21 Best Air Pistols on Amazon, Tested & Ranked by Experts (Reviews)

21 Best Air Pistols on Amazon, Tested & Ranked by Experts (Reviews)
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Quality air pistols are everything shooters need. Regardless of their background, budget or experience level.

However, the market offers numerous and redundant models to choose from. To save you time, here are our expert testers' hands-on reviews of the best air pistols available today on Amazon.

What are the Best Air Pistols on Amazon?

Best Overall - Umarex Glock 19 Gen3 .177 BB Gun

Top-rated: 13,283 ratings | 667 answered questions

Umarex Glock 19 Gen3 .177 Caliber BB Gun - Best Air Pistols on Amazon, Tested & Ranked by Experts - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


Highlight:Integrated Weaver Rail For Easy Mounting Of Accessories, fixed Glock-Style Sights, And Officially Licensed Glock Markings.

Helpful review

Shoot steel BBs at a velocity of up to 410 feet per second - The Glock 19 Gen3 .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol is an excellent replica of the real Glock 19 handgun. This air pistol is designed to shoot steel BBs at a velocity of up to 410 feet per second, making it an ideal option for target shooting and plinking.

One of the best things about this air pistol is its accuracy. The design of the pistol closely resembles the real Glock 19, and it has a fixed front sight and a rear sight that is adjustable for windage and elevation. This makes it easy to aim and shoot accurately, even at longer distances.

The Glock 19 Gen3 .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol is also well-made. It is constructed of high-quality materials that are durable and built to last, and it has a comfortable grip that is easy to hold and control. The pistol also has a smooth trigger pull that is easy to operate.

Another great feature of this air pistol is its realism. The Glock 19 Gen3 .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol has a similar weight and feel to the real Glock 19, making it an excellent option for training and practicing gun handling and shooting skills. It also has a realistic blowback action that simulates the recoil of a real firearm.

Overall, the Glock 19 Gen3 .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol is a great option for anyone who wants to practice their shooting skills or enjoy some target shooting or plinking. Its accuracy, quality, and realism make it an excellent value for the price, and its durable design ensures that it will last for years to come. - Mister Cali


2. Umarex Glock 17 Blowback .177 Air Pistol

Top-rated: 5,283 ratings | 667 answered questions

Umarex Glock 17 - Blowback .177 Air Pistol - Best Air Pistols on Amazon, Tested & Ranked by Experts - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


Highlight: New 21-shot, belt fed magazine design.

Helpful review

I normally wouldn't write a review unless I dislike an item (to let other people know to avoid it). But I like this gun so much I figured I'd mention how great it is. I took it to a friend's house that has a real Glock 17, and literally you can't tell them apart unless you look straight down the barrel or pull the clip out. 

Even when looking at it at an angle, the end of the barrel has a 9 mm diameter. the end of the BB sized part of the barrel is recessed. So it's very realistic looking. I was looking at an exploded view of a Glock 17 online, and even the internal parts look very much like the real gun. I purchased a OEM adjustable Glock rear sight for it, because it shot a little bit to the left and somewhat low. The sight was only $23 on Amazon, good investment for this gun. so it can be aimed dead on at what you're shooting at. 

Otherwise if you have to aim high, all you see is the muzzle of the gun, and not the target you're shooting at. At 50 ft I can do a grouping of about 4 inches, which is pretty darn good for a very short barreled BB gun. Also I would recommend getting the steel BB's like someone else mentioned in their review. they're more accurate than the copper ones. after doing quite a bit of target practice I believe that to be true. I'd recommend anybody interested in this gun to make the purchase, you'll be satisfied in the quality and accuracy of it. — Jay F Vitek

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Finally, a Glock airgun replica that is so true to the actual firearm that I can use it to effectively train those who are new fire arm use. The weapon system weight, frame, blow back feature and magazine release feature are ultra-realistic to the actual Glock 17. Kuddos Umarex! You knocked it out the park with this one ! — Kenny Angus

Reassuring review

I bought this for my nephew. This gun is 100% worth the cost. He doesn’t want to put it away. The gun looks like a Glock, has a good weight to it, it’s easy to load and is accurate. As any co2 powered gun, it eventually loses power as the cartridge loses its gas. It has been shot everyday since Christmas and it has only used 1 co2 cartridge. The only recommendation I have is that the company needs to put in the information that IT REQUIRES RWS OIL to put on the cartridge for the O rings. This was not stated anywhere in the information of this gun and would not shoot it until it’s been oiled. I would recommend this gun and would buy it again. — Paulette Duffy



3. Crosman SNR357 Snub Nose .177 Revolver

Top-rated: 7,621 ratings | 706 answered questions

Crosman SNR357 Snub Nose .177 Revolver - Best Air Pistols on Amazon, Tested & Ranked by Experts - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


Highlight: Sleek black, heavy-weight, full-metal body.

Helpful review

Large and heavy - This is a heavy all metal air gun. Similar in style to the snubnose 38, but I have not seen a real one. I am assuming they might be a little smaller. It seems to be more accurate with pellets than BBs. At 35 feet I was hitting within an 8 inch diameter target. It seemed to shoot a little high and to the left, with only one bullseye, but that may very well have been my aim

I found the casings fit the Legends Cowboy Lever Action air rifle, and since I had purchased the Colt revolver casings they are interchangeable. However, my only complaint is with the slide safety/cylinder release. When I took the gun out of the plastic enclosure, I went to open the cylinder and found I could not move the slide from safety no matter how hard I pushed on the button. 

Almost giving up, I took a rubber mallet to it and forced it lose. I contacted Crosman and the support was helpful. Crosman's recommendation was to remove the screw holding the safety button and then work the slider repeatedly to remove the burr. They suggested a piece of wood to hit the slider so as not to scratch the finish or in my case a rubber mallet. But otherwise I'm happy with the gun. For the price, I highly recommend it. When I fired 42 shots I still had plenty of air left, so you might be able to get 100 shots from a single CO2 cylinder. — Ebastro 

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Best price, quality, and replica! Don't waist your money on any other CO2 revolver. Stick a 6nk 4.5mm blanks and the spark and incredibly loud noise will control a situation in self defense with no harm. I have 500$ replica revolvers and only a few are almost as good. I swear when I bought this for 80$, trust me my family in law enforcement has made the same opinion too. This is better then any other revolver that is Co2 powered. 

