You can switch the backlight on and off with the included remote control.

Why We Like It

The TIMECUBE is a polyvalent choice, for anyone looking for a versatile and stylish watch winder. Whether you have luxury Swiss ladies' watches, vintage watches or aviator watches, they'll feel right at home in this large safe.

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6. Best 6 Piece Watch Winder: ORYX VISON

Best 6 Piece Watch Winder: ORYX VISON, $300  - Best Watch Winders - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

ORYX VISION is a six-watch winding machine with a wooden shell piano finish, that doesn't rely on batteries for power. Instead, it uses a USB power supply that is compatible with adapters (AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz, DC 5V-12V 1.2-2.1A).
This feature eliminates the need for a fixed power source, making it perfect for travel or placement in different scenarios.

  • 15 Adjustable Modes - With 15 modes to choose from, the ORYX VISION watch winder is versatile and compatible with different watch models. You can select from three rotations - clockwise, counter-clockwise, and bidirectional - and choose different TPDs (turns per day) for each direction of rotation, providing supreme winding precision.
  • Super Silent Motors - The built-in six Japanese Mabuchi motors are extremely silent, making it perfect for use in a quiet environment.
  • High-end Design - The wooden shell with a piano paint exterior, safety lock, and built-in blue illumination gives it a luxurious appearance. The acrylic plexiglass with high transparency is ideal to contemplate your watches from the sofa.
  • Universal & Easy-to-use - There are 6 winding slots for watches of different sizes (watch perimeter 160mm-230mm), and easy to set 5 TPDs & three rotation directions for each watch holder.
  • Secure Stop - There is a door sensor function that stops the rotation when the door is open and restarts when it's closed.
  • Compatibility - The adjustable watch pillow fits mechanical watches.

Why We Like It

ORYX VISION watch winder offers a convenient and flexible power supply method, customizable winding options, and high-quality construction.

The luxurious design, built-in blue illumination, and compatibility with different watch models make it an excellent choice for advised watch enthusiasts.


7. Best 8 Piece Watch Winder: JINS&VICO

Best 8 Piece Watch Winder: JINS&VICO, $270 - 12 Best Watch Winders - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


This ranking couldn't be done without the wood-finished watch winder from VINS&VICO. It has a retro-futuristic design with an integrated blue light, stops automatically when the door is opened, and has surprisingly soft cushions.

  • Premium Workmanship - This watch winder boasts a hand-polished high gloss Pine Bark Pattern exterior and black premium leather interior, along with memory foam watch pillows and a quiet motor. It's a true work of art that will keep your watches safe and in top condition.
  • Open-Lid Shut-Off Function - The winder comes with an open-lid shut-off function that ensures the winder shuts off automatically when the door is opened, providing easy and safe access to your watch. This function can be turned on and off with a manual power switch.
  • Built-in Illumination - The watch winder features a built-in LED light worthy of the top watch winders, with a manual power switch, making it easy to view in the dark.
  • Excellent Pillows - The watch winder comes with soft and flexible pillows designed to fit different sizes of watches, ensuring they stay secure and protected. It's super compact and even comes with two extra X&L size watch pillows.
  • AC Adapter Included - This watch winder runs on an included AC adapter, so you won't have to worry about purchasing separate batteries or dealing with the hassle of replacing them.

Why We Like It

JINS&VICO's watch winder is a top-of-the-line product with excellent workmanship and features that make it stand out.

The open-lid shut-off function ensures safety and convenience, while the built-in illumination makes it easy to access your watch even in low light conditions. The compact design and excellent pillows ensure that your watch is held securely and protected at all times.

With the quality of its construction, manufacturer guarantees and the value for money, this one may be the best value watch winder to consider for individuals and professionals in watchmaking.


8. Best 12 Piece Watch Winder: DUKWIN Touchscreen 

Best 12 Piece Watch Winder: DUKWIN Touchscreen, $600  - 12 Best Watch Winders - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

In the large category,  the DUKWIN LCD Touchscreen watch winder is an engine that will keep your timepieces supercharged.

Featuring a super quiet motor that operates at less than 5db, this watch winder available in all sizes is perfect for personal use, business, or as a decorative piece for your jewelry collection.

