26 Best Properties to Sleep in a Castle Hotel, FRANCE

26 Best Properties to Sleep in a Castle Hotel, FRANCE
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Sleeping in a castle is the dream of many of us, attracted by the splendor and history of these centuries-old monuments.

Which is good, because France is renowned for its rich history and architectural grandeur. So what better way to immerse yourself in its cultural heritage than by staying in a castle hotel?

From the Loire Valley to Provence, f
rom the rolling vineyards of Bordeaux to the historic heartlands of Normandy, we finally found our favorite places to sleep in a castle. These castle hotels offer a unique blend of luxury, history, and dangerously addictive charm. But before you pack your bags, you should know a few things about these invincible properties. Here is what makes them the best castle hotels in France, each offering guests a chance to live like royalty.



Top 10 Best Castle Hotels to Stay in France


1. La Chartreuse du Bignac - Teritoria

La Chartreuse du Bignac - Teritoria - Best Properties to Sleep in a Castle Hotel, FRANCE

Availability:   BOOKING   EXPEDIA   HOTELS

La Chartreuse du Bignac is a historic castle located in the Périgord region of France, approximately 9 kilometers from the town of Bergerac. The castle dates back to the 12th century and has a rich history, having been owned by various noble families over the centuries.

Today, the castle operates as a hotel and is part of the "Châteaux & Hôtels Collection", offering 12 rooms including 2 suites. The castle is known for its beautiful crystal formations and underground vault, which can be accessed via a tunnel. Visitors can also be lowered down into the cave in a rotating basket to enjoy 360-degree panoramic views of the formations.

The castle is situated in a picturesque location, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Périgord region. It is considered one of the must-see attractions in the area and is a popular destination for travelers seeking a unique and historic accommodation experience. 


2. Chateau De Codignat

Chateau De Codignat - Best Properties to Sleep in a Castle Hotel, FRANCE

Availability:   EXPEDIA   HOTELS

Located in the heart of France, Chateau De Codignat stands as a 15th-century relic offering a deep dive into medieval luxury.

Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Auvergne region, this castle features opulent rooms decorated with antique furnishings and offers gourmet dining that highlights local produce.



3. Château Louise de La Vallière

Château Louise de La Vallière - Best Properties to Sleep in a Castle Hotel, FRANCE

Availability:   BOOKING   EXPEDIA   HOTELS

This château, named after the famed mistress of King Louis XIV, is a beacon of French elegance in the Loire Valley.

With its 17th-century façade and luxurious interiors, guests can enjoy modern amenities while soaking in the historical ambiance. The château also offers a range of activities including wine tasting tours and horseback riding.


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4. Château de Bagnols

Château de Bagnols, Bagnols - Best Luxury Honeymoon Destinations in Provence, FRANCE

Availability:   BOOKING   EXPEDIA   HOTELS

One of the oldest châteaux in the region, Château de Bagnols dates back to the 13th century.

This castle is famous for its stunning frescoes and moat, as well as its vineyard views. Guests can indulge in a Michelin-starred restaurant and relax in rooms that blend historic décor with contemporary comfort.



5. Château de Montvillargenne

Château de Montvillargenne - Best Properties to Sleep in a Castle Hotel, FRANCE

Availability:   BOOKING   EXPEDIA   HOTELS

The largest château hotel in France, located in Chantilly, was formerly the residence of the Rothschild family. This majestic castle is set in a lush forest park and offers a spa, gourmet restaurant, and beautifully appointed rooms that reflect its rich history.


6. Château La Chenevière

Château La Chenevière - Best Properties to Sleep in a Castle Hotel, FRANCE

Availability:   BOOKING   EXPEDIA   HOTELS

At Château La Chenevière, guests can enjoy the charm of a Normandy manor house set between Bayeux and the D-Day landing beaches. The hotel combines 18th-century elegance with modern luxury, offering a serene garden, a gourmet restaurant, and an intimate setting.



7. Château-Hôtel de Bourron

Château-Hôtel de Bourron - Best Properties to Sleep in a Castle Hotel, FRANCE

Availability:   BOOKING   EXPEDIA   HOTELS

Nestled near Fontainebleau, Château de Bourron offers an authentic experience of aristocratic life in a Renaissance-style castle.