DONT USE GAS! It is half the power of a Co2 cartridge. Also be careful what I told you because this can look so real with just a grey/black paint pen and a silver metallic paint pen for the ring around the barrel. It looks too real, so please be responsible. Police don't care if it's empty or if its just a plastic mold that looks real. They wont give you a fair chance or freedom. Keep it as safe as a real revolver and enjoy. It's the best on the market and the best for the money." — Remy Arroyo 

Reassuring review

This is the best BB revolver you can buy. It has heavy weight, realistic feel and the loading is very realistic you can’t complain about anything. Ignore everyone else when they say there are problems with the safety and grip and hammer wiggles. No problems at all. Every gun comes the same. The safety is never stuck. All you have to do is push it hard to get off safety. And the grip is fine as long as you don’t rip it off like how other people do. And the hammer is definitely solid metal. When you cock it back, it’s strong as can be and ready to shoot. Highly recommend this to any revolver lover. You won’t regret it! — Drew Lewis



4. Beretta M92 A1 Full-Auto .177 Steel BB Gun

Top-rated: 1,425 ratings | 348 answered questions

Beretta M92 A1 Full-Auto .177 Steel BB Gun - Best Air Pistols on Amazon, Tested & Ranked by Experts - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


Helpful review

This gun far exceeded my expectations in both quality and craftsmanship. As close to its real steel centerfiring big brother as I've seen in a bb gun. Full Metal except for the plastic grips, this pistol nearly matches in weight and feel to the actual firearm. Take down is nearly identical to the 92f that this pistol can be field stripped for cleaning/maintenance. Fires in DA/SA and Full auto. This is NOT a toy. This is NOT airsoft. 

Expect to go through plenty of co2 cartridges, as the full-auto mode will empty its 18 round mag in under 2 seconds. But will take another 5 mins to wipe the grin from your face. It's a blast to shoot! Full Metal slide, barrel, guide rod and heavy guide rod spring, the Blowback on this pistol has a very real hard kick comparable to a .22 rim fire cartridge. Full Metal and full size magazine holds 18 BBs and a 12g co2 cartridge making the grip a little wide for smaller hands. Front and rear sights are fixed and non adjustable. Accessory rail is perfect for tac light or laser. All in all a very fun air pistol." — Chris Gross  

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Build quality is amazing, and this has been a blast to shoot, especially on full auto. Accuracy is pretty good on semi, but I’m sure others could get even tighter groups with more experience. I have noticed a couple problems though (nothing too major). First, it seems that every other magazine will double fire at least once, or fire two/three shots while on semi. Not a big deal, but unexpected and a little concerning.

Another problem is that when girls are stripping, there is a small tab that keeps the slide from sliding all the way off. This tab ends up getting between the safety and the slide metal, so you have to push the slide to the left and forward to keep the tab from jamming it. Overall, the experience far outweighs the problems I’ve seen, and I am loving this purchase." — Ariel Lee Martin

Reassuring review

FUN FUN! This is the BB gun I always wanted when I was 16. Full auto selection, blow back, slide lock on last round. Field strips identical to the real one. Weight is similar to the real one. You can see through the mag well to the ejection port. Not much off from the real one. It is full metal along with the mag. The slide pull is heavy for a BB gun, pretty close to a .22lr

Most of the internals seem to me metal aside from a few bb specific parts. I'm using this as a trainer weapon for my kids. And then when they are not around, I'm going to blow through multiple mags on full auto, because doing it with a real firearm is too expensive. Even if you are a firearm guy, this air gun will earn your respect." — Erin McFadden


5. Benjamin Marauder PCP .22-Caliber Air Pistol

Top-rated: 322 ratings | 144 answered questions

Benjamin Marauder - PCP .22-Caliber Air Pistol - Best Air Pistols on Amazon, Tested & Ranked by Experts - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


Highlight: Ideal pistol for small game hunting.

Helpful review

Purchased this Marauder pistol because I wanted a stealth gun for squirrels and rabbits that could fit into a backpack without raising eyebrows. The "p-rod" fits the bill almost perfectly. Here are some strengths and weaknesses.


- Very pellet picky: I was shooting 2-3 inch groups at 20 yards with crosman hollowpoint premiers. Absolutely horrible. Then I tried H&N Field Target Trophy pellets (5.53 head size) and I can now shoot dime size groups at 25 yards. Awesome!

- Pretty Loud: I know marauder rifles are very quiet and assumed the same with this pistol, but this gun is actually loud. Would not call this backyard friendly. I installed a TKO muzzle brake (but the gun was still too loud). I then purchased a Neil Clague LDC and this quieted the gun down perfectly.

- Pitiful stock: As many have mentioned. I purchased an AR stock adapter and ACE folding stock kit. It's now a perfect fit for the backpack and looks awesome.


- Great power efficiency for relatively small air tank. I get about 24 shots (3 clips) at about 650 fps. The small tank also makes it fairly easy to pump up manually.

- Very accurate gun to 40 yards once you get the right pellet. Perfect for squirrels and rabbits.

- Love the carbine configuration. This is perfect if you need a portable stealth gun but want the accuracy and look of a tactical rifle, especially if you have a folding/collapsible stock.

- Lots of aftermarket tunes and accessories to customize to your needs.


  1. You need a source of High Pressure Air (HPA). This gun needs 3,000 psi of compressed air.
  2. Crosman sells a hand pump that delivers this HPA without too much work.
  3. You have to weigh over 120 pounds to use the Crosman hand pump. Just need the weight to push down.
  4. This is not a kids toy. Adult supervision is needed.
  5. The included stock does work fine. But there are much better butt stocks that can be purchased.
  6. Put a little oil on the magazine tray to make it easier to insert and remove the magazine.
  7. Sights are not included. You'll need to add some kind of optical site.
  8. Red dot 1 power (no magnification) works real well on this gun at very close ranges and keeps it light.
  9. Buy pellets by the thousand. You're going to need them. It is that much fun!
  10. Expect 40+ shot per fill of HPA.
  11. Fill to 3,000 psi to start shooting.
  12. Stop shooting when the HPA gauge reads 1,000 psi.
  13. For long range shooting you will want a good scope.
  14. For long range shooting you may need to restrict the air psi range and not use the full 3K to 1k range.
  15. At long ranges the delta in pellet speed really matters and air pressure in the gun will impact pellet speed.

To sum things up, I can say that this air pistol is accurate right out of the box. No issues at all. Sized just right for small framed people (women and children, for example). This is especially true if you upgrade to an adjustable AR style stock. The air tank is pretty small and it fills quickly with a hand pump. You can also use SCUBA tanks and such to fill it. I highly recommend it. It's actually worth the money!" — Bruce Seals


6. Crosman American Classic Multi Pump Pneumatic Pellet

Top-rated: 5,418 ratings | 384 answered questions

Crosman American Classic Multi Pump Pneumatic Pellet - Best Air Pistols on Amazon, Tested & Ranked by Experts - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


Helpful review

This is a good pellet pistol that is fun to shoot and provides good practice for your shooting skills!

I purchased this gun for just shooting in my backyard. I also wanted to shoot it with my grandson to teach him gun safety and how to shoot. I quickly found out that I loved the pistol. It is fun to shoot and where else can you practice your shooting skills for about a penny a shot.

