19 Best Travel Gifts for Hyper Active Moms (All Tastes)

19 Best Travel Gifts for Hyper Active Moms (All Tastes)
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Finding gifts for a travelling mother is not always easy. 

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Their tastes evolve and each year new innovative products appear. This Mother’s Day, celebrate the adventurous spirit of the traveling mom in your life with thoughtful and practical gifts that enhance her journeys. Whether she’s a frequent flyer, road trip enthusiast, or weekend explorer, our curated selection of travel-inspired presents is designed to make her adventures more comfortable, memorable, and enjoyable.

From innovative luggage and compact travel accessories to luxurious comfort items and tech gadgets, we’ve scoured the market to bring you the best travel gifts for mom in 2024. Our guide includes options for every budget and travel style, ensuring you’ll find the perfect present to show your appreciation for the globetrotting matriarch in your family.


1. Japanese ceramic tea ceremony set with tray


This exquisite Japanese tea ceremony set offers a slice of traditional Japanese culture for the mom who loves to explore different customs. Crafted from fine ceramic, the set typically includes a teapot, cups, and a serving tray, all designed with the elegance and simplicity characteristic of Japanese aesthetics. 

The set allows mom to recreate the serene ritual of a Japanese tea ceremony at home, providing a moment of tranquility and mindfulness. It’s an ideal gift for moms who appreciate the art of tea-making or have a fondness for Japanese culture. The set serves as both a functional tea service and a beautiful display piece, bringing a touch of Zen to any home. It’s a gift that encourages relaxation and cultural appreciation, perfect for the mom who values experiences and traditions from her travels.



The digital world is great, but a physical photo album is always a pleasure to have. The way to save memories and year after year save that moment with your mother of looking at the photos and remembering the moments lived . 

And not only this, also the opportunity to add new photos of trips and experiences lived during the year. Thus, a photo album is without a doubt a perfect gift for Mother’s Day and even more so if it is this design with 600 pages and available in various colors.

A photo album to save many memories. Amazon




A practical and beautiful camera. 


And to have a good physical photo album, it is first important to have good photos. The solution? Give the gift of the Instax instant camera with auto-exposure and selfie lens included . Available on Amazon, it is a beautiful design and available in many colors so you can always carry it with you and be on trend.



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An original, handmade Poterry vase set in Ceramic.


Pottery Vases are always a great idea, and even more so if they are sustainably crafted as this design. Ideal to welcome spring and good weather, and any type of flowers. The natural colors and ancient design add the very rustic touch every home needs. And what better than to take advantage of Mother’s Day to give it a colorful detail?


5. Nordic ceramic cat pattern color painted plate set


This charming plate set features whimsical Nordic-inspired cat designs hand-painted on high-quality ceramic. The colorful, playful patterns add a touch of Scandinavian charm to any dining table or kitchen decor. Perfect for the traveling mom who appreciates unique, artisanal pieces from around the world, these plates serve as both functional dinnerware and decorative items. 

They’re ideal for serving meals, displaying as wall art, or using as catch-all dishes for keys and trinkets. The durable ceramic construction ensures they’ll withstand frequent use and travel. This set makes a thoughtful gift for cat-loving moms who enjoy bringing a piece of their travels into their home, reminding them of cozy Nordic cafes and the region’s love for feline friends.



The perfect cup to start the morning.


Chinese-style ceramic tea cups with covers and rabbit patterns make delightful gifts for traveling mothers. These charming cups combine functionality with whimsical design, perfect for on-the-go tea moments. The covers keep beverages warm and prevent spills, while the rabbit motif adds a touch of playfulness. 

Compact and durable, they’re ideal for travel. The cultural significance of tea in Chinese tradition adds depth to the gift, making it both practical and meaningful for mothers who love to explore.



Where to store your jewellery and have it on display at the same time? A jewellery holder is the solution and this design is ideal. A trunk with branches to hang earrings, rings, necklaces… A very rustic design that combines wood with white.

A very elegant jewellery box. Westwing




Is there a better plan than an afternoon on the couch watching a movie and eating popcorn ? Yes, when the plan becomes with your mother. And now with the super machine from CREATE , available in various colors, it is easier than ever. 

In addition to making delicious popcorn, it is a machine that adds color and joy to any kitchen (or corner where it decides to be placed). The gift of gifts without a doubt!

Ideal for afternoons of movies and blankets. 



9. A Bronze Buddha statue


A bronze Buddha statue is a meaningful gift for the spiritually-inclined or culturally curious traveling mom. These statues, often depicting Buddha in various poses, are revered symbols of peace, wisdom, and enlightenment. Crafted from durable bronze, the statue has a weighty presence and a timeless patina that develops character over time. 