Built in the early 17th century, this hotel boasts meticulously restored interiors and expansive gardens. Guests can enjoy traditional French cuisine and explore the rich history of the surrounding area, including the famous Fontainebleau Forest.


8. Château de Fère Hôtel & Spa

Château de Fère Hôtel & Spa - Best Properties to Sleep in a Castle Hotel, FRANCE

Availability:   BOOKING   EXPEDIA   HOTELS

Near the ruins of a 13th-century fortress, this hotel offers a unique blend of historical intrigue and modern luxury. With a spa, gourmet dining, and various leisure activities, it's a perfect retreat for those looking to relax and explore the rich history of the Champagne region.



9. Château d’Étoges

Château d’Étoges - Best Properties to Sleep in a Castle Hotel, FRANCE

Availability:   BOOKING   EXPEDIA   HOTELS

In the Champagne region, this 17th-century château serves as a historical monument. Known for its classical French gardens and a moat, guests can enjoy tranquil views, luxurious spa treatments, and a restaurant serving exquisite French cuisine.


10. Le Relais de Chambord

Le Relais de Chambord - Best Properties to Sleep in a Castle Hotel, FRANCE

Availability:   BOOKING   EXPEDIA   HOTELS

The Relais de Chambord is a luxury hotel located just 50 meters from the iconic Château de Chambord in the Loire Valley of France. 

The hotel has undergone meticulous renovation, emerging as a haven of modern luxury amidst the grandeur of the historic castle. Situated in the footsteps of the French kings, the Relais de Chambord offers contemporary accommodations with stunning views of the Château. 

The hotel is part of the rich history and legacy of the Château de Chambord, which was commissioned by King Francis I in 1519 as a hunting lodge and has since become a symbol of the French Renaissance. Visitors to the Relais de Chambord can enjoy the property's amenities while also exploring the 15 must-see highlights of the Château and its surrounding grounds.



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11. Château de l’Épinay | In Anjou

A region of castles par excellence, the Loire Valley is full of jewels like the Château de l'Épinay, our favorite.

Near Angers, this 18th century pearl parts of which date back to the 15th century, has been completely renovated into an equivalent 4-star hotel, set in the middle of an immense 25 hectare park.

The 23 rooms and suites of this establishment, a member of the  Hôtels & Préférence collection , some have exposed beams, a freestone fireplace, parquet floors and period tapestry inspired by the century of Romanticism, while others are located in the attic. attic and thus benefit from an incomparable character. 

  • Occupying a luxury room at the Château de l'Epinay is a real dive into history © DR
    Occupying a luxury room at the Château de l'Epinay is a real dive into History © DR

With its spa, its magnificent ecological swimming pool where the water is treated thanks to the filtering action of the plants, or the hammocks which punctuate the park, this castle will please those who aspire to calm and rejuvenation.

After tennis, a fitness session, a game of billiards or a yoga and sophrology class, you can have lunch on the terrace with vegetables from the castle's permaculture vegetable garden or delicious Italian specialties prepared by the young Italian chef. A Loire Valley hotel among the most beautiful in the region, without a doubt.

What we love

  • The  gentle way of life  that permeates the atmosphere, from the spa to the large rooms and the outdoor spaces (terraces, fitness, jacuzzi, etc.);
  • The  many activities  on offer  : tennis, pétanque, cycling or hiking, yoga classes on the grass, canoe trips on the estate's private pond, billiards or cinema, there is something for everyone;
  • The very beautiful  park  : French garden, horses, rose garden, hammocks and swings and even lavender fields!
  • Environmental commitment : natural swimming pool  , organic permaculture vegetable garden, zero waste approach...
  • The  philosophy of luxury embodied by the castle:  accessible and without ostentation.

Good to know - Not far from the castle, you will take advantage of your stay at Château de l'Épinay to visit the prestigious neighboring appellations of Savennières and Côteaux du Layon. 

