21 Best Michelin Star Restaurants in Avignon, FRANCE

Best Michelin Star Restaurants in Avignon, FRANCE
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Avignon, a city renowned for its historic Palais des Papes, is also a culinary hotspot boasting a vibrant gastronomic scene. 

According to the prestigious Michelin Guide, this city in the Provence region of France is home to some of the finest dining establishments in the country. As a hub of French culinary excellence, Avignon offers a diverse array of Michelin-starred restaurants that not only provide exquisite dining, but also showcase the rich history and achievements of the local chefs and their establishments.

In this guide, we delve into the top Michelin-starred restaurants in Avignon, each of which is a testament to the city's commitment to culinary innovation, and the preservation of traditional French flavors. From classic Provençal cuisine to modern interpretations of regional specialties, these establishments have earned their place among the elite, attracting food enthusiasts from around the world.

Whether you're a seasoned gastronome or a curious foodie, it is time to add the city to your bucket list, otherwise, Avignon's culinary landscape will stay a dream. We mere mortals are unlikely to cook the same thing as these establishments at home. But at least we know where serious gourmands go when they're in France.


Best Michelin Star Restaurants in Avignon, France


1. Hiély-Lucullus

Hiély-Lucullus - Best Michelin Star Restaurants in Avignon, FRANCE

Chef Gérald Azoulay, a native of Avignon, has created an astonishing culinary amalgam of the cuisines of Peru (where his wife Patricia was born) and Provence, dubbing it "Pérouvence". 

When the catch of the day meets the artichoke poivrade and parihuela sauce, or when the lamb of Provence marries with a chimichurri sauce, it makes for a seriously tasty fusion. The interior is decorated in the Belle Epoque style. Nice wine selection from the Rhône Valley.

Hiély-Lucullus  |  hiely-lucullus.com

5 rue de la République, +33 4 90 86 17 07

Avignon, 84000, Frankreich


2. Sevin

Restaurant Sevin - Best Michelin Star Restaurants in Avignon, FRANCE

In this medieval residence steeped in history, located on the immediate edge of the Palais des Papes, conductor Guilhem Sevin composes a modern score, and benefits from the support of a young and motivated team.

If possible, take advantage of the terrace overlooking the square. Nice wine list.

Sevin  |  restaurantsevin.fr

10 rue de Mons, +33 4 90 86 16 50

Avignon, 84000, France



3. La Fourchette

La Fourchette - Best Michelin Star Restaurants in Avignon, FRANCE

Collection of forks and MICHELIN guides, old photos, festival posters: a bistro with original decor and a warm atmosphere.

On the menu, traditional cuisine with tasty southern accents, with, for dessert, one of the house specialties: frozen praline meringue... Beware, this welcoming family address is often full !

La Fourchette  |  la-fourchette.eatbu.com

17 rue Racine, +33 4 90 85 20 93 

Avignon, 84000 France


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4. Acte 2

Acte 2 - Best Michelin Star Restaurants in Avignon, FRANCE

In the city of the famous festival, theater creeps into the plates. First act: a young professional couple, based in the historic center. 

Second act: dishes that exude good fresh local and seasonal products. Third act: excellent value for money, both for the 5-course dinner and the 3-course lunch. The stage is set ! We enjoy a carpaccio of scallops and turnip with lemon and juniper, or a veal fillet with truffle Albufera sauce.

Acte 2  |  restaurantacte2.com

3 rue de la Petite-Calade, +33 9 53 99 36 88

Avignon, 84000, France



5. Le Goût du Jour

Le Goût du Jour - Best Michelin Star Restaurants in Avignon, FRANCE

Good ideas, know-how and sense of detail.

Julien Chazal, young chef from Avignon, gives a nice demonstration here! His cuisine, anchored in the seasons, is visually more meticulous, with presentations that owe nothing to chance. Without forgetting the service, pleasant and with a smile.

Le Goût du Jour  |  legoutdujour84.com

20 rue Saint-Étienne, +33 4 32 76 32 16

Avignon, 84000 France


6. La Vieille Fontaine

La Vieille Fontaine - Best Michelin Star Restaurants in Avignon, FRANCE

Woodwork, moldings, tapestries and fireplace make up the Provençal elegance of this historic house. 

