11 Best Digital Wall Calendars for Elderly & Families (Reviews)

11 Best Digital Wall Calendars for Elderly & Families (Reviews)
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Discover the convenience and versatility of digital wall calendars – your modern solution for staying organized and on top of your schedule.

Whether you're managing appointments, medications, or simply want to enhance the aesthetics of your space, these sleek devices have you covered.

Not only do digital wall calendars excel in home organization and business productivity, but they also serve as invaluable medicine reminders for seniors, particularly those with Alzheimer's or impaired vision.

To simplify your decision-making process, we've carefully reviewed the best digital wall calendars available on Amazon. Say goodbye to missed appointments and hello to seamless scheduling with this curated selection.


What are the Best Digital Wall Calendars for Seniors and Families?

1. Skylight Calendar - Best overall & easy to use

Skylight Calendar - Best Digital Wall Calendars for Seniors and Families (Tested) - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


The Skylight Calendar is a revolutionary WiFi-connected digital calendar and planner with a 15-inch touchscreen display. Perfect for family organization, it allows color-coded scheduling for each member, quick setup with calendar sync, and intuitive chore chart and meal planning features. 

The HD smart display can be wall-mounted or used on a tabletop, and the free mobile app ensures easy management on the go. This all-in-one family organizer enhances efficiency and communication, making it a valuable addition to any home or office.

Helpful review: Great looking digital calendar, easy to use

Skylight Calendar - Best Digital Wall Calendars for Seniors and Families (Tested) - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

This has been a lifesaver for our busy family. We are able to keep everyone's schedules updated easily and color coded which helps knowing who is where and when just at a quick glance. It looks great hanging on the wall. We've had several visitors comment on the calendar and ask about it. Bright enough to catch your attention and help remind you to review your day with what is scheduled.

You can easily put it in sleep mode if you need the room dark. Our favorite feature is the fact you can add, edit, or delete events from either the calendar itself or an app on your phone. This has saved us so much time from forgetting to add it to the calendar at home, or on my phone. The feature to toggle back and forth between calendar, chores, and lists is also very helpful.


2. La Crosse Technology - Best Wooden Design

La Crosse Technology - Best Digital Wall Calendars for Seniors and Families (Tested) - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


The La Crosse Technology 513-1419-WA-INT Atomic Large Full Digital Calendar Clock is a perfect solution for those seeking a functional and stylish digital wall calendar. With extra-large, easy-to-read digits, it aids individuals with memory loss. 

The walnut style clock operates with simple settings, automatically adjusting to atomic signals for precise timekeeping. Its adjustable display modes include full weekday, weekday & date, date, seconds, and indoor temperature. Whether hung on the wall or placed on a table, this Walnut-finished clock is a practical and thoughtful gift.

Helpful review: Excellent for patients with dementia (mounting hack)

La Crosse Technology - Best Digital Wall Calendars for Seniors and Families (Tested) - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

My husband has dementia and using an analog clock is now extremely difficult for him. A digital clock works great.

I used to have a small whiteboard up next to his seating area, and I used dry-erase markers to write the day and date down for him. I found I would forget to do so now and then, but this clock does it for me. I chose the setting shown in the photo which shows the day of the week and the date.

Since this clock unfortunately is not backlit, it would have been impossible for him to see if I had hung it on the wall across the room where our current traditional clock (with Roman numerals!) is hanging. Therefore, I came up with this "hack". The new digital clock hangs on the side of a cabinet next to his chair. I did not want to damage the cabinet by hammering in a nail to mount the clock, and Command hooks would make it sit at an odd angle. I wanted it to be next to his directions for using our home phone and his picture-phone intended for people with dementia.

I placed two strips of sticky-back Velcro on the back of the clock and two yellow REMOVABLE sticky-back Command Velcro pieces on the cabinet. The clock now hangs neatly on the side of the cabinet and can be removed to change batteries as needed. The sticky Velcro on the side of the cabinet can be removed easily without damage to the cabinet.