  • Watches Auto-alignment - The 90° motor is designed for vertical positioning and straight auto-alignment, ensuring that your watches stay in place and are properly wound.
  • Easy Use Display - The LCD touch screen control allows you to easily set each winder to the desired settings for your watch, and the switchable blue LED lighting provides the perfect spotlight for your watches.
  • Convenient Remote - With the included remote control, you can control the winder from up to 3 meters away.
  • High-end Design - Crafted with a wooden shell and high gloss piano paint finish, this watch winder is designed for long-lasting durability. The clear organic glass cover protects your watches from dust, while the spring-loaded telescopic watch holders fit most bracelet and strap sizes. It can be used for both men's and women's watches.

Why We Like It

The DUKWIN LCD Touchscreen watch winder also offers multiple settings for TPD and rotation, including clockwise mode, counter-clockwise mode, and clockwise + counter-clockwise mode.
With TPD options ranging from 650 to 1950, you can be sure that your automatic watches are properly wound and ready to wear at all times.


9. Best Watch Winder for Rolex: BARRINGTON Single & Silent

Best Watch Winder for Rolex: BARRINGTON Single & Silent, $295 | Best Watch Winders - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

The BARRINGTON Single & Silent watch winder is a high-quality option for keeping your automatic watch functioning when not on your wrist.

With a focus on precision design and variable rotation technology, this watch winder operates on a basis of gentle rotation to ensure your watch is not over-wound. Perfectly adapted to rolex watches, this one is also the best watch winder for Omega timepieces.

  • Multi Turns Per Day - It features 5 Turns Per Day Modes including 650, 750, 850, 1,000 & 1,950 to prevent watch instability during rotation.
  • Intermittent Cycles of Rotation - Controlled by a central microchip, this watch winder features multiple rotation settings including clockwise, counterclockwise & alternating, making it suitable for any weight and size of watch.
  • Super Silent - With an extremely quiet design fitted with the World Renowned Ultra Silent Japanese Mabuchi Motor, it won't disturb you while your watch is being wound.
  • Made for Convenience - The Barrington automatic watch winder can be operated by either mains power or 2 x AA battery (not Included), making it convenient to use anywhere.
  • Stackable - It also has stackable features with the Barrington ‘JUMP’ feature, allowing you to connect multiple watch winders together and power them all from one power source.
  • Match Your Style - Available  is available in 10 vivid colors.
The new bonus feature "The 12 O'Clock Stop" means that the watch will stop at the 12 o'clock position when it has finished being wound.

Why We Like It

This one appears to be an ideal Rolex watch winder and a necessary tool for collectors, with advanced circuit board technology and scratch-resistant flex cushioning. The whole make it compatible with major brands including Rolex, Tag Heuer, and Breitling.
With a sleek compact design and dimensions of 4x4x6”, The Barrington is a first-class accessory, and one of the high-end best single watch winder for automatic watches.

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10. Best Budget Watch Winder: VERSA

9. Best Budget Single Watch Winder: VERSA, $50 | Best Watch Winders - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

The VERSA watch winder features a new direct-drive motor designed for long-lasting use. With 4 Turns Per Day settings and 3 direction settings, it offers 12 different combinations for ultimate customization.

The watch pillow is removable and the design has been tested to avoid magnetization. The winder comes with a sliding cover for dust protection and a power adapter.

It's a great option for those who want a customizable, long-lasting watch winder that won't harm their automatic watches due to magnetization.

  • Long-lasting direct-drive motor specifically designed for watch winders.
  • Front facing controls with separate power button for easy operation.
  • 4 Turns Per Day (650-850-1050-1250) settings and 3 direction settings (clockwise, counter clockwise, and bi-directional) with 12 different setting combinations.
  • Removable spring action watch pillow with zero magnetization.
  • Sliding cover to protect your watch from dust.

Why We Like It

We like the VERSA watch winder for its advanced direct-drive motor technology, which is designed to last longer and provide optimal winding for automatic watches.

The front-facing controls and separate power button make it easy to operate, and the multiple setting combinations allow for customized winding.

The removable spring action watch pillow and zero magnetization are others good features, ensuring the safety of our valuable timepieces. The sliding cover adds an extra layer of protection against debris, keeping the watch in pristine condition.

Although we can't help but think that this one looks a bit like an astronaut's helmet, the VERSA watch winder is reliable and definetely our best cheap watch winder.