  • The park of Château de l'Épinay in Anjou © DR
  • The natural swimming pool of the Château de l'Épinay © DR

Château de l'Épinay

23 rooms and suites. From €160 per night
Lieu dit L'Épinay, 49170 Saint-Georges-sur-Loire 



12. Château de Maubreuil | A luxury hotel at the gates of Nantes

After a seven-year renovation led by Philippe Rousse, Nantes entrepreneur and great lover of the arts, the Château de Maubreuil is getting a makeover.

The first five-star hotel in the region, the establishment has 14 rooms and suites from 24 to 77 m², a Cinq mondes spa, and a gourmet restaurant, La Table du Marquis, orchestrated by chef Quentin Gallouédec. In random rooms, art is omnipresent.

In each room, treasures from the four corners of the world invite you to travel and dream: Venice, Japan, Saint Petersburg... Its eight-hectare park, a beautiful green setting, offers calm and pleasure. A beautiful gem!

© Château de Maubreuil


What makes the difference ? The unique thematic destination of each room, decorated with objects found around the world.

Château de Maubreuil
17 keys, from €230 per night
6 Allée de Maubreuil, 44470 Carquefou

13. Rochecotte Castle4 stars in Touraine

Welcome to Château Rochecotte, a pearl nestled in the heart of Touraine surrounded by green vineyards. The history of this residence dates back to the 18th century, as evidenced by its neoclassical architecture which seduces with its fluted columns and its sculpted pediment, standing out magnificently in the dazzling light of the white stone through the trees of the vast 25 hectare park .

The Pasquier family has been watching over this treasure for three generations, which has since become a 4-star castle hotel in Touraine and a renowned gourmet restaurant. Guests who stay there travel through history, in a setting combining modernity, baroque and classic style, where every detail reveals French elegance. 

  • © Rochecotte
    © Rochecotte


Soak up the delicate atmosphere from the huge Italian terrace colorful with bougainvillea, offering breathtaking views of the valley and French gardens.

This is where you can enjoy special moments, for sunny tea times and lunches at Le Dino restaurant, where neoclassical decoration meets exceptional gourmet cuisine.

La Verrière, a large, elegant greenhouse, also offers a sophisticated culinary experience, where the château's vegetable garden, the main supplier of aromatic herbs and seasonal vegetables, takes center stage. The hotel also produces its own honey and its Bourgueil appellation wine, vinified by Domaine de La Butte.

  • © Rochecotte
  • © Rochecotte


On sunny days, you can dive into the heated outdoor swimming pool or explore the majestic park. Bicycles are available, allowing you to explore every corner of this vast estate, before enjoying a relaxing massage in the elegant Boni Salon with its white ceramic fireplace, with the soothing view of the park in the background.

The 37 rooms and suites, true havens of comfort, reveal refined and elegant interiors, imbued with an authentic Italian style. For an exceptional experience, opt for the bright Junior Suite, equipped with a  private jacuzzi .

In this haven of tranquility, between Tours and Saumur, follow in the footsteps of the Duchess of Dino and her uncle Talleyrand, and experience a sublime French romance, a stone's throw from the Châteaux of the Loire (Chinon, Chenonceau, Langeais, Villandry, Ussé …) and the vineyards of Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil.

Château de Rochecotte
37 keys from €190 per night
43 Rue Dorothée de Dino, 37130 Coteaux-sur-Loire

  • © Rochecotte
    © Rochecotte



14. Hauts de Loire | Château life two hours from Paris

In its 70 hectare park not far from Blois, this former hunting lodge built in the 19th century and labeled Relais et Châteaux offers a rural setting with its green paths and ponds where swans and mallard ducks coexist all year round.

In a decor redesigned in the light of modern comfort, the residence retains the atmosphere of the place with Hungarian point parquet flooring, fine gold-plated mirrors and antique furniture. The family home has 31 attic rooms and suites, most of which overlook the park. A tennis court, a swimming pool, a spa and the Michelin-starred restaurant of chef Teddy Ragain complete the castle life experience.

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  • Les Hauts de Loire - facade © Fabrice Rambert
    Les Hauts de Loire - facade © Fabrice Rambert

Good to know - The castle houses a Clarins spa with three treatment cabins, a sauna, a hammam and a relaxation room with the garden as a horizon.