Chef Pascal Auger offers resolutely southern cuisine, which lacks neither color nor flavor. On sunny days – there are many of them in Avignon – we enjoy these treats under the century-old plane tree on the pretty terrace, facing the old fountain.

La Vieille Fontaine  |  heurope.com

Hôtel d'Europe, +33 4 90 14 76 76

12 place Crillon, Avignon, 84000, France



7. Avenio

Avenio - Best Michelin Star Restaurants in Avignon, FRANCE

In the heart of Avignon, this contemporary restaurant opened by a young couple who worked in beautiful houses is enjoying deserved success, thanks to selected products and a warm welcome.

We enjoy a cuisine that knows how to smell the spirit of the times: truffle risotto; bonito fillets, creamy cauliflower and chimichurri sauce; frozen mont blanc, meringue and blueberry coulis. It is advisable to book your stay before going.

Avenio  |  restaurant-avenio.fr

19 rue des Trois-Faucons, +33 4 90 03 14 41 

Avignon, 84000, France


8. Bibendum - Restaurant Cocktail Bar

Bibendum Avignon – Restaurant cocktail Bar - Best Michelin Star Restaurants in Avignon, FRANCE

At the heart of this beautiful historic building full of character (a former cloister), discover a restaurant, a wine bar and a cocktail bar, as well as a terrace in the interior courtyard: the promise of delicious summer evenings.

The chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant Pollen, Mathieu Desmarest, designs the menu, while his wife Émilie puts music to this festive and friendly project. On the plate, up-to-date cuisine, made to order with fresh, seasonal produce, with discreet Southern accents: roasted white asparagus, light Comté mousse, roasted cumin and pancetta; pearly cod, sweet potato mousseline, white butter, apricot and almond financier, and more marvels.

Bibendum  |  bibendumavignon.fr 

83 rue Joseph-Vernet, +33 4 90 91 78 39

Avignon, 84000, France



9. Maison Chenet - Entre Vigne et Garrigue

Maison Chenet - Entre Vigne et Garrigue - Best Michelin Star Restaurants in Avignon, FRANCE

Very close to Avignon, this isolated Provençal farm, between cliff and vineyard, does not compromise on authenticity. 

The scrubland is there, with its scents which perfume a skillfully renovated room, a harmonious blend of the old and the contemporary. In the kitchen, Serge Chenet, Meilleur Ouvrier de France and exiled Breton, is helped by Maxime, his son. 

Both share the same love of nature and the beautiful seasonal produce that the region serves them on a sun-drenched plateau. Together, they concoct tasty Provençal-inspired market cuisine: Mediterranean mullet fillet in fennel rouille, bouillabaisse juice; duo of strawberries and candied black olives, olive oil ice cream, madeleine tapenade...

Maison Chenet - Entre Vigne et Garrigue  |  maison-chenet.com 

600 route de Saint-Bruno

Pujaut, 30131, France +33 4 90 95 20 29


10. Auberge de Cassagne & Spa

Auberge de Cassagne & Spa - Best Michelin Star Restaurants in Avignon, FRANCE

An old Provençal bastide on the outskirts of Avignon, which perpetuates the tradition of these bourgeois residences dedicated to the pleasures of the table. 

Noble products and classicism are required, even if we allow ourselves some more modern preparations here and there, such as this homemade smoked salmon tataki on green vegetable pannacotta. Beautiful cellar book favoring the southern Rhône valley, pleasant terrace in fine weather and charming welcome.

Auberge de Cassagne & Spa   |  aubergedecassagne.com

450 allée de Cassagne, +33 4 90 31 04 18

Le Pontet, 84130, France



11. The Baumanière Priory

If the Prieuré Baumanière is only on the other side of the Rhône and just a few minutes from the Palais des Papes in Avignon, there is a completely different atmosphere that emerges from Villeneuve-lès-Avignon.

A charming village side, which also does not lack monuments or institutions. Among these, the Prieuré Baumanière, a splendid 5 star owned by Jean-André and Geneviève Charial and which has just been awarded a Michelin key. A haven of peace, chic and protected, which conceals a highly sought-after gastronomic restaurant. Just a year ago, it was entrusted to chef Christophe Chiavola, who has already given it a star in the Red Guide.