The gun right out of the packing materials was very accurate. I could hit a target 20 yards away as well as repeatedly shoot a Coke can at the same distance. I generally use 5 to 6 pumps for each shot. The manual recommends no more than 10 pumps or you might damage the pressure tube or the seal.

Here are some things that I did that were simple and I found helped while shooting the pistol:

  • After using the pistol for only a short period I noticed the internal pump lever was rubbing the side of the pump channel. I had purchased some Crosman gun oil so I lubricated the pump pins, pump seal and the O-ring seal that touches the back of the pellet. Pumping the pistol was easier and the pellet seemed to shoot with more force. It only takes just a drop or two or oil placed in the right positions.
  • I had trouble seeing the sights properly. I had a white paint pen that I used to label my rifle magazines and I took it and put white on the rear of the front sight and I drew a 3 sided box around the rear sight aperture. It made a big difference in my ability to see the sight and to shoot better.
  • I saw that there was a rifle stock available for the pistol from Crosman. I purchased it from a website at a good price and installed it onto the pistol. It made the gun easier to pump and improved my accuracy even more. I am 6’ 2” with long arms and I had absolutely no problems with the stock length. - JJCEO



7. Crosman Vigilante CO2-Powered .177 Pellet/BB Revolver

Top-rated: 2,251 ratings | 198 answered questions

Crosman Vigilante CO2-Powered .177 Pellet/BB Revolver - Best Air Pistols on Amazon, Tested & Ranked by Experts - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


Highlight: Fixed blade front sight and adjustable rear sight to help you stay on target.

Helpful review

I bought this when my Gamo PT-85 began having some serious accuracy issues. I'm only a backyard plinker, but I still expect my guns to be accurate within reason. This gun has been very accurate thus far, and seems to pack more of a punch than the PT-85 does, despite having a lower claimed FPS rating. Since this pistol's barrel is rifled, I do not shoot BB's through it, so I cannot comment on that, but it shoots pellets very cleanly and accurately. 

I'd suggest getting the extra clips (the type will depend on whether you shoot BB's or pellets) for this gun to extend your time spent shooting. Oh, and this gun is probably the loudest C02 powered gun I own. It obviously isn't nearly as loud as a true firearm, but it's loud enough, and looks real enough that you may want to warn your neighbors if you have some living in close proximity to you (suburban neighborhood, etc.). — Henry Dune

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OK OK. It's an ugly gun and not realistic, so forget the 357 yada yada and just admit it: you love this gun because it was (A) cheap, it is (B) very accurate, (C) it gives you a lot of shots on one CO2 tank (D) the rotary pellet and BB clips are super easy to load and use. AND... the clips are super cheap. Buy at least 12. Loudness? on a scale of 1-10, I'd give it a 7. A little stiff to break open but nothing to fluff about. 

Sights are adjustable and the safety system is easy and you can see the moment you pick it up if the safety is on or off. It's kind of a waste of time as a BB shooter. The pellet shooting is much more fun but some of the longer pointed pellets will gunk up your perfect day. I say Buy 3 guns and 18 clips. Then invite your buds over for a party shoot and stick up some of those oozing cans. OMG - you will die laughing and have total fun with this gun. — Mitt Inglis

Reassuring review

Recently someone at work gave me a box with a bunch of Crosman 0.177 cal. BB's & Pellets. There were also several 6 & 12 shot speed loaders for the Crosman .177 CO2 357 Double Action Revolver Pistol but no pistol! The big box stores all wanted about $100 but I scored mine on Amazon for less. This thing was very accurate right out of the box! The pull on the trigger was decent for a pellet pistol. Definitely not a toy! I have been Plinking and Target Shooting all afternoon! The pellets completely passed through a empty metal sardine tin! I'm impressed ! — John Watson


8. Sig Sauer M17 CO2-Powered Air Pistol

Top-rated: 994 ratings | 118 answered questions

Sig Sauer M17 CO2-Powered Air Pistol - Best Air Pistols on Amazon, Tested & Ranked by Experts - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


Highlight: Identical to the actual M17; popular training aid.

Helpful review

Realistic features on this pistol can be used as a training device. Blowback is nice except it does not operate a hammer like a real semi auto single action pistol does. Seems to be accurate and has a rifled barrel which means you should not use steel BB's just pellets unless you can find led BB's. The best part is the way the mag pierces the co2 cartridge with a quick lever and the 20 round ammo belt all in the same magazine. I would recommend this pistol as it's a lot of fun to shoot. I would say you can easily get three 20 round magazines out of one CO2 cartridge before it noticeably drops off in power. — Ken

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With all of this virus stuff, I decided to shoot some cans and some targets in my spare quarantined time. I purchased this really due to the magazine. I knew it was going to have the feel I wanted and I liked the rotating mags as well as the very easy and innovative CO2 house and activation. First time I did it I wasn't sure if I did it right. Also please lubricate as directed. I did and I feel like if you don't you will regret it. 

Let me just say, I bought this and the Sig Sauer black MPX, and comparatively this is the better gun by far. I love Sig Sauer's style but I have a new MPX and a new one of these and this is killing it. I will end this on a down note: What is with the clip length? Really? Doesn't diminish anything I said, prior, but takes away from the realness of the gun. I don't know why. But that is an opinion and just personal taste. All pros and that one con.. Buy this pellet gun and be safe please. — Bill R.



9. Crosman 2240 Bolt Action CO2-Powered .22 Pistol

Top-rated: 1,919 ratings | 271 answered questions

Crosman 2240 Bolt Action CO2-Powered .22 Pistol  - Best Air Pistols on Amazon, Tested & Ranked by Experts - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


Highlight: Improved bolt design for easier cocking.

Helpful review

Buy a factory 2240 instead of custom shop, because it won't stay factory for long. Shoots fine out of the box, but it's very easy to modify. The easiest and most worthwhile mod is the steel breech kit, which adds rails for mounting optics (I opted for a holographic sight). It is LOUD though, almost as loud as a .22LR, so I also made a steel suppressor for it (legal to do without a tax stamp, since it is not a firearm). The stock 2240 is heavy enough, and with the steel breech + optic + suppressor, it's a chunk of a gun. Doesn't group as well as I'd hoped, but I have a feeling that's due to the cheap ammo I use.

I was expecting a well built gun, and Crosman delivered. Very sturdy, almost entirely made of steel from what I can tell. The stock breech and grips are cheap plastic, but those are easy to swap for nicer parts. The steel breech is a huge improvement over the plastic one, and the grips don't suffer any loss of functionality for being plastic.

The internal mechanism is very well designed, EXCEPT for where the hammer sear engages its spring. It's bizarre how lazy that engagement is, given how well the rest of the gun is put together. It gives the trigger a sandy, crunchy feel. Some people have added spring guides, while others have completely replaced the trigger system. If you're looking to improve accuracy through modding, the trigger is where you should start.