Les Hauts de Loire
From €350 per night
79 Rue Gilbert Navard, 41150 Veuzain-sur-Loire

15. Hôtel Château du Grand-Lucé  | In  Sarthe

The Hôtel Château du Grand-Lucé occupies the sumptuous eponymous building in Sarthe, completed in 1764, by Baron Jacques Pineau de Viannay, confidant of Louis XV. After his death, his daughter Louise Pineau de Viennay received Diderot, Voltaire, Rousseau, Mozart and Grimm... The total overhaul of the place completed in 2019 favors, throughout the 4,000 m², 17 rooms and suites, the codes of the 18th century. 

Parquet floors from Versailles and Point de Hungary, Baccarat chandeliers, marble fireplaces, authentic furniture, “chinoiserie” wallpaper on the walls… At the piano, chef Maxime Thomas (formerly Anne-Sophie Pic in Lausanne) brings up-to-date regional cuisine. 

What we love - The elegant round swimming pool set in the middle of neatly trimmed lawns near the Orangery. 

Good to know - Plan a long walk in the 32 hectare enclosed park, a real marvel.

Hotel Château du Grand-Lucé
17 rooms and suites. From €450 per night.
9 Place de la République, 72150 Le Grand Lucé



16. Hotel Le Nessay | A family home on the Breton coasts

Proudly anchored on a tiny peninsula in Saint-Briac-sur-Mer, this 19th century castle is one of the most charming hotels on the Emerald Coast. Surrounded by the waves of the English Channel, the old family house with pastel colors and Renaissance-style turrets, houses 11 rooms, including two in an annex and four in the posterns.

Tastefully decorated, most rooms open onto the ocean horizon and the Emerald Coast. The castle's table, commanded by chef Thomas Estrader, offers a wide variety of seafood, fish and vegetables. Below the hotel, you can access the emblematic Les Salinettes beach for an invigorating swim and a breath of fresh sea air!

    • Hotel Le Nessay © DR

      Hotel Le Nessay ©

    What makes the difference - The relaxed seaside vacation home style.

Hôtel Le Nessay
From €250 per night
Boulevard du Bechay, 35800 Saint-Briac-sur-Mer


17. Castel Beau Site | exceptional setting on the Armor coast

40 minutes from Guingamp station, the Castel Beau Site hotel is located in a small cove on the Breton coast on the Pink Granite Coast .

An idyllic setting for a boat trip or a stroll alongside impressive piles of round rockeries, the hotel has regained its splendor after a renovation launched by the H8 Collection group in 2018. Built in 1928, the hotel which was for a long time a guesthouse, now houses 33 rooms and suites opening onto the sea.

  • Castel Beau Site © Wanderlust lab
    Castel Beau Site © Wanderlust lab

Good to know - The outdoor jacuzzi offers a moment of tranquility, with your gaze caught by the sea.

Castel Beau Site
From €190 per night
137 Rue Saint-Guirec, 22700 Perros-Guirec

  • Hôtel Château du Grand-Lucé – Room © MB | YONDER.fr
  • Hôtel Château du Grand-Lucé – Exterior © MB | YONDER.fr


This former 18th century-style hunting lodge, now a 5-star hotel, is nestled in the heart of the Chantilly forest.

18. Domaine Les Crayères | A legendary hotel in Champagne

At the gates of the Cité des Sacres, the historic Les Crayères estate is housed in a Belle Époque castle from 1904.

In the middle of a seven-hectare green park, the 5-star Relais & Châteaux has been decorated in pure French style by interior designer Pierre Yves Rochon, eminent specialist in palaces and the most beautiful hotels in the world. Woodwork, hangings, paintings, moldings: classicism rubs shoulders in the winter garden, a marvel of Art Deco, and in the room of the Le Parc restaurant with period woodwork.

Chef Philippe Mille, two Michelin stars, is a master in the art of revisiting noble products (lobster, langoustine, foie gras, turbot). The establishment has only 20 traditional luxury rooms and a cottage.

Good to know - Every Friday and Saturday, the luxury hotel offers its gourmet dishes to enjoy in your room or to take away!