  • Pearly monkfish © Prieuré Baumanière
    Pearly monkfish © Prieuré Baumanière


It must be said that its creative and daring cuisine, adept at land and sea, hits the mark.

On the menu, when it reopens this season, a starter based around langoustines, combined with rhubarb, black bacon from Bigorre, harissa and a strong broth. Intense, relevant and spring-like. Favorite for the “Return of Petit Bateau”, a John Dory cooked to perfection, accompanied by peas, coriander, yuzu and a land-sea juice.

Condiment that boosts, well concentrated juice, use of all the little polka dots, a visual wink with a pretty cracker, all the personality of the chef in one dish. Dining outside, under the wisteria on the terrace in summer, is a pleasure that cannot be refused.

  • Lunch on the terrace at Prieuré Baumanière
    Lunch on the terrace at Prieuré Baumanière


Le Prieuré Baumanière 
Open every day for dinner, except Tuesday and Wednesday. 
7 place du Chapter, 30400 Villeneuve-lès-Avignon

  • Christophe Chiavola
  • Langoustine



12. Italie La-bas

Italy had the good idea to settle down in this small, charming gourmet restaurant, in the heart of the old district of Avignon.

At the helm of this real “ristorante”, a couple of “real” Italians, passionate people, who love to take customers on a journey to the rhythm of their beautiful, creative and personal dishes, inspired by the best of transalpine cuisine.

Let us cite among other surprising delights “Squid / Fennel / Orange / Capers / Pistachio” or even “Spaghetti / Gillardeau oyster / Smoked butter / Bergamot”… A lovely traveling cuisine offered through a tasting menu and even a 100% plant-based menu for this Avignon restaurant. 

  • Italy there, restaurant in Avignon © Thomas O'Brien
    Italy there, restaurant in Avignon © Thomas O'Brien


Italy there 
23 rue de la Bancasse, 84000 Avignon 
Tel: 04486816227



13. La Mirande

With the Palais-des-Papes as its direct neighbor, the address of this Avignon restaurant, Michelin-starred since 2019, is already enough to make you dream.

Nestled in a sumptuous building dating from the 13th century, La Mirande, the gourmet restaurant of the hotel of the same name, is already a feast for the eyes. Everything between these walls resonates as a vibrant tribute to the luxury and refinement specific to the Age of Enlightenment.

The stage is set. As for your taste buds, we entrust them to the good care of the former Top Chef: Florent Pietravalle, a talented emulator of Pierre Gagnaire. On the menu, bold and committed cuisine made from local products, subtle land-sea accords and skillful culinary counterpoints, to tell you about Provence as you have never seen it.

  • Hotel La Mirande © DR
    Hotel La Mirande © DR

La Mirande
4 place de l’Amirande – 84000 Avignon
Tel: 04 90 14 20 20 



14. Pollen

In the historic center of Avignon, at the back of a courtyard, this table would almost have an air of confidentiality.

Almost because the star that sparkles above the hat of its talented chef, Mathieu Desmarest, makes it one of the restaurants most coveted by gourmet epicureans. From his kitchen, generously open to the elegant dining room, and thanks to a "Carte blanche" menu - understand blindly - the chef sends plates in the center of which his passion for local products can be read.

The day comes. A creative, readable and committed cuisine around which we will bring even more relief by drawing from the very nice repertoire of biodynamic skittles offered by the house.

  • Pollen © Thomas O’brien
    Pollen © Thomas O’brien

18 Rue Joseph Vernet, 84000 Avignon
Tel:  04 86 34 93 74



15. Tulip

An Avignon café restaurant inside a concept store “Le Nid”: this is already something to whet our curiosity.

Original indeed, the approach of this restaurant offers its very personal vision of the art of living, with well-being and responsible consumption around organic and local products as a breadcrumb trail.

Your choice and depending on the time of day, opt for tasty world cuisine, seasonal and vegetarian. Or opt for brunch, homemade pastries and the exceptional varieties of coffee that we can offer you to accompany it all. Are you hesitating? There's no hurry, settle in: outside you had the time, but here, you have the time. 