Has plenty of power for hunting pests under ~6lbs. Compared to a .177 of similar power, the .22 pellets are slower and heavier, which means less penetration, but quicker energy transfer to soft targets (which is why I prefer the .22 pellet guns for pest hunting). Penetration is still decent on the .22s though, they zip through fruit like it isn't there, and pierce both sides of a soup can with a fresh powerlet. I use the Crosman Premier hollow points because they're cheap, but the stock 2240 doesn't have enough power to expand the pellets in any medium I've tested so far.

Definitely not a toy, but it's comforting to know that a mistake with a 2240 will send you to the hospital, not the morgue. That being said, it could cause fatal injury under the right circumstances. Always practice trigger discipline. Treat it as loaded until proven otherwise!

I put my 1000th pellet through this gun today, and it's been an absolute blast to shoot. ZERO malfunctions so far, just hours and hours of plinking fun. Highly recommended to anybody who can use it safely. PS: Buy the steel breech! Buy it!! — Carrell Barney


10. Colt Defender Semi Auto Metal .177 BB Gun

Top-rated: 2,057 ratings | 336 answered questions

Colt Defender Semi Auto Metal .177 BB Gun - Best Air Pistols on Amazon, Tested & Ranked by Experts - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


Highlight: Durable and realistic all-metal frame and slide.

Helpful review

When you first pick up this beautiful gun, you can believe it might be a bullet-shooting firearm. It has the heft, weight and feeling in the hand as would the "real thing". I'm amused by people who don't believe that airguns/pellet guns/bb guns are credible and pleasurable ways to enjoy target shooting and efficient ways to tend to practical matters like ridding locales of varmints or bothersome small animals, or even to hunt in the true sense of the word and eat what you kill. They are, and deserve a lot more respect than they get. I own a bunch of air rifles and pistols and I enjoy them immensely, and have ultimate respect for them as I do the shotgun and .22 rifles I also own and shoot, and I treat them all with the same level of safety.

OK, about the pistol: it shoots beautifully. After an initial settling-in, the thing was shooting tight groups without any adjustment to the rear sight. The front sight has a dot on it which is crucial to your sight-picture. Two more on the rear sights would have made it perfect, but alas, aren't there. Loading BBs isn't difficult. The BBs are loaded into the handgrip after you slide the grips back (that's what the mag release button does on this model).

You bring the follower to its stop position and load BBs via the cambered port along the fill line. You'll spill and miss a couple, but what the heck. You then release the follower so it snaps in place behind the last BB, close the handle and, provided you've loaded a CO2 cartridge, you're ready to shoot. Also - the trigger easily works in one smooth motion and requires a little finger effort, of course, but nothing extraordinary.

Despite having only a dot on the front sight, I was able to shoot quite accurately. You can get over 50 shots with a CO2 cartridge (OK, "Powerlet") or more, because I stopped around there. Based on the gas that escaped when I removed the cartridge, I'd say you could get a lot more shots than 50. Aesthetically, it is a beautiful instrument. True, everything on the slide is molded on for looks and is non-functional except for the safety, rear sight adjustment and the handle/slide release.

They've covered the ejection port in silver which looks a bit odd, but it makes the gun distinctive. The beavertail helps make it comfortable to hold and I imagine it is fully ambidextrous. All in all a well-made CO2 BB gun, worth the price, and a pleasure to operate. Highly recommended. — Rivegauche610



11. SIG Sauer 1911 We The People CO2 .177 BB Air Pistol

Top-rated: 1,313 ratings | 125 answered questions

SIG Sauer 1911 We The People CO2 .177 BB Air Pistol - Best Air Pistols on Amazon, Tested & Ranked by Experts - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


Highlight: 1-year SIG Sauer warranty.

Helpful review

At first I was hesitant to purchase this due to the fact it had no reviews, but I am glad I bought this piece instead of any other 1911 replicas. The gun itself is beautiful; it has a very nice distressed look to it, and the engravings on it are the icing on the cake. Also, this is the first 1911 replica I have seen with grips that aren’t plastic (these ones are metal). Other than cosmetics, this gun is very realistic and looks almost like an exact copy of its 45acp counterpart. Even field strips like the real thing. 

So far, I have put about 350 rounds through the gun, and have not experienced any issues so far. The gun is very accurate, and CO2 usage is pretty good, with one cartridge lasting about 3 full magazines. The full blowback is just beautiful to witness and feel whenever you shoot. If you are looking for the best 1911 replica airgun, look no further. — Pink Horizona

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The gun is very heavy and it does look deadly real (as long as you know nothing about guns XD). But if you do end up getting one of these BB guns, be careful. The hammer is always back when loading the magazine into the magwell. Otherwise there is a small “firing pin” of sorts that can get damaged if the hammer is not cocked back. Otherwise this is a great little BB gun to mess around with from time to time.

I know common questions may be... Q: what material is it made from? A: full metal construction, even the magazine. Q: is the gun spring operated, or co2 powered? A: the gun uses 12 gram co2 cartridges that load into the magazine and the entire pistol uses gas blowback so the slide will load like a traditional 1911 pistol and load a new round every time you pull the trigger. Hope this helps ;) — Smith Logan

Reassuring review

When I purchased this CO2 pistol, I had just started handling semi-auto pistols for the first time in my life. I was extremely nervous and awkward any time I'd handle a pistol at the gun store. Buying this look-alike, CO2 replica has been tremendously helpful! I keep it on my desk and often practice safe handling/safety checking while in (virtual) meetings. This gun is well made! I haven't had any issues with the finish, or performance. I am very impressed in how well it functions, both dry and under (CO2) power. The blow-back action works very well for two full magazine loads of bb's. 

I especially appreciate how the slide will lock open once you've shot the last "round" from the magazine. Again, my focus with this gun has been on its realistic functional replication of the real deal. (Minus the wrist-jarring, police-being-called boom you get from the firearm version, of course.) Is this super accurate or powerful? Uh, I doubt it. It is a CO2 bb gun after all. I didn't buy this to show my local squirrels who's boss or anything. I'd say it's about as accurate and "powerful" as one could expect from this format. I'd STRONGLY recommend buying this gun, or a gun like this, to teach gun safety and proper handling. — James Shaffer



12. Crosman CCP8B2 Vigilante

Top-rated: 4,499 ratings | 691 answered questions

Crosman CCP8B2 Vigilante - Best Air Pistols on Amazon, Tested & Ranked by Experts - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


Helpful review

Nice revolver is every way except grip execution

I'm a revolver fan and wanted a BB/pellet D/A piece to save some ammo costs while building up more revolver trigger time and to use as an intro/trainer for others. I decided to try the Vigilante based upon decent reviews and price point. This piece is quite nice. It's a pretty clever, break-top design. The single and double action trigger are surprisingly good and very usable. I like the Patridge sight picture and sturdiness of the rear sight. I wouldn't futz with it much, but once set, it's solid, and you shouldn't have to. 