This clock also has a fold-out support that can be used if one chooses to have it sit on a table or nearby shelf, kind of like a table-top picture frame, but I didn't have that option. I gave it only four stars for "easy to read" because it is not backlit and hard to see in dim light. If properly placed, the numbers are large and very readable. Otherwise, it's a great clock.


3. WallarGe Auto Set - Most Legible

WallarGe Auto Set - Best Digital Wall Calendars for Seniors and Families (Tested) - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


The WallarGe Auto Set Digital Wall Clock is a modern, battery-operated clock with temperature and humidity display. Equipped with high-precision sensors, it provides accurate indoor conditions. The clock automatically sets the time upon battery insertion, has a memory function for power outages, and features a large, easy-to-read display. 

With calendar, timer, and alarm functions, it's a versatile addition to any room. Customer reviews highlight its simplicity, readability, and value, making it a practical choice for home decor.

Helpful review: Works amazingly well and super legible

WallarGe Auto Set - Best Digital Wall Calendars for Seniors and Families (Tested) - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

The numbers on this clock are easy to read wherever I am on my main floor. I keep this on a kitchen counter. It has two little arms that you can pull out to stabilize it on a flat surface. Setting it up was easy. All I did was insert three AA batteries. It turned on immediately, with the correct time, day, date and weather info.

The clock is default set to Eastern Standard Time. There are is a switch on the back you can click to point to your own time zone if you aren’t in EST. The clock has an alarm, which I believe is default to 7:00 a.m. I have not used that feature.

If you want a simple, reliable clock, day/date and temperature station, this is a great buy. It is simple to use and doesn’t have any frills. It is an excellent value. (The package insert says the batteries will last 7 to 12 months.)


4. SyncGo 15 inch Smart Wi-Fi - Best for mobile sync (Google / Microsoft Office)

SyncGo 15 inch Smart Wi-Fi  - Best Digital Wall Calendars for Seniors and Families (Tested) - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


The SyncGo 15 inch Smart Wi-Fi Digital Calendar is a stylish addition to your space, offering more than just timekeeping. This innovative calendar displays your favorite photos, 5-day weather forecast, and syncs seamlessly with your mobile calendar via Wi-Fi. 

Its touch screen interface and real wood look make it both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Perfect for staying organized and enjoying cherished memories, this smart calendar also makes for a thoughtful and trendy gift option.


6. TROCOTN 7 Inches - Best International with 8 Languages

TROCOTN 7 Inches - Best Digital Wall Calendars for Seniors and Families (Tested) - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


The TROCOTN 7 Inches Digital Clock Calendar is a modern, large-display alarm wall clock. With a 4.7-star rating, it features easy-to-read HD display showing time, day, date, and month without abbreviations. 

The clock offers 12 alarm modes, auto-dimming, and supports eight languages. It's a thoughtful gift available in black or white, especially for seniors. Also available in 7-inch and 10-inch sizes, this corded electric clock comes with a 150cm adapter cable and a satisfaction guarantee with free returns within 90 days.

Helpful review: Nice and easy to read for poor eyesight / memory

TROCOTN 7 Inches - Best Digital Wall Calendars for Seniors and Families (Tested) - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

Got this for someone who has poor eyesight and has some memory issues. They like it very much that this shows the date, day of week and time of day (morning, afternoon, evening ...). We like that the screen maximizes space with thin borders and not be 10" but have a 1" border - border is thin. 

I was worried 10" would be too big but it is a good size. I liked also that it auto set date/time when plugged in and keeps date/time if unplugged or power goes out (so they don't have to deal with setting it up again). Been using one week and so far it is working well. - Kelly


7. VEFAII Dementia Large Clock & Wall Calendar - Best for Elderly with custom alarms & messages

VEFAII Dementia Large Clock & Wall Calendar - Best Digital Wall Calendars for Seniors and Families (Tested) - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


The Véfaîî Dementia Clock is an 8-inch digital wall calendar designed for seniors. With a clear 1024x768 HD display, it features customizable alarms, 19 daily reminders, and auto-dimming. The clock supports multiple languages, has a memory feature for power outages, and comes with a remote control. 