Domaine Les Crayères
20 keys, from €490 per night
64 Bd Henry Vasnier, 51100 Reims

  • Domaine Les Crayères © Jean Baptiste Delerue
  • Domaine Les Crayères - The Park © Anne Emmanuelle Thion


19. Château Saint-Jean Hotel & Spa | In Montlucon

This medieval castle, transformed into a hotel in the 1920s, was taken over in 2016 by the owners of the  Réserve de Beaulieu on the French Riviera and reopened in April 2019 under the name Château Saint-Jean Hôtel & Spa.

Situated in a three-hectare park with a pond, this five-star hotel, also a member of Relais & Châteaux, combines the charm of a residence steeped in history with ultra-contemporary decor signed by designer Patrick Jouin, known for his numerous collaborations with Alain Ducasse. It offers 19 rooms and suites decorated in classic tones. Without forgetting the wellness area with hammam, swimming pool and large room dedicated to massages.

  • Château Saint-Jean Hôtel & Spa: the spectacular decor of the gourmet restaurant La Chapelle © DR
    Château Saint-Jean Hôtel & Spa: the spectacular decor of the gourmet restaurant La Chapelle © DR

What we love - The gourmet restaurant in the old 12th century chapel ,  an extraordinary setting brilliantly matched by the menu signed by chef Olivier Valade, obtained 1 star in the 2020 edition of the Michelin Guide.

Good to know - The second restaurant, Bistrot Saint-Jean, offers authentic and bistronomic cuisine.

Château Saint Jean Hotel & Spa
19 rooms and suites. From €200 per night
Avenue Henri de la Tourfondue, 03100 Montluçon




20. Château de Fonscolombe | Near Aix-en-Provence

This 18th century residence  , classified as a Historic Monument, belonged to the Marquis Boyer de Fonscolombe then to the Marquis de Saporta, humanists, doctors and botanists.

The 50 rooms and suites of the Château de Fonscolombe, a 5-star member of Relais & Châteaux , have been redesigned with period furniture and the extraordinary lounges offer a journey back in time. In the immense park, we admire a cedar tree offered by Queen Elizabeth II who stayed here. The Orangerie restaurant delights gourmets and bicycles are available to guests.

What we love - The calm and elegant atmosphere of a “family home” of this hotel in Provence. But also, the park planted with 180 plant species or the private chapel.

Good to know - The swimming pool, built in a former priest's pool, has preserved stones classified as a historic monument!

Château de Fonscolombe
50 rooms and suites. From €300 per night
Route de Saint-Canadet 13610 Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade

  • Château de Fonscolombe – Facade © DR
  • Château de Fonscolombe – Restaurant terrace © DR


Perched on a hill, the Château de la Messardière offers a view of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and Pampelonne beach.

21. Mazan Castle | Near Mont Ventoux

Property of the family of the Marquis de Sade until 1850, the Château de Mazan (15 minutes from Carpentras and 20 minutes from the slopes of Mont Ventoux in Vaucluse) welcomed the latter on numerous occasions.

In 1772, the divine marquis organized the first theater festival in France there. The Franck Jaulneau duo, director of the Elegant Properties Collection group which bought the castle and the architect Claire Annicchiarico, worked to restore the codes of the 18th century by combining them with the Provençal style throughout the lounges, the Galerie des Curiosities, 31 rooms and suites, all different.

The “jungle” which surrounded the castle has been transformed into a vast garden where some sculptures, a swimming pool and a bowling alley stand, Provence obliges! Chef Christophe Schuffenecker — formerly starred at L'Alpaga in Megève and I Salti in Île-Rousse — oversees the destiny of the two restaurants: the Cour du Château, with its revisited bistro cuisine, and the Dining Room, which highlights honor careful gastronomy.

  • Room at the Château de Mazan © DR
    Room at the Château de Mazan © DR

What we love - The library, with its stone walls in the basement, offers welcome coolness in summer and contains 450 books.

Good to know - In each room there is a writing table, often placed in front of the window to draw inspiration from the superb view!

Château de Mazan
31 rooms from €180 per night
8, place Napoléon, 84380 Mazan


22. Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey | A few kilometers from Sauternes

The third opus of the Lalique collection after Villa Lalique and Château Hochberg in Alsace, Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey was inaugurated two years ago. Situated in the heart of a 35-hectare vineyard labeled 1st Grand Cru Classé de Sauternes, this 400-year-old building contains 10 rooms and 3 suites, all different, and a gourmet restaurant.