This piece handles 0.177 pellets (rifled) and BBs. It shoots pellets fine (inside a 3 inch Post-It at 10 yds and shoots BBs well enough to hit a soda can every time at about 7 yds. Each ammo type requires a unique clip mag type. The grip shape is SimTo a D/A Hogue Monogrip (love them) but is hard plastic and is significantly "puffier". I take off one star as the grip removal to change CO2 is a real PITA. Access is via a little thumbnail groove at the bottom of one panel. Mine are very stiff. 

They should put a rubber grommet or spring clip in the grip frame to capture the grip panel posts and maybe a "separator" slot/recess along the bottom for a twist tool (coin?). As is, the posts on the grip panels are hard plastic and catch into the frame directly. This is very stiff now and is likely to be a wear-out point (loose panels in the future?). Anyway, aside from CO2 access, I find that this is a really solid 4 star trainer/plinker/shooter considering the competitive price. For pellets, I'd buy again. - Eric Bardd


13. Umarex XBG .177 Air Pistol

Top-rated: 8,502 ratings | 1000+ answered questions

Umarex XBG .177 Air Pistol - Best Air Pistols on Amazon, Tested & Ranked by Experts - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


Highlight: Shoots .177 caliber steel BBs at up to 410 fps.

Helpful review

So I gave the Umarex XBG CO2 Pistol a test, and here are my insights.

Power and penetration of BBs: With a fresh CO2 cartridge I was able to shoot all the way through a steel bean can and a steel soup can. That is pretty strong to go right through steel. I checked the cans with a magnet and they have at least some steel or ferrous content, so they are not wimpy aluminum. Some people say you can get plenty of shots with one CO2 cartridge, making this a real power miser.

Phone book test: Double sided pages so divided by 2 to get these numbers. Divided by two and add 10 or 15 pages for the cardboard cover and target. About 130 pages of denting, tearing. Most BBs were recovered at about 77-80 pages. That's a lot of penetration! Do not shoot anything you do not want to kill!

Handy drop down magazine: The handy drop down magazine is easily accessed on the left side rear of trigger guard. It is a smooth operating, well fitting mag with easy to load features.

Accuracy & sights: The XBG has a long trigger pull which does not make for good accuracy, but the pistol itself is accurate. Due to the long trigger pull I was able to put half of the ten shot string within 1 & 1/2" bullseye at 21 feet and the rest were flyers. The sights are outlined white dot on post front for easy target acquisition, no rear sight white outline.

Weight: Here is the good part - the XBG only weighs in at 0.9 lbs. That is light weight enough to take backpacking and jogging without a heavy load. I have one pistol which is a joy to shoot with a really crisp trigger pull and single action too, but it weighs several pounds, something you wouldn't want to carry around.

Safety: The safety is of modern design and disengages the trigger bar action when on. When off the trigger is 'in gear' and it will fire. The gun is very safe and will probably not accidentally fire at all. The trigger is a long pull and has to be deliberately cycled to fire. Unlike some guns which show red when both on safe and off safe, this gun only shows red when ready to fire, otherwise it shows white dot. Some guns only point to safe or fire with the selector. This gun covers the white and shows the red when ready to fire, and covers the red and shows the white when safety is on.

My XBG is fairly new so I have experienced no CO2 leaks at all. I question those folks who have leak problems - did you buy your gun new or second hand? If new in the blister pack, unopened you should not experience problems. If you have leak problems you can buy an inexpensive O-ring kit and it might fix the problem. All in all I give this pistol 5 stars for power, accuracy, safety, easy to load, and being so lightweight. — Kevin Hubb


14. Daisy Powerline 415 Air Pistol Gun Kit

Top-rated: 2,599 ratings | 316 answered questions

Daisy Powerline 415 Air Pistol Gun Kit - Best Air Pistols on Amazon, Tested & Ranked by Experts - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


Highlight: CO2 BB Pistol, BB's, shooting glasses, CO2 cylinders and paper targets are ALL included!

Helpful review

This is a solid, simple BB gun. It does not have a lot of "bells and whistles" or gimmicky operational additions - such as "blow-back action" etc. But it works hard. The one I received says "made in Japan." I deducted one star as it is somewhat difficult to quickly and visually inspect remaining BBs which could still be chambered (and active).

The design of the magazine well is such that there can still be around 2-3 BBs hidden inside with the top loading spring looking like it has fully extended. The only sure way to know that it has completely emptied out is by firing until empty (that is even if you are in the habit of counting your rounds). Don't let that extremely minor detail take away from your enjoyment of this awesome product! Not all BB guns are designed where you can visually inspect the remaining BBs which may still be active in the gun.

Also, as with all firearms, treat this BB gun with great caution. All firearm rules apply (always treat this item as if it was ALWAYS LOADED - and never point it at anything that you don't intend to fully destroy). At these velocities on a fresh cartridge, you CAN cause very serious and very permanent damage to soft tissue.

So, this is a BB gun in .177 caliber. That means it shoots little "ball bearings'' that measure .177 in diameter (4.5mm). These BBs are not hard to find. There are plenty that can be purchased here on Amazon. It does not shoot pellets.

Package advertises that it can shoot "up to" 495 fps, in reality, expect around low 400s.

Keep in mind that this will continue to drop as the CO2 cartridge gets expended - so it will be more along a range with "495" being your top velocity. I will test it with an actual chronograph if there is more interest - just remember to hit that "helpful" icon on the bottom of this review so I know people are actually reading this! This gun uses a 12gr CO2 cartridge, can load up to 21 BBs at a time, and shoot them repeatedly without having to "rechamber" a round - as is common with single shot spring type pellet guns. This is an initial review, so I have not tested it for a prolonged period of time, but I expect that it should hold up just fine.

As stated above, this item does not have "blow-back action" - which means the slide will NOT move back and forth as the trigger is pulled (similar to an actual firearm).

I have discovered that BB guns that do have "blow-back" tend to give you a little less mileage with CO2 cartridges, which can cost $$$ in the long run. For what it is, this is a basic, simple and utilitarian item. Less moving parts also means less chance of breaking - and less maintenance (another + for the casual shooter).

This is a very no-nonsense basic BB gun. It basically sets the bar for all other CO2 types of BB guns to be measured by. I can easily see why this item is rated 4+ stars by other reviewers.

It is simple, powerful, and focused on getting the job done. There is no nonsense with this gun. They designed it with their most basic purpose in mind and they got right to the point. There is a simple beauty in that. I would probably purchase a couple more in the future (when they are in stock again).