Ideal for elders and students, it emphasizes readability, easy setup, and thoughtful gift packaging. The clock offers a 365-day warranty with friendly customer support.

Helpful review: Bought 3 and we love it !

VEFAII Dementia Large Clock & Wall Calendar - Best Digital Wall Calendars for Seniors and Families (Tested) - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

Now I have a total of 3 of these clocks! Love them! This is the newer version with Remote which makes setting the time easier if it’s on a higher shelf. I’ve purchased 3, slightly different versions and colors, over the last few years, and the other 2 gain time over a period, so I have to readjust the time back to the correct one. (Assuming this one will be the same, but will update this review if it doesn’t.) At least I gain time, as opposed to lose time, so I’m never late for anything. 

That may sound frustrating to some people, but everything else is so perfect with this clock, I refuse to let the gaining of a few minutes over time bother me. Although this was developed for the elderly, ANYONE who has an odd shift or job that sleeps at various times during the day or night would appreciate this clock. 

As a flight crew member, my trips are so varied and I work the red-eyes so often, sometimes I forget the day of the week, or I’m confused if it’s 10pm or 10am when I wake up. Especially if I sleep in a darkened room. I now have one of these brilliant clocks in the living room, the bedroom, and at a family cottage. Everyone loves it! And now with a remote control and all the new features, it’s AMAZING! - Amanda

8. PIKAPIKAP 16" Large Digital Clock - Best with remote & auto dimming

PiKaPiKaP 16" Large Digital Clock - Best Digital Wall Calendars for Seniors and Families (Tested) - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


The PiKaPiKaP Large Digital Clock is a modern 16-inch LED wall clock designed for various indoor spaces. With adjustable brightness and auto-dimming features, it ensures easy readability. The clock supports 12/24-hour formats, displays temperature, and includes timer/countdown functions.

Equipped with a remote control, it's convenient to set alarms and perform other operations. Customer reviews highlight its clear display, suitability for classrooms, and positive impact on productivity.

Helpful review - perfect for classrooms

PiKaPiKaP 16" Large Digital Clock - Best Digital Wall Calendars for Seniors and Families (Tested) - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

I’m a teacher and this was one of the best purchases I’ve made for my dad and one of my classrooms. I love the countdown method as it allows me to keep track of time while in small groups in my classroom. I would definitely purchase it again!! I simply plug the usb into an unused desktop computer and the timer comes on automatically. The display is bright and easy to see anywhere in the classroom. - Patrick


9. RAYNIC Digital Clock: Best Black & White Electronic Wall Calendar

Raynic Digital Clock, 11.5 Large Display Digital Wall Clock - Best Digital Wall Calendars - grandgoldman.com


Large LED Display: The Raynic Digital Clock features an 11.5-inch LED display, providing clear visibility of the time, ideal for the elderly. Choose from 5 brightness levels to accommodate different preferences, ensuring a comfortable sleep environment.

Multi-Functionality: This digital alarm clock goes beyond timekeeping, offering indoor temperature, DST, 2 USB charging ports, 3 alarms, and 5 dimming options. The easy-to-read LCD display also shows the date and day of the week, providing a comprehensive set of features to enhance your daily routine.

3 Optional Alarms: Customize your wake-up experience with three alarms, allowing you to set different wake-up times. Adjust the volume to your liking, making it a convenient choice for individuals with varying schedules.

Easy Setup and Practicality: With user-friendly settings, 2 USB ports, and a snooze function, setting up the Raynic Digital Clock is a breeze. The inclusion of a backup CR2032 coin-cell battery ensures reliability during power outages, making it a practical and thoughtful gift for family and friends. Enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom, living room, or office with this stylish and functional day clock.