It can serve as a focal point in a meditation space, a decorative element in a living room, or a thoughtful addition to a garden. For moms who have visited Buddhist temples during their travels or are drawn to Eastern philosophy, this statue can be a daily reminder of inner peace and mindfulness. It’s not just a decorative item, but a piece that can inspire reflection and tranquility, making it a profound gift for the well-traveled, spiritually-minded mom.


10. Handmade Country Fridge Magnets

PURCHASE | View Collection

Handmade country fridge magnets are charming mementos that allow traveling moms to bring a piece of their adventures home. These unique magnets, crafted to represent different countries or landmarks, add a personal touch to the kitchen or home office. They serve as colorful reminders of places visited or dream destinations yet to be explored. 

Made with care, often by local artisans, these magnets can feature miniature replicas of famous monuments, national flags, or iconic symbols of various countries. They’re not just decorative; they’re functional too, perfect for holding up travel photos or important notes. For the mom who loves to collect souvenirs from her journeys, these magnets offer a way to display her travels daily, sparking joy and wanderlust with every glance at the fridge.



The perfect mat to practice yoga is on Amazon.


If your mother is one of those who likes to practice yoga or Pilates , this mat is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. In addition to being practical and very easy to transport , it is beautiful and at the same time simple. Without forgetting, it is perfect for practice, since it does not bend and allows great support.



Hidrate Spark PRO Smart Tumbler keeps you always hydrated and fashionable.


Practicing yoga, pilates, boxing… or any other sport requires a bottle of water to keep you hydrated. Just like during the day. So, having one always at hand is ideal. And if it’s as pretty as this design, even better, right? Available in many colors, it has a cap that you can put your finger in to easily carry it , as well as a hook to hang it anywhere.


13. A Vintage colored Persian rug for living room


A vintage colored Persian rug is a luxurious gift that brings a touch of exotic elegance to any living space. These handcrafted rugs feature intricate patterns and rich, vibrant colors that tell stories of ancient Persian artistry. For the mom who loves to infuse her home with global influences, a Persian rug serves as a stunning centerpiece that ties a room together. 

The high-quality wool or silk construction ensures durability, making it a long-lasting investment piece. Each rug is unique, with patterns that might remind mom of bazaars visited or landscapes admired during her travels. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, a Persian rug adds warmth and comfort underfoot. It’s an ideal gift for the mom who appreciates fine craftsmanship, cultural artifacts, and statement home decor pieces that reflect her worldly tastes.



Summer is just around the corner and with it, the days of beach and sun . And having an inflatable to get into the water and at the same time get a tan is an ideal plan. How to do it successfully? With an inflatable and if it is with this brilliant design, your mother will become the queen of the beach or the pool .

The perfect float to enjoy the beach and the pool.




For royal bed-breakfasts like a queen.


Waking up to find breakfast in bed, all nicely prepared. What a treat! And if they serve it to you on a tray so you don’t even have to lift your head, even better. This is one of those gifts that is a pleasure in life. So, a perfect detail for Mother’s Day is this bamboo tray available on Amazon that folds easily.



Let’s be honest, cheesy details also win. Like this pink heart-shaped cushion . The wild card cushion for all occasions. A design that is also very cozy and pretty and measures 41 cm x 45 cm.

A heart-shaped pillow never fails. 




Another detail that never fails is candles , especially if they are scented. Can you imagine giving four of them at once? Now it’s possible with this pack available on Amazon. Four proposals with different aromas made with essential vegetable oils.

Scented candles for perfect evenings. 




Gran Hotel Brillante, an oasis of peace in Asturias. Great Brilliant Hotel


For the most traveling mothers , an ideal gift — or rather a perfect plan — is a dream getaway in the most beautiful places in the northeast of Asturias and more specifically, in the beautiful town of San Esteban.

A unique enclave, a true oasis of peace, where enjoying nature and resting is a reality. And where to stay? Without a doubt, the majestic Gran Hotel Brillante has also designed an offer for Mother’s Day with a 15% discount on all stays between May 5 and 21, booking by phone with the code MADRE15. Is it or is it not the perfect plan?



For mothers who love cheese —  Juan Carlos Diaz Gutierrez

>> Purchase on pastovelia.es

Cheese is always a good idea, whether for breakfast with delicious toast; At lunch and dinner it can be another ingredient in any dish or in table format with a glass of wine in hand. For many mothers, cheese is a pleasure in life, and for many daughters: the perfect gift. 

And Pastoralia offers a special pack of Torta del Casar DOP , a product made by hand by master cheesemakers and with Extremaduran roots. Three cheeses , a 400g Casar DOP cake, a 250g Casar DOP cake and a 100g tub of Casar DOP Torta Cream, which come packaged in a beautiful box. The best gift to conquer mothers with exquisite palates!


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