Front site is actually one of those green fiber sights. Easy to see and aim with. Very nice touch Daisy! It was a very pleasant surprise. However, BB well has a "blind spot" of 2-3 BBs which may still be active in the gun. This is a bit of a safety issue. As long as you follow the rules of handling this BB gun the same way as you would handle a real firearm - you should be fine. I don't love that I lose a whole block of expended air each time though. I deducted a star for this as this could be a serious safety concern for others out there.

The airsoft gun is mostly plastic - gone are the days when BB guns were made out of steel and intended to last your next 4 generations. Though I cannot account for the durability of this item, I am old enough to remember the good old days when companies wanted their branded items to last as long as possible in the service of their customers, and would over-build everything.

Now, they build things "just enough" to last you until they think you'll lose interest in it. They don't realize that for all the money it takes for them to advertise a product commercially, if they were to just build a high quality product, it also serves as a form of advertising - and will last much longer than when all the commercials have stopped.

That's not saying that this was how this product was built. This is a pretty well built item. I just wished that it was OVER built. No stars deducted for this obviously. I definitely HIGHLY recommend getting one of these - If you are looking to teach your kids about firearm safety, this is kind of like a "stepping stone" to a real gun.

However, I would recommend getting an "airsoft" gun - something as close to the original as possible with the detachable magazines and the blow-back action etc. so all steps of firearm safety can be trained into habit (such as removing a magazine to inspect that it is empty and racking the slide to visually verify no rounds are chambered etc… — Ronnie Sharp

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15. Sig Sauer P365 CO2-Powered Air Pistol

Top-rated: 1,725 ratings | 139 answered questions

Sig Sauer P365 CO2-Powered Air Pistol - Best Air Pistols on Amazon, Tested & Ranked by Experts - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


Highlight: Full blowback metal slide.

Helpful review

This is my 100 round review, and although that isn’t many shots through this BB gun, it’s great for first impressions and I already have a good opinion on it.

My overall opinion is that you should only buy this if you own or thinking about owning a real Sig p365. The size of it is true which makes it great for practicing drawing from a holster and sight acquisition. However, if you just want a BB gun to shoot and plink around, get something else.

Pros - This thing looks identical to the actual p365 which makes it a great training tool for owners and potential owners. The trigger pull is nice, short and crisp making it very easy to shoot. I also appreciate the full size drop out mag. For a BB gun its size it’s nice to have.

Cons - Honestly, there’s a lot I don’t like about this gun in terms of the way it shoots and performs as a BB gun. First, the accuracy is terrible. I’ve read that accuracy improves over time and I hope that is true. I own a umarex glock 19 that I use for plinking and from 10 yards I can get about a 3in grouping. With the p365, the grouping is at least 6in. I’m not a great shooter, but I know I’m not that bad. I can actually see with good lighting the bb travel off line sometimes when I shoot it.

It also cannot hold CO2 very well, and this is my biggest complaint apart from the accuracy. After putting in a fresh canister of co2, I was able to get 3 mags (about 40 rounds) before it noticeably dropped. Even though there was gas left, there wasn’t enough to rack the slide all the way back to reset the gun to fire again. This caused a bunch of double feeds and by then you just need a new co2. It also cannot store co2 over a long period of time. I left an almost completely full canister over two days to see if it would hold. The first shot fired, and that was it. Literally all the gas was expelled on that first shot, there was a big cloud and the slide stayed back for almost half a second. So I cannot shoot one mag, let it sit, then come back to it a few days later to shoot again.

If Sig were to make some changes, I wished they would remove the blowback feature (even though it’s cool), allowing the gun to shoot more reliably and more rounds with one cartridge of co2. Also they need to find a way to make this thing shoot relatively straight.

Overall again, it’s great if you want to use it as a training tool if you own the real firearm. As much as I want to like it, I can’t recommend it to anyone who just wants a BB gun to plink around with. 5 stars just because I fit the category of someone who uses it to train. — Denis Michael


16. Smith & Wesson M&P 40 .177 BB Gun

Top-rated: 2,581 ratings | 215 answered questions

Smith & Wesson M&P 40 .177 BB Gun - Best Air Pistols on Amazon, Tested & Ranked by Experts - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


Highlight: A replica of one of the newest S&W designs.

Helpful review

I am surprised at all the negative reviews. Let's hit them, one by one. I'm not talking about the airsoft gun, I'm talking about the BB gun.

1) Can't find magazines? Nonsense. Look at Walmart. They sell a package of two mags under the Crosman name for about thirteen bucks. They fit perfectly. While on the subject of the mags: easy to load, vs. some I've seen. You can easily make yourself a little BB loader to feed a stream of BBs right into the hole. That's because the groove for the spring slider is in line with the BB loading hole. I can fit 20 BBs in the mag with no jamming. I think it's advertised as holding 19. And the same magazine fits the Beretta Elite II replica BB gun, also from Umarex.

2) CO2 leaks? Not if you use a TINY dab of Pellgunoil on the tip of the cartridge before loading it. Do that and you will have no problems (others have mentioned this). I've had no leakage at all. This gun is a CO2 miser. In the summer, I can easily go through eight or nine, 20-rd mags on one cylinder. I'm really amazed at how long this gun remains accurate over varying amounts of CO2 remaining.

3) Accuracy. The trigger is long and hard (double action only), but like any other gun, you need to get used to it. Once you do, you can pop off accurate shots very quickly. Now remember, you are sending a round projectile (BB) down a smooth bore (think: Revolutionary War musket). You cannot expect rifled accuracy. You WILL get fliers--I sometimes think, "I was shooting the OTHER can, right?" But folks, I shoot soda cans at 25 feet and can hit them almost every single time. AND I can shoot a single can, hanging from a branch 25 yards away, yes, with fewer hits, but geez, 25 YARDS, people, and that's off-hand.

On one knee, I can hit that can at 25 yards 1/3 to 1/2 of the time. I've since switched to homemade tubular (chime) targets at 25 yards, it's so much fun. An aside on these BB triggers: the double-action trigger needs to first pull the inner barrel forward against a spring, so that when the trigger "breaks", the barrel can spring backward and activate the release of the CO2 to fire the BB. A lot of BB handguns use the same mechanism, and have similar trigger pulls.

4) Sights. Did anyone mention them? They are wonderful. Non-adjustable, but bright and easy to see (white in front and fiber-optic green in rear).

5) No blowback. Who cares? Go buy a blowback gun and stop dissing this one.

You want a useful negative comment? Here you are: The CO2 door (the sliding handle) is too easy to come off and difficult to get back on. But it does not happen that often and I'm not knocking it down a star for that. Here's another one (and again, it's minor, so no knocks on the stars): If you partially pull the trigger (take up), then change your mind, a BB will be released into the barrel and will slide out when you lower the muzzle. Remember this is a BB gun, and an inexpensive one at that. Pretty doggon' nice for the money, in my book. — Dave


17. Gamo PT-85 Blowback Pellet Pistol

Top-rated: 1,216 ratings | 241 answered questions

Gamo PT-85 Blowback Pellet Pistol - Best Air Pistols on Amazon, Tested & Ranked by Experts - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


Highlight: Rifled steel barrel and textured plastic grip.