Our Helpful review

Raynic Digital Clock, 11.5 Large Display Digital Wall Clock - Best Digital Wall Calendars - grandgoldman.com

Our old living room clock finally gave up the ghost, prompting me to order a replacement. Placing it across the room, I can easily read the big, bright display. Even my wife, who has poor eyesight and sits closer to it, finds it effortlessly visible. The inclusion of the date, day of the week, and temperature is a helpful bonus, especially for my wife, who stays at home and values keeping track of time.

Setting up the clock was a breeze with clearly labeled individual buttons on the back. Once on, you can choose light color and we pick red for the moment. However, there's a minor quirk - while the back buttons are easy to access, holding the clock by its edges is essential to avoid accidentally hitting the snooze buttons on top. Once you get the hang of it, though, it's a minor inconvenience.

One improvement I'd appreciate is an "atomic clock" feature, though it's more of a wish than a necessity. Despite this, the clock maintains accurate time. Overall, if you're in need of an affordable clock with a large, easily readable display, I believe this one offers great value for money and is worth recommending.



10. BOZYBO Digital: Best Atomic Clock with 6 Alarms

BOZYBO Digital Clock with 6 Alarm Clocks - Best Digital Wall Calendars - grandgoldman.com


6 Alarm Digital Clock: BOZYBO Digital Clock features 6 programmable alarms, allowing you to customize your daily and weekly schedules. Large, colorful digital display includes time, day, date, year, indoor temperature, DST, time zone, and moon phase, enhancing convenience.

Atomic Clock with WWVB Function: This bedroom-friendly atomic clock supports four time zones and syncs to accurate time at night through the WWVB function. Automatic daylight savings time adjustment ensures hassle-free timekeeping, providing reliability and precision.

Large Display and Adjustable Backlight: The clock boasts a 7.5" HD colorful screen with adjustable backlight, ensuring easy readability from any angle. Suitable for desk or wall use, it offers a clear view of information with different colors for each function. Can be powered through a wall outlet or battery backup for uninterrupted use.

Easy-to-Set Digital Calendar: User-friendly design with accessible operation buttons and a snooze function, whether freestanding or wall-mounted. Comes with a detailed user manual for straightforward setup. The clock's well-packaged, large display makes it an excellent gift idea for family members, particularly older adults, suitable for any room or occasion, making it an ideal present for Mother's Day or Father's Day.

Our Helpful review

BOZYBO Digital Clock with 6 Alarm Clocks - Best Digital Wall Calendars - grandgoldman.com

This clock is fantastic. The display is easy to read, presenting a wealth of information, including day, month, date, year, am/pm, time zone, and DST status, along with room temperature. It's a very good addition to my routine.

However, there's one thing to note: during the early morning hours, the screen goes dark as it syncs with the radio signal to maintain alignment with the National Standard time. This happens approximately every hour for a few hours, typically right on the hour. Despite this, I love the large display and the excellent timekeeping functionality. It surpasses several smaller alternatives I've tried over the years. It's highly recommended for those, like me, who appreciate a clear display and accurate timekeeping.

Moreover, being on a very low-calorie and low-salt diet, I require reminders for my six daily meals. The Bozybo digital clock serves this purpose perfectly, doubling as a pill reminder. The display is bright and easy to read, and it also shows the room temperature. 



11. LUNARCLOCK: Best Dementia Clock with Medecine Reminders

LUNARCLOCK 8IN IPS Digital Calendar Alarm Clock Dementia Clocks - Best Digital Wall Calendars - grandgoldman.com


High Definition IPS Screen: The LunarClock features an 8-inch IPS screen with high definition, ensuring clear visibility from any angle. The time period icon provides a simple and clear indication of the current time period.