7 rue des trois falcons - 84000 Avignon
Tel: 04963617064 



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16. Number 75

In the very center of Avignon, it is a timeless interlude protected from the bustle of the city, which awaits you with this Provençal restaurant which has been brought to life in a sublime 19th century mansion.

Whether in the summer, under the wisteria of the vast tree-lined terrace, or indoors, in this warm room where the codes of the period mingle with a few well-adjusted touches of modernity, you can enjoy cuisine that reflects of the place.

A cuisine designed between tradition and modernity, punctuated by the season, inspired by the availability of fresh and local products gleaned from the market. The result is a short menu featuring pretty morning plates with Provençal notes and colors.

  • © Number 75
    © Number 75

Number 75
Rue Guillaume Puy 75, 84000 Avignon
Tel. : 04 90 27 16 00 




17. Ginette’s grocery store

A 1940s bistro atmosphere for this friendly Avignon restaurant subtitled “Bistrot à tartines”, located near the fountain on Place des Corps-Saints.

In a resolutely vintage decor – an old counter, wooden tables and red and white checkered tablecloths – or on the terrace in the shade of the plane trees, you can enjoy a totally regressive bar counter cuisine, made with these essential sandwiches, soups, hot and cold sandwiches which will be accompanied by a house wine or a Leroux chicory.

A fresh and authentic table which brilliantly plays the card of the family bistro of yesteryear, where life is good... and eat !

Ginette's grocery store
25-27 Place des Corps Saints, 84000 Avignon 
Tel: 0490855870


  • L'Epicerie de Ginette © DR
    L'Epicerie de Ginette © DR

18. The Phoebus

We are on the outskirts of Avignon, but this restaurant is clearly worth the stopover.

The Michelin guide, clearly in agreement with us, has awarded it a star rewarding both the exceptional character of the place, nestled in lush greenery, and the cuisine offered there. In the kitchen, chef Xavier Mathieu - a false air of a German composer - creates a Provençal culinary symphony of great beauty: pistou soup, ratatouille, pied packets... We happily draw on the region's classic repertoire for the reinterpret to the sound of cuisine of great finesse.

The elegance of the place, notably with this terrace that looks like a village square, contributes to the Provençal poetry of this enchanting interlude from which it will be difficult to escape.

  • The Phoebus © DR
    The Phoebus © DR

Le Phébus
Route de Murs – 84220 Joucas, France 



19. L’Agape

Led by former starred chef Julien Gleize, L'Agape has the soul of a modern bistro to which we have subtly infused the decorative codes of the old industrial vintage style.

And it's quite successful, especially since the setting corresponds perfectly to the cuisine it is supposed to highlight. An agile and creative cuisine in this Avignon restaurant, capable of drawing on its classics to revisit them with a well-brought modernity.

We enjoy a simple “snacked octopus”, a “pigeon roasted in butter, candied chard, thigh in crepinette and truffle meat gravy” or even “tail of beef ravioli, with red wine style Meurette and kale in saltire”, while discussing dessert options including the terrible “Mango and kiwi Pavlova” or the very regressive “Caramel, tonka bean, chocolate, almond-tonka praline and fleur de sel”.

21 Place des Corps Saints, 84000 Avignon
Tel: 0490850406 


  • Restaurant in Avignon © L’Agape
  • Restaurant in Avignon © L’Agape


20. First edition

It is in a somewhat unusual place, the remains of an old bookstore, that a couple of colorful thirty-somethings decided to set up their restaurant in Avignon.

A canteen with character in the image of its owners with its polished concrete counter, Japanese lighting and skateboards adorning the walls. There is no shortage of character, the plates also showcase a cuisine focused on local products, within which the chef's Provençal DNA and the culinary inspirations brought back from her travels around the world blend harmoniously. . A particularly friendly address and a restaurant well in its time.

Première edition
5 Rue Prévôt, 84000 Avignon
Tel: 04 84 14 59 85



21. The old fountain – Hotel Europe 

Within this historic house dating from the 16th century, also a hotel in Avignon , and at the crossroads between classicism and modernity, we have concentrated in the dining room and in the kitchen the best of the French art of living.

