12 Best Electric Induction Cooktop (Reviews)

12 Best Electric Induction Cooktop (Reviews)
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The kitchen is the heart of the home, a place where we prepare delicious meals for family and friends.

Choosing the right cooker is therefore an important decision which can greatly influence our experience while cooking. Among the most popular options today, electric induction cookers stand out for their performance, energy efficiency and ease of use.

In this tests and reviews article, we will explore the benefits of induction cookers and guide you in selecting the best models on the market. We will also tell you why the Bosch HKR39C250 is the winner of this ranking. Whether you're a passionate chef or an occasional cook, you're sure to find the perfect cooker to suit your needs.


Best Electric Induction Cooktops

1. Bosch HKR39C250 — Best overall

2. Faure FCI553GCSA Silver — Best Heating Speed

3. SIEMENS HK9R3A250 — Best Glass Ceramic Cooker

4. BEKO FSE68302MWC — Excellent Induction

5. Faure FCV6530CSA — Better Versatility

6. ELECTROLUX LKI64890BX — Stop & Go Induction Cooker

6 Other Recommended Electric Induction Cookers


1. Bosch HKR39C250 — Best overall


The Bosch HKR39C250 Series 4 electric range offers convenience and efficiency in the kitchen.

Thanks to its electric ceramic hob, cooking and cleaning are effortless. The expandable cooking area accommodates large cookware, while the LED display ensures easy use with direct access to timing functions.

The retractable buttons add to the sleek design, and the 3D hot air function guarantees perfect results by evenly distributing heat across three levels simultaneously. The EcoClean Direct coating on the rear wall makes cleaning easier by eliminating grease splatters during cooking.

1. Efficient cooking: The 3D hot air function allows cooking on three levels simultaneously, saving time and energy.
2. Easy Operation: The LED screen and retractable buttons make it easy to control and access different functions.
3. Expandable cooking area: The cooktop includes an extendable cooking area, ideal for accommodating large pots and pans.
4. Sleek Design: Retractable knobs and modern design enhance the aesthetics of the cooker.
5. Easy Cleaning: EcoClean Direct coating on the rear wall simplifies cleaning by reducing grease splashes.

1. Limited information: Some customers found the product information to be incomplete, especially regarding the EcoClean Direct feature.


Despite a doubt about the description of the cooker, the oven does come with a cooking plate and a grill.

The product is labeled as 230V, but the cooker is pre-wired for 380V (5x2.5), which can be adjusted to 230V by bridging. The retractable knobs and slide-out rack for the baking sheet and rack are super convenient. The ceramic cooktop is impeccable and preheats quickly, but its durability remains to be seen.

The oven is very well designed, with the connection cable, grill and baking tray included. I haven't used it much yet, but it heats dishes quickly and perfectly. I will try the “pizza” function soon to test it. The price of this cooker is excellent, I saved 150 euros despite high shipping costs.


2. Faure FCI553GCSA Silver — Best Heating Speed


The Faure FCI553GCSA Silver induction cooker offers a modern and efficient solution for cooking in your kitchen. Equipped with induction technology, it heats quickly and precisely, which allows uniform and rapid cooking.


  1. Induction Technology: Fast, precise heating for even, fast cooking results.
  2. Generous cavity volume: With a usable volume of 54 liters, this cooker provides enough space to cook a variety of dishes.
  3. Efficient energy consumption: Classified in energy classes CN and MF with respective consumptions of 0.84 kWh and 0.74 kWh, this cooker is energy efficient.
  4. Compact Design: With dimensions of 858mm in height, 500mm in width and 600mm in depth, it easily fits into most kitchen spaces.


  1. No cord provided: The range does not include a cord, requiring an additional purchase.
  2. Heavy Weight: With a net weight of 46 kg and a gross weight of 50 kg, moving it may be difficult.


The cooker itself is excellent, with powerful induction, especially in Boost mode, and an equally efficient oven, although its volume could have been more generous.

However, the quality of the instructions leaves something to be desired: no clear indication for connection. It is necessary to dismantle the rear plate and remove the 3 copper combs connected under phase 1, then distribute them according to the desired connection (220V or 400V).

In summary, the Faure FCI553GCSA Silver Induction Cooker offers efficient and energy-saving cooking, although the lack of cord and heavy weight may be drawbacks for some.

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3. SIEMENS HK9R3A250 — Best Glass Ceramic Cooker


The Siemens HK9R3A250 is a freestanding electric cooker with a modern ceramic glass cooktop.

With a capacity of 66 liters, it offers generous cooking space to meet all your culinary needs. Its button controls allow precise control of temperature and functions.


  • Easy-to-clean ceramic glass hob
  • 66 liter capacity for cooking large dishes
  • Button controls for precise control
  • Sleek, modern design that will fit perfectly into your kitchen


  • Higher purchase cost than some models
  • Higher electrical energy consumption than gas models
  • Greater weight and size than a standard cooker

Overall, the Siemens HK9R3A250 is a quality cooker that will meet the needs of demanding cooks thanks to its performance and careful design.