Helpful review

I own this one, as well as the H&K USP pistol. I recently purchased both. I also have several pellet Rifles and have been an enthusiast for about 30 years. This is THE funnest Air Gun I've ever owned. The H&K is garbage compared to this beauty. The first time I shot it (about an hour ago), I was shocked at how realistic it is.

I can see how this could be used as a training weapon as some reviews have stated. The blowback is awesome. I've been through about 8 clips (16 rounds per clip) so far and the C02 is still strong. I'm getting good 1" groups at 30 ft. I haven't tried anything further yet. The gun is mostly metal. It feels very weighty in your hand close to a real one. Make no mistake, this is areal gun. It just uses air instead of gun powder to propel the projectiles. 

If I had to find one negative, it would be the safety. It's hard to turn it off. It took me two hands to disable it. Maybe that's not really a negative though. There's a reason they call it a safety. Anyway, I can't say enough about how fun this model is. If you're even considering buying it, stop thinking about it and do it. You won't regret it, I can assure you. BUT BEWARE, you need to Buy LOTS of ammo and C02 though. You'll burn through a few hundred rounds very quickly and before you know it because you wont want to stop shoooting it. — James M.

Trending review

This is a very well made pistol for honing your aiming and shooting skills on inanimate targets. However if you're going to use this product for solving a pest control problem; namely raccoons, this pellet gun is NOT the solution. I purchased this item two days ago to eliminate a huge "Raccoon" problem in my front and backyards. Raccoons are digging up holes all over the place. A family of four. So I got the pistol as a non-lethal, "get off my lawn," go be someone else's problem, type of solution. 

Now, mind you, I'm using the "Destroyer Pellets" at about 5 feet away. First, I go for the body shot, thinking this would sting it enough to let it know that I was serious. I shoot, it runs away, the other three scatter. So I'm thinking, kool, this is gonna be short work.... Literally 10 seconds later, they're creeping back around the corner and on the fence! Ok, I'm a bit surprised. So, I let them creep back close enough for me to get a really good head shot. I mean right up on this guy. Boom! again, they run off. I stand and curiously wait..... Again, three comes back.. 

Then the bigger mother comes, which is the one that I shot; but only this time, it just goes right to the food that was laid out, and just continued to eat, as if I wasn't there!...So you see, this is "not that gun." Definitely looks like an actual firearm, but sadly, doesn't carry that knock-down force that I had hoped for. Or maybe I needed a larger grained pellet.

Whatever the case, I'm going to try the "Sonar Approach" next. However, if this does not work, I will definitely escalate matters to a lethal pellet rifle. I will not be going through the hassle of trying to cage and transport these pests or use any poisons. I simply want them gone, and my property NOT ruined. — T.R.K


18. Umarex Steel-Storm .177 BB Gun

Top-rated: 1,707 ratings | 195 answered questions

Umarex Steel-Storm .177 BB Gun - Best Air Pistols on Amazon, Tested & Ranked by Experts - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


Highlight: Choose between Single Shot mode or 6-Round Full-Auto Burst mode.

Helpful review

I love this gun. It has a lot of weaver rails, and is very easy to add a few accessories to make it look just like the new H&K MP7... the only thing missing is the telescopic buttstock.... But with a foregrip, a homemade PVC pipe barrel extension, and a few other accessories like a red dot scope and a tac light, it looks just like a HK MP7.

It is easy to convert to full auto of you prefer it over the six round burst. There are many videos on YouTube that show you how to make the full auto conversion on this model, but I prefer to keep it with only the two options of single shot or six round burst.

Because I am afraid if I change the six round burst to full auto, it will eat up more CO2 cartridges than it already does. The hopper holds 300 bbs and the chamber holds 30 at a time, but you will be changing out the spent CO2 cartridges by the time you shoot up those 300 bbs in six round burst mode.

Be prepared to buy CO2 cartridges by the crate load of you plan to do a lot of shooting. But that says nothing about the gun, it is just the nature of the beast, all CO2 guns.. This one takes them two at a time.

It is VERY accurate, and I was astonished how well it shoots so accurately even in six round burst mode. I was expecting them to spit out all random like, but no, they are almost as accurate as single shot mode, which can hit the bullseye every time at 15 yards with a decent red dot scope or laser sight.

Both of which I have added onto the many weaver rails that come stock on the gun. It is by far the best quality and looks for the price.. I would think it should cost twice what it does. You will be very pleased with the accuracy and also the looks, once you get it accessorized with a few things to clamp onto all those weaver rails, I have got mine looking like a clone of the new HK MP7 and it looks awesome." — Perryinjax Studios


19. GAMO P-430 CO2-Powered Dual-Ammo Air Pistol

Top-rated: 2,298 ratings | 127 answered questions

Gamo PT-85 Blowback Pellet Pistol - Best Air Pistols on Amazon, Tested & Ranked by Experts - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


Highlight: 16 rounds capacity double magazine (8x2).

Helpful review

I own this CO2 gun for over a year and I really like it for it’s ability to shoot pellets and BBs. The gun is very light weight in the hands and shoots extremely fast to where I can’t see the BBs fly out of the pistol.

I kept thinking if shots have been fired or am I shooting dry? Haha The gun is very accurate, but you have to compensate for the downwards of the gun when pulling the trigger.

There is no recoil, so the gun doesn’t bounce when the trigger is pulled, compensating for the finger pull; expect to be shooting further down from the target. I kept three extra magazines so reloading is much faster. Each magazine holds 2 sets of 8 Bbs in a revolver style, holding 16 BBs/pellets total. It’s very easy to empty half the mag and having to flip it around which isn’t my preference for shooting airsoft; less reloads the better. Reloading can be tedious because you can’t pour the BBs into the magazine, but instead place each individual BB or Pellet into a revolver style slot.

The construction is plastic on the outside and metal on the inside. It’s fairly easy to insert a CO2 cartridge, but expect to use tools when screwing it in place, unless you have very strong fingers. Each CO2 cartridge will last about 100 BBs or Pellets which is considerably good.

I never had to deal with BBs jamming or misfires, so I’d say it’s reliable to use for target practice and efficient enough to use where you’re not draining your pockets by buying CO2 cartridges. I left one in for months and hardly noticed a drop in pressure. I wouldn’t recommend this, but just a perspective of how well it can hold gas pressure inside the gun.