Versatile Time Displays: Choose from 4 time displays, including a clock with icons for easy understanding, a classic digital clock, a colorful display showing three colors for week, time, and date, and an imitation pointer wall clock for a classic touch that doubles as room decor.

Multiple Alarms and Medication Reminders: Benefit from 12 sets of alarm clocks to meet daily reminder needs, along with 3 groups of medication reminders designed for the convenience of the elderly.

Customizable Font Colors and Auto Dimming: Personalize your clock with 4 font colors (white, yellow, red, and green) in the classic digital clock interface. The auto-dimming feature adjusts screen brightness automatically during the day and night, while offering 10 national system languages for user convenience.

Our Helpful review

Retired from a rotating shift job, I struggled with keeping track of days, especially with chemo brain. This clock, sans alarms cluttering the screen, features a clear display with large letters indicating the day of the week. Unlike similar clocks, the distinct colors aid readability, excluding issues for green color-blind individuals. It successfully showcases the time, date, moon phase, and day of the week.

My only suggestion would be to add a brightness setting between the 25% and 50% options, addressing the nighttime brightness dilemma. Regardless, for those seeking assistance in tracking days without worrying about memory issues, this clock is a reliable choice.

Bonus: Echo Show 15" - Best for Smart Home Integration

Echo Show 15 - Best Digital Wall Calendars for Seniors and Families (Tested) - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


The Echo Show 15 is a cutting-edge smart display with a 15.6" Full HD screen and integrated Fire TV capabilities. Ideal for family organization, it features customizable widgets, shared calendars, and to-do lists. With voice commands and hand gestures, it offers a hands-free experience. The device also serves as a kitchen TV, streaming content from popular services. 

Privacy is prioritized with a mic/camera off button and a camera shutter. Its versatility extends to showcasing photos, and it's designed for easy wall mounting. Sustainability features include recycled materials and energy-efficient design.

Helpful review: Bigger, better - no question

This is the third Echo show unit I’ve purchased. I initially started with the Echo 5 which I put at the bedroom nightstand. Good for night music as well as reminders for the morning.

It was so good at all that I got the 8 for the kitchen and it’s just a super handy hub for recipe ideas, some targeted news, weather, and reminders - like I will never forget my GF’s birthday (or her kids) for life. It’s voice recognition is way better than Siri. And it just seems designed to anticipate home task oriented questions really well.

I just mounted and installed the 15 (under counter) in the kitchen and will move the Echo show 8 into the living room. I live alone so I don’t use any of the more “family oriented” functions like the intercom or sharing family schedules. But man even as one person it’s just super useful. The Echo 15 set up in a few minutes, pretty much without much input from me.

This is just a little bit Jetsons where I can ask it random stuff like who won the Oscar for best supporting actress in 1954, what is Joey Logano’s net worth, who won the Nobel prize in economics last year. Just a hoot!

It’s a great technology and the 15 just shows a lot more information - like a daily control center for what’s going on. Highly recommended. - Clauden

Best Digital Wall Calendars: Takeaway

Digital wall calendars are a versatile and modern solution for organizing your schedule, appointments, and important dates. They cater to various preferences and needs, from smart home integration to minimalist design. By choosing the right digital wall calendar, you can enhance your productivity, stay on top of your family's schedules, and even improve the aesthetics of your space.



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Best Digital Wall Calendars FAQ


Is there a digital wall calendar that connects to Google Calendar?

Yes, the DAKboard is a digital wall calendar that supports calendar syncing with Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, Facebook, and other online calendar services.

What is the best digital wall calendar that syncs to your phone?

The Skylight Calendar is a popular option that syncs easily with many different calendar apps, making it convenient for managing your schedule on both your phone and the wall calendar.

Do people still use wall calendars?

Yes, people still use wall calendars, both in traditional paper format and digital versions. Wall calendars continue to be relevant as they help create lasting impressions and serve as valuable organizational tools.

Is the Skylight Calendar worth it?