In this setting that is both luxurious and warm, decorated with beautiful woodwork, tapestries and a fireplace, you can enjoy the sunny cuisine of starred chef Pascal Auger. A precise and delicate cuisine, technical in the search for texture plays, in the construction of sauces and other emulsions. But above all a cuisine inspired by sun-drenched local products of which the region is a wonderful reservoir.

The old fountain – Hôtel Europe
12 place Crillon, 84000 Avignon 
Tel: 0490147676

  • © The old fountain
    © The old fountain

Which French City Has the Most Michelin Stars?

According to the 2024 Michelin Guide, Paris is the French city with the most Michelin-starred restaurants, with a total of 136 establishments. The city boasts 9 three-star restaurants, 15 two-star restaurants, and 105 one-star restaurants, making it a top destination for a Michelin-starred culinary experience.

Which City Has the Most 3-Star Michelin Guide Restaurants?

While Paris has the most Michelin-starred restaurants overall, Tokyo, Japan, has the highest number of three-star Michelin restaurants in the world, with 12 establishments receiving the coveted three-star rating in the 2024 guide. Notable three-star restaurants in Tokyo include kaiseki restaurant Kanda, modern French Quintessence, and Joël Robuchon.


michelin stars nyc CAVIAR

What you must Know about the Popular Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Avigon, FRANCE - FAQ

Which restaurant refused Michelin star?

In 2003, the renowned French chef Sébastien Bras, owner of the three-Michelin-star restaurant Le Suquet in Laguiole, France, made the unprecedented decision to relinquish his restaurant's Michelin stars. Bras cited the immense pressure and stress associated with maintaining the high standards required for a three-star establishment as the primary reason for his decision, stating that he wanted to cook without the burden of Michelin's expectations.

How many 3 star Michelin Restaurants are there in France?

France is home to the highest number of three-Michelin-star restaurants in the world, with 29 establishments currently holding this prestigious accolade as of 2024. These elite restaurants, which represent the pinnacle of French culinary excellence, are scattered throughout the country, with notable concentrations in Paris, the Rhône-Alpes region, and the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur area.

What is the highest rated restaurant in France?

The highest-rated restaurant in France, according to the Michelin Guide, is Mirazur, located in Menton, near the French Riviera. This three-Michelin-star establishment, helmed by chef Mauro Colagreco, has been recognized as the best restaurant in the world, earning the top spot on the prestigious World's 50 Best Restaurants list in 2019.



Which French chef has 31 Michelin stars?

The French chef with the most Michelin stars is Alain Ducasse, who currently holds a total of 31 Michelin stars across his various restaurants worldwide. 

Ducasse's culinary empire includes establishments in France, Monaco, the United States, and other countries, showcasing his mastery of French cuisine and his ability to maintain the highest standards of excellence across multiple dining concepts.

What city has the most Michelin 5 star restaurants?

There is no city in the world that has Michelin 5-star restaurants, as the Michelin Guide only awards up to 3 stars to the finest dining establishments. The city with the most Michelin 3-star restaurants is Tokyo, Japan, which currently has 12 restaurants with this prestigious accolade, according to the 2024 Michelin Guide.

Which country in Europe has the most Michelin star restaurants?

France is the European country with the most Michelin-starred restaurants, with a total of 632 establishments receiving Michelin stars in the 2024 guide. This includes 29 three-star restaurants, 84 two-star restaurants, and 519 one-star restaurants, cementing France's reputation as a global culinary powerhouse and a top destination for fine dining enthusiasts.

Which country has the most 3 star Michelin restaurants?

Japan is the country with the most three-Michelin-star restaurants in the world, with a total of 13 establishments receiving this highest accolade in the 2024 Michelin Guide. This surpasses even France, which has 29 three-star restaurants, highlighting the exceptional quality and innovation of Japanese cuisine on the global stage.

How many 3 Michelin star restaurants are there in the world?

According to the 2024 Michelin Guide, there are a total of 135 three-Michelin-star restaurants in the world. This elite group of establishments represents the pinnacle of culinary excellence, with each restaurant demonstrating a mastery of technique, creativity, and the ability to consistently deliver an exceptional dining experience.

Best Michelin Star Restaurants in Avignon, FRANCE



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