11. Best Portable & Travel Watch Winder: UTHLUSTY

The UTHLUSTY is a watchwinder in a soft-touch imitation crocodile leather. With the size of a small water bottle, it slips into your bag and takes care of your watch during your travels.

  • Ultra-quiet Japanese Motor - The Mabuchi antimagnetic motor made in Japan provides a whisper-quiet experience that won't disturb you when it's in use.
  • Convenient Dual Power Supply - This watch winder can be operated with either a 100-240V AC adapter or two AA batteries. With the extended USB cable design, it's easy to plug it into your wall outlet. Its battery-powered feature makes it the perfect portable travel watch winder.
  • Optionable Rotation - With two programmable winding modes, this watch winder can rotate clockwise intermittently, or counterclockwise and clockwise alternately and intermittently. Choose the mode that suits your watch's needs.
  • Easy to Use - The watch winder is simple to use straight out of the box. Plug it in, put your watch in the chamber, and turn it on. The movement patterns are already programmed, so switching between settings is a breeze.
  • Premium & Durable Materials - The Soft feel and fashionable leather with imitation crocodile pattern design speak to its excellent craftsmanship. The cavity for the watch is lined with soft velvet, so you don't have to worry about your watch getting scratched.

    Why We Like It

    The UTHLUSTY is a compact budget watch winder, and a great choice for the active ones who need to keep their automatic watches functioning properly on the move.

    With its ultra-quiet Japanese motor, dual power supply and ease of use, it's a reliable and stylish pick for today's collector.


    12. Best Orbital Watch Winder: AESTORIA

    Best Orbital Watch Winder: AESTORIA, $110  - Best Watch Winders - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

    Watch enthusiasts often have a penchant for technology and science fiction. So it's no surprise that a watch winder with a gyroscopic design like the AESTORIA Orbit has been developed, and seeing it in action is a real show.

    • Revolutionary Design - Its modern and elegant design with polished stainless steel rings and high-density crystal clear glass display is simply stunning.
    • Highly Compatible Single Watch Winder - It is compatible with watches of all sizes, making it a perfect fit for any entry level or luxury watch brand, including Rolex watches.
    • Noble & Elegant - The anti-magnetic autowind motor rotates the watch clockwise, counter clockwise, or both at a 1350 rotations per day frequency, ensuring the watch stays wound and charged quietly.
    • Durable Material - The aluminum frame and high-density crystal clear glass cover ensure the watch winder will last for years to come.
    • Easy to Use - Simply wrap the watch band onto the flexible T-holder and snap it into place, then place the clear domed glass over the watch to protect and display it.

    Why We Like It

    The AESTORIA Orbit Automatic Watch Winder is a high-quality and cool watch winder that is sure to catch attention. It exists in silver and gold.

    Whether you are searching for an original gift for a watch lover, or want to keep your own watch in top condition, this hypnotic and surprisingly well priced watch winder is definitely worth considering.


    13. Best High-End Watch Winder: CHEOPZ Lock & Safe

    High-End Watch Winder: CHEOPZ Lock & Safe, $4000 | Best Watch Winders - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

    The CHEOPZ Lock & Safe is the ultimate storage solution for watch collectors who value both prestige and security.

    With its solid steel construction, dual locking bolts and explosion-proof glass window, it provides the highest level of protection for your valuable timepieces.

    Here are the top features that make the Cheopz Lock & Safe stand out:

    • LCD Touch Panel - The LCD touch panel on the door makes it easy to set the TPDs and rotation directions for each watch holder. You can also control the internal LED light with the touch of a button.
    • Professional Watch Winder - With silent Japanese motors and flex foam cushions, this safe winder can store up to 6 automatic watches.
    • Powerful Storage Organizer - The Cheopz Lock & Safe features 3 multi-functional drawers and 2 grids with blank space, making it suitable for storing all types of jewelry, cash, and passports.
    • Convenient Access Protection - The programmable electronic lock provides three personal access methods, including Mifare card, customizable code, and override keys.
    • Luxury Design and Quality - Handmade with high-quality black microfiber leather exterior and red microfiber leather interior, this watch winder exudes luxury, sophistication, and is our standout among top rated watch winders.

    Why We Like It

    Cheopz is one of the most trustworthy, best watch winder brands. We like their Lock & Safe winder for its impressive security features, sleek design, and versatile storage options. It's the perfect investment for any watch collector who wants to keep their valuable timepieces safe and secure.