It's good to finally find a trendy cooker that doesn't need to be built-in (the local search turned up nothing).

No more touchscreen that doesn't work when fingers are wet, etc. Everything is functional and responsive. This particularly robust model looks like it could last at least a decade.


4. BEKO FSE68302MWC — Excellent Induction


The Beko FSE68302MWC induction cooker offers a standalone solution for the kitchen, with a sleek silver design. Featuring three induction burners and a grill drawer, this electric range offers efficient and versatile cooking to meet a variety of culinary needs.


1. Fast and precise cooking: Induction technology provides rapid temperature rise and precise heat control, resulting in efficient cooking.
2. Stylish Design: The silver design of the cooker adds a modern touch to your kitchen, blending in perfectly with different decor styles.
3. Versatility: With three induction burners, this cooker offers the ability to cook multiple dishes simultaneously, which is ideal for families or elaborate meals.

1. Availability of spare parts: Information on the availability of spare parts is not available, which may pose a problem in case there is a need for repair or replacement of specific parts.

2. Limited number of hotplates: Although the cooker has three hotplates, this may be insufficient for those who need more cooking space, for more complex preparations or special occasions.


This BEKO oven is exceptional, it has all the features of other models. The hob is induction, practical and reliable. It also comes with accessories: Excellent value for money.

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5. Faure FCV6530CSA — Better Versatility


The Faure FCV6530CSA glass ceramic cooker is a versatile and energy-efficient cooking appliance.

With its energy class A, it offers optimal performance while reducing your electricity consumption. Equipped with 4 radiant ceramic hotplates, this cooker allows you to cook precisely and efficiently.

Its multifunction oven with rotating heat guarantees consistent cooking results, while the catalytic cleaning system makes maintenance easier. Equipped with an electronic programmer and a rotisserie, this Faure cooker will meet all your culinary needs.


  • Energy class A for energy savings
  • 4 radiant ceramic hotplates for precise cooking
  • Multifunction oven with rotating heat for even cooking
  • Catalytic cleaning system for easier maintenance
  • Electronic programmer and rotisserie for more functionality


  • High weight (46 kg)


I am very satisfied with this Faure cooker .

Although I cannot compare it to other recent models, having moved from a very old electric stove, I really like the performance of the ceramic hobs and the oven.

The oven heats up very quickly and offers many very practical cooking modes. I particularly like that the oven door is removable, which makes cleaning much easier. Catalysis cleaning is also a nice asset.

During installation, the provided color assembly diagram was very helpful, unlike the black and white diagram on the cooker itself. In addition, I noticed that the jumpers for the connection are stacked on top of each other at the level of the plugs . Overall, very satisfied with the purchase.


6. ELECTROLUX LKI64890BX — Stop & Go Induction Cooker


The Electrolux LKI64890BX cooker is a modern and efficient cooking solution.

With its 60 cm wide induction hob, it offers 3 hotplates of different sizes for great versatility. The front left (2300/3200W) and front right (3500/5200W) hotplates allow for fast and precise cooking, while the rear left hotplate (1400/2500W) is suitable for smaller utensils.

The 73 liter fan-forced heat oven ensures even cooking of dishes. The pyrolysis function facilitates thorough cleaning of the oven. In terms of safety and comfort, we appreciate the cold door with 4 removable glasses, the interior lighting and the assisted door closing.


  • High-performance and versatile induction cooktop
  • Large capacity pulsed rotating heat oven
  • Pyrolysis function for easy oven cleaning
  • Many practical features (time indicator, Stop&Go, etc.)


  • Energy consumption slightly above average
  • Significant weight and size for a free-standing cooker

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Other Recommended Electric Cookers

7. AB Electrolux LKR620002X

8. Hotpoint HS68IQ8CHX/E 60cm

9. Faure FCV6530CWA ceramic cooker

10. BEKO FSM67320GXS — ViryklÄ

11. Beko PAL 7786986766

12. BEKO FSS57100GW


How to choose an Electric Induction Cooker

When choosing an electric induction cooker, here are the main criteria to consider:

Size and configuration

The size of the cooker should match the space available in your kitchen. You will also need to consider the number and arrangement of cooking zones, depending on your needs.

Power and energy efficiency

Look for a range with enough total power for your cooking needs, while still being energy efficient. The most efficient models generally have better energy efficiency.

Features and Features

Some cookers offer advanced features like temperature sensors, automatic programs or flexible cooking zones. Choose the options that will be most useful to you.

Ease of use and maintenance

Opt for a range with intuitive controls and easy cleaning. Some models have glass surfaces that make cleaning easier.

Budget and guarantee

Define your budget and compare the guarantees offered by different brands. This will help you find the best value for money.


Electric Induction Cookers — FAQ


What is