The Skylight Calendar is worth considering for busy families and households, as it offers an effective and easy-to-use solution for organizing schedules. However, it may not be suitable for everyone, especially if you have concerns about privacy or find the price too high.



Is DAKboard free?

DAKboard offers a free version with basic features, but they also have additional pricing plans for more advanced features and customization options.

Does Google have a digital calendar?

Yes, Google offers Google Calendar, a digital calendar service that can be accessed through a web browser or mobile app. However, Google Calendar is not a wall-mounted digital wall calendar by default.

Is there an app that syncs all calendars?

There are several apps that can sync multiple calendars, such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook. These apps allow you to integrate calendars from different sources and view them in a single interface.

What is the best digital calendar?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best digital calendar for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. However, some of the most popular and well-reviewed digital calendars include Skylight, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Fantastical, and DAKboard.

Is there a wall calendar that connects to Google Calendar?

Yes, there are a few digital wall calendars that can connect to Google Calendar. One popular option is the Skylight Frame, which is a digital frame that displays your Google Calendar events.

What is the difference between skylight and DAKboard?

Skylight and DAKboard are both digital wall calendars that can connect to Google Calendar, but they have some key differences. Skylight is a more traditional calendar display, while DAKboard is a more customizable option that allows you to add other widgets and content.

What is the electronic wall calendar that syncs with phone app?

The Skylight Frame is an electronic wall calendar that syncs with your phone app. It displays your Google Calendar events, and you can also use it to view photos, play music, and set alarms.

What are the disadvantages of digital calendar?

One potential disadvantage of digital calendars is that they can be more distracting than traditional wall calendars. Additionally, some people may find that they are less effective at staying organized with a digital calendar.



Which calendar is most widely used?

Google Calendar is the most widely used digital calendar, with over 1 billion users worldwide.

Is Google Calendar better than Fantastical?

Google Calendar and Fantastical are both excellent digital calendars, with their own strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, the best calendar for you will depend on your individual preferences.

Who makes the best calendar?

There is no single answer to this question, as the best calendar for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. However, some of the most popular calendar makers include Google, Apple, Fantastical, and DAKboard.

Is there a better calendar than Apple Calendar?

Apple Calendar is a good calendar, but there are other options that may be better suited to your needs. For example, Google Calendar offers more features and integrations, while Fantastical has a more user-friendly interface.

Why Apple Calendar is better than Google?

Some people prefer Apple Calendar to Google Calendar because it is more integrated with other Apple products. Additionally, Apple Calendar has a more user-friendly interface.

Is Google Calendar a good calendar?

Google Calendar is a good calendar that is easy to use and offers a wide range of features. It is a good option for people who are looking for a simple and reliable calendar.

Why Google Calendar is the best?

Google Calendar is the best calendar for many people because it is free, easy to use, and offers a wide range of features. Additionally, Google Calendar is very secure and reliable.

Do people still use wall calendars?

Yes, people still use wall calendars, even in the digital age. Some people prefer the visual appeal of a wall calendar, and others find that they are more effective at staying organized with a physical calendar.

Is DAKboard free?

DAKboard offers a free plan that includes basic features, or you can upgrade to a paid plan for more features.

Does Google have a digital calendar?

Yes, Google has a digital calendar called Google Calendar. It is a free and easy-to-use calendar that offers a wide range of features.

Can I use a TV as a DAKboard?

Yes, you can use a TV as a DAKboard. DAKboard has a Chromecast app that allows you to mirror your DAKboard to your TV.

Is there a monthly fee for skylight frame?

The Skylight Frame is a subscription service that costs $9.99 per month.

Does skylight calendar have a monthly fee?

Skylight Calendar is a separate app from the Skylight Frame. It is a free app that allows you to view your Google Calendar events on your Skylight Frame.

Is dakboard worth it?

DAKboard is a good option for people who are looking for a customizable digital calendar. It offers a variety of features and is relatively affordable.


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