    14. JQUEEN Double Watch Winder with Quiet Japanese Mabuchi Motor

    JQUEEN Double Watch Winder with Quiet Japanese Mabuchi Motor | Best watch winders - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

    CHECK PRICE  |  4 Watches Version

    The JQUEEN watch winder is a must-have accessory for any watch enthusiast. With its upgraded Japanese super silent motor, this winder operates at an incredibly low noise level of just 5db, ensuring your watch is rotated quietly and safely, with no running noise.

    • Easy and Versatile - It features 5 program settings, providing a variety of rotation options depending on your watch's needs.
    • High-end Design - The deluxe paint surface and elegant design add a touch of sophistication to any room, while the anti-magnetic design keeps your watch safe from harm.
    • Spacious - This winder has plenty of interior space for large and oversize watches, and can be powered by either an AC Adapter or 2 *1.5V Battery, making it a versatile option for any lifestyle.
    Plus, with an 18-month warranty, you can trust in the quality of this product to keep your timepieces in shape in the long term.


    Barrington orange watch winder - Best watch winders - grandgoldman.com

    Best Watch Winders: Frequently Asked Questions

    Will a watch winder ruin my watch?

    No. As long as you're using a high-quality watch winder that's compatible with your watch, like those selected on this page, you don't have to worry about it ruining your watch.

    In fact, a good watch winder can actually help maintain your watch's accuracy and extend its lifespan by keeping it wound and preventing the lubricants from drying out. That said, beware of cheap watch winders.

    What is a Cub Winder?

    A Cub Winder is a type of watch winder that's designed to hold and wind multiple watches at once, typically in a compact cube shape. Cub Winders are a great option for collectors who have several automatic watches in their collection and want to keep them all wound and ready to wear.

    Is it better to keep an automatic watch on a watch winder?

    While it's not necessary to keep your automatic watch on a watch winder, it can definitely be beneficial. When you keep your watch on a winder, it helps keep the watch wound and running accurately, which can help extend its lifespan. Additionally, if you have a watch that's hard to manually wind, a watch winder can save you a lot of time and effort.

    How long should a watch be on a winder ?

    The ideal duration to keep your watch on a winder depends on the watch and the type of winder you're using. Generally, it's recommended for a few hours a day or overnight, to ensure that it stays wound and running accurately. best watch winder for rolex datejust.

    However, it's important to refer to your watch's manufacturer instructions and the winder's instructions to determine how long is ideal.


    Watch on an eye catching orbital winder, on a wood dest - Best Watch Winders - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

    What is a luxury watch winder?

    A luxury watch winder is a high-end, premium-quality watch winder that's typically made with high-quality materials and advanced technology. It is the best 4 watch winder. best 4 watch winder.

    An high end watch winder like the 
    CHEOPZ Lock & Safe for example, comes with features such as multiple winding modes, adjustable TPD (turns per day), LED lighting, and touchscreen displays. roogs watch winder reviews.

    These winders are designed to cater to the needs of high-end watch collectors who demand the best for their timepieces. roogs watch winder reviews.

    What is the disadvantage of a watch winder?

    One disadvantage is that not all watches are compatible with all winders, so it's important to ensure that your watch is compatible with the winder you're using.

    Additionally, using a entry level winder can cause additional wear and tear on your watch over time, especially if it's not adjusted properly. best watch winder for cartier.

    Finally, some people simply prefer to manually wind their watches, as it can provide a sense of satisfaction as the purists say. In this ranking, we have selected winders of recognized brands that work with the majority of watches without causing any long-term inconvenience. best watch winder for cartier.

    How many turns per day does a Rolex need?

    The number of turns per day a Rolex needs depends on the specific model and movement of the watch. Generally, Rolex watches require around 650-800 TPD to stay wound and running accurately.

    However, it's important to refer to your watch's manufacturer instructions or consult with a professional to determine the best TPD for your specific Rolex model. best watch winder for omega seamaster.



    What is your Best Watch Winder?

    A watch winder can be a valuable investment for any watch enthusiast. It provides a convenient and practical way to keep timepieces wound and ready to wear at all times. But with so many options on the market, it's important to consider factors like quality, features, and price before making a purchase.

    By choosing one of the best watch winders, you can be confident that you are getting a product that will meet your needs, exceed your expectations, and keep your watches ticking for years to come. 
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