I would definitely recommend it as a first CO2 entry level pistol, but not as your “go-to.” I prefer a CO2 pistol with weight, realistic trigger pull, and a faster way of reloading the mag.. — Joe


20. Crosman Phantom P10KT - CO2 Semi Auto Air Pistol Kit with FREE BBs

Top-rated: 2,795 ratings | 103 answered questions

Crosman Phantom P10KT - CO2 Semi Auto Air Pistol Kit with FREE BBs - Best Air Pistols on Amazon, Tested & Ranked by Experts - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


Highlight: Includes P10, Copperhead BBs, shooting glasses, and two CO2 cartridges. This kit has an under barrel Picatinny accessory rail and Removable grip for easy replacement of CO2.

Helpful review

I literally have bought 3 of these guns. The first one my Father N-Law saw (actually thought it was a real gun) & after he "borrowed" it he decided he liked it too much to give it back...lol...so I bought my 2nd one. Then decided to buy another so my wife could shoot cans with me. Numerous people who have seen the gun laying out argued with me swearing I was messing with them & it was actually a real gun! I LOVE THE LOOK. The CO2 is effortless to put in. Easy to load BBs.

The magazine conveniently slides out with the push of a button. Wish it held more BBs but that's my ONLY complaint. It's got some power behind it. While shooting cans off a fence post a good distance away the BB actually went probably a half inch into the wood & stuck there. I've owned & shot many bb guns & this is by far my favorite. No complaints. Love the look. Love the product. Love the results. Whether your experienced or buying it as a beginner you won't regret this one! — Corey Lee

Trending review

I love this pistol. It is very strong feeling. Even though it is plastic it feels very strong. I like the amount of shots it has. The co2 lasts about 7 mags. The only thing i don't like about it is the white dot on the front sight is off center, But i just grabbed a white marker and remade the dot and it is really accurate. For example i can hit a 1 centimeter pole from like 15 feet no problem. It all depends about the shooter for how accurate the gun is.

I also like that it came with targets, safety glasses, 2 co2 canisters, and a lot of steel bbs. It comes with everything you need to shoot it out of the box. It is a very fun backyard plinker. It is pretty loud but that doesn't really matter. The trigger pull is hard, Which is also a downside to this gun. Also i like that the mag is metal. I would definitely recommend for someone to buy. — John Yale


21. Umarex SA10 .177 Caliber Pellet/BB Gun

Top-rated: 1,452 ratings | 138 answered questions

Umarex SA10 .177 Caliber Pellet/BB Gun - Best Air Pistols on Amazon, Tested & Ranked by Experts - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


Helpful review

The Umarex SA10 is unquestionably the most impressive Umarex I've ever had the pleasure of owning. Having amassed a collection of double-digit Umarex units over the years, I can confidently affirm that this model represents a significant leap forward from the tried-and-true Glock 19 design I've relied on for so long.

What truly stands out is the new mechanism, which admirably maintains a superior seal. When you load it, the weight provides an authentic magazine-like feel. The revolver-style BB dispensing mechanism performs exceptionally well, although it can be a tad tricky and time-consuming to load. I do wish there was a more efficient loading method that prevented the discs from falling out during the process. You really have to click them in and only load them upside down or the pellets fall out.

In terms of accuracy, the SA10 outperforms my other Umarex handguns, consistently delivering precise shots. The styling is undeniably impressive, though personally, I lean toward a chrome and black finish over the gold and black option.

Notably, the SA10 bears a striking resemblance to a Sig Sauer, particularly in the grip, which closely resembles a Sig P320. However, one area for potential improvement is the delayed trigger break, which I believe could enhance the overall shooting experience if it occurred sooner. - Aaron T.


How to Choose an Air Pistol

Choosing an air pistol can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to the world of air guns. Here are some factors to consider when selecting an air pistol.

Intended Use

The first thing to consider is what you will be using the air pistol for. Different air pistols are designed for different purposes, such as target shooting, plinking, or hunting. Here are some examples of air pistols for different uses:

  • Target Shooting - If you plan to use your air pistol for target shooting, look for a pistol with a high level of accuracy and consistency. CO2-powered pistols are a good choice for this purpose.
  • Plinking - For casual shooting at cans, balloons, or other objects, a break barrel air pistol is a good choice. These pistols are easy to use and require little maintenance.
  • Hunting - If you plan to use your air pistol for hunting small game, look for a pistol with a high level of power and accuracy. PCP air pistols are a good choice for this purpose.


Propulsion Method

Air pistols can be powered by a variety of methods, including spring, CO2, and PCP. Here are some things to consider when choosing a propulsion method:

  • Spring - Spring-powered air pistols are easy to use and require no external power source. They are also relatively inexpensive. However, they are generally less powerful than other types of air pistols.
  • CO2 - CO2-powered air pistols are easy to use and require no pumping or cocking. They are also relatively inexpensive. However, they can be less powerful than other types of air pistols, and they require the use of CO2 cartridges.
  • PCP - PCP air pistols are the most powerful type of air pistol. They are also the most expensive and require the use of a high-pressure air source.



Air pistols can range in price from less than $50 to over $1,000. Determine your budget before you start shopping, and look for air pistols that fit within your price range.

Other Considerations

Here are some other factors to consider when choosing an air pistol:

  • Ergonomics: Look for an air pistol that feels comfortable in your hand and is easy to hold steady.
  • Sights: Look for an air pistol with adjustable sights that can be easily adjusted for windage and elevation.
  • Trigger: Look for an air pistol with a smooth and consistent trigger pull.
  • Noise: Consider the noise level of the air pistol, especially if you plan to use it in a residential area.

By considering these factors, you will choose an air pistol that is right for your needs and budget.

Best Air Pistols Amazon - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

Best Air Pistols on Amazon - FAQ

Which company air gun is best?

There are many companies that make air guns, and the best one for you will depend on your needs and preferences. Some popular air gun brands include Crosman, Umarex, Gamo, and Weihrauch.

What is the best caliber for an air pistol?

The best caliber for an air pistol will depend on your intended use. .177 caliber air pistols are the most popular choice among air gun enthusiasts due to their wide availability and suitability for various shooting applications. However, if you plan to use your air pistol for hunting small game, a .22 caliber air pistol may be a better choice.

What is the best German air rifle?

There are many high-quality German air rifles on the market, including those made by Weihrauch, Diana, and Walther. The best one for you will depend on your needs and preferences.

Is an air pistol good for Self Defense?

Air pistols are not recommended for self-defense purposes. While they can be powerful and accurate, they are not as effective as firearms and may not stop an attacker.

What is better .177 or .22 air rifle?

The better caliber for an air rifle will depend on your intended use. .177 caliber air rifles are the most popular choice among air gun enthusiasts due to their wide availability and suitability for various shooting applications. However, if you plan to use your air rifle for hunting small game, a .22 caliber air rifle may be a better choice.

Is a .177 or .22 air rifle more powerful?

A .22 caliber air rifle is generally more powerful than a .177 caliber air rifle. However, the power of an air rifle will depend on several factors, including the type of air rifle, the pellet weight, and the velocity. It is important to choose an air rifle that is appropriate for your intended use.





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