The interior decor highlights dark red and leaf green tones, a nod to the world of wine. The Lalique identity is very present: armchairs adorned with crystal cabochons, bathroom faucets bearing a bunch of crystal grapes... A  destination of choice for wine tourism aficionados.

  • Château Lafaurie Peyraguey in the middle of the Bordeaux vineyards © Deepix
    Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey in the middle of the Bordeaux vineyards © Deepix

What we love -  The contemporary touch brought by the architect Mario Botta, who decorated one of the facades with a glass passage and installed on the ground floor an immense glass roof overlooking the vines. 

Good to know - The restaurant's menu is signed by chef Jérôme Schilling, a young Alsatian chef who studied at Robuchon and Marx... the promise of a memorable meal!

Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey
13 rooms and suites. From €250 per night
Lieu-dit, Peyraguey, 33210 Bommes


23. Airelles Saint-Tropez, Château de la Messardière | On the heights of Saint-Tropez   

This residence built in the 19th century, which has become a 5-star hotel officially labeled Palace since 2012, is a real institution in Saint-Tropez, a few minutes from the village and the legendary beach of Pampelonne.

Perched on a hill, it offers a view of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, Pampelonne beach and the Ramatuelle vineyards. Most of the 64 suites and 44 rooms allow you to admire one of these magnificent landscapes, a major asset. A 1,000 m² wellness area with a Valmont spa, the prestigious Swiss brand, an indoor swimming pool, a hammam, a fitness room complete the offer of this unique place, one of the most beautiful hotels in Saint-Tropez.

What we love - The excellent Matsuhisa restaurant which offers the best of Japanese-Peruvian gastronomy by Nobu and a terrace with an exceptional view of Pampelonne beach. 

Good to know - Its ten-hectare park is classified as a bird refuge by the Bird Protection League. A guarantee of tranquility!

Airelles Saint-Tropez, Château de la Messardière
108 rooms and suites. From €600 per night
2 Route de Tahiti, 83990 Saint-Tropez

  • Château de la Messardière - Entrance to the palace © David Grimbert
  • Château de la Messardière – Terrace of the L’Acacia restaurant © David Grimbert




24. Château de Vault-de-Lugny | Between Vézelay and Chablis

At the heart of a 40-hectare park, where we find a farm with a henhouse and a vegetable garden, this 5 star hotel in Burgundy housing 17 rooms was a fortified castle.

All that remains today is the keep built in the 12th century and part of the surrounding walls.

The current building still dates from the 15th century. It has 17 rooms, all different, with decor reminiscent of the DNA of the place: four-poster beds, precious fabrics, wooden ceilings... In the gourmet restaurant, the chef of Mauritian origin Franco Bowanee highlights traditional French cuisine with a touch of exoticism, awarded a Michelin star. Mention very well to the superb swimming pool under a vaulted ceiling.

  • Château de Vault-de-Lugny – The moats © EL | YONDER.fr
    Château de Vault-de-Lugny – The moats © EL


What we love - The King's Room, the most beautiful, identically restored with its ceiling decorated with fleur-de-lys. 

Good to know - The hotel is at the gates of the Morvan park, a region rich in discoveries: Vézelay, the Château de Bazoches or the Chablis vineyard are very close.

Château de Vault-de-Lugny
17 rooms and suites. From €195 per night.
11 Rue du Château, 89200 Vault-de-Lugny.


25. Château Hôtel Mont Royal Chantilly

This former 18th century unting lodge, now a 5-star hotel, is nestled in the heart of the Chantilly forest. The 100 rooms and suites display French classicism and contemporary details.

The rooftop suite and its 60 m² terrace deserve a special mention! The Opera restaurant, which owes its name to the old ballroom of the castle, offers a refined menu based on the most luxurious products (blue lobster, oscietra caviar, foie gras, Bavarian beef, etc). 

The Stradivarius highlights before a British atmosphere: collection of old books, woodwork... You can enjoy cocktails and the chef's specialties. As for the spa, it bears the colors of the Carita and Decléor brands.

  • The flowered terrace of the Château Hôtel Mont Royal Chantilly © Château Hôtel Mont Royal Chantilly
    The flowered terrace © Château Hôtel Mont Royal Chantilly

What we love -  The indoor swimming pool lined with large white curtains and topped by a black chandelier, very “century old”!

Good to know - The hotel is an ideal base for enjoying the Chantilly Vineuil golf course. Compared to the “biggest”, it is rumored that it is the only French golf course valid for the Scots!

Château Hôtel Mont Royal Chantilly
100 rooms and suites. From €250 per night
Allée des Marronniers, 60520 La Chapelle-en-Serval


26. Château d’Audrieu | Near the landing beaches

In the heart of the Normandy countryside, in the heart of a 25-hectare estate, not far from the landing beaches and Bayeux, the Château d'Audrieu, a member hotel of Relais & Châteaux , is part of the new 2L Collection hotel group (Château de Fonscolombe in Provence, Le Cinq Codet in Paris).

Two years of work were necessary to bring it all the luster of a 5-star hotel. It has thirty rooms and suites, all different with classic charm: period furniture, woodwork and parquet flooring, reissues of Frey or Canovas fabrics, toile de Jouy, not forgetting a restaurant with top-class cuisine and a large swimming pool.

What we love - The three gardens, one with white roses, the other in the French style, and the vegetable garden at the base of organic cider production. 

Good to know - The hotel offers a treehouse perched 7 meters high with a private terrace and bathroom.
Château d'Audrieu
29 rooms and suites, 1 cabin. From €260 per night
14250 Audrieu (20 minutes from Caen)

  • Hôtel Château d’Audrieu – Exterior © DR
  • Hôtel Château d’Audrieu – Swimming pool © DR


How to Choose a Castle Hotel in France

When selecting a castle hotel in France, there are several key factors to consider.


Look for castles in picturesque regions like the Loire Valley, Dordogne, Normandy, or Provence to immerse yourself in the French countryside. Many are also conveniently located near major cities.


The best castle hotels offer luxurious accommodations, Michelin-starred dining, world-class spas, and access to activities like golf, wine tasting, and hiking on the grounds.

Historical Significance

Some castles have centuries of history, having hosted royalty or played important roles. Staying in these properties can provide a unique glimpse into France's past.

Size and Exclusivity

Smaller, more intimate castle hotels with just a few rooms or suites can offer a more exclusive, personalized experience compared to larger properties.


Castle hotels span a wide range of budgets, from affordable B&Bs to ultra-luxurious 5-star resorts. Determine your ideal price point and amenities.

Couple in Avignon - Best Properties to Sleep in a Castle Hotel, FRANCE

FAQ: Choosing and Preparing Your Stay in the Top Castle Hotels in France

1. What are the key factors to consider when selecting a castle hotel in France?

When choosing a castle hotel in France, key factors to consider include the location, historical significance, size and exclusivity, amenities offered, and overall pricing. Look for properties in picturesque regions like the Loire Valley or Provence that offer luxurious accommodations, fine dining, and access to activities on the castle grounds.

2. What types of castle hotels are available in France?

France offers a wide variety of castle hotel options, from intimate boutique properties with just a few rooms to grand 5-star resorts. Some specialize in family-friendly or pet-friendly experiences, while others focus on wellness and spa facilities or Michelin-starred cuisine.

3. How can I find the most historically significant castle hotels in France?

Many castle hotels in France have centuries of history, having hosted royalty or played important roles. To find the most historically significant properties, look for ones that highlight their royal connections or architectural pedigree, such as the Château de Saint Paterne in Normandy.

4. What is the average price range for castle hotel stays in France?

Castle hotel prices in France span a wide range, from affordable B&Bs to ultra-luxurious 5-star resorts. Expect to pay anywhere from €100-€500 per night on average, with higher-end properties and suites costing significantly more.

5. How can I ensure I have a personalized, exclusive experience at a French castle hotel?

For a more intimate, exclusive castle hotel stay, look for smaller properties with just a handful of rooms or suites. These boutique-style castles often provide a more personalized experience compared to larger resort-style properties.

Best Castle Hotels in FRANCE, Top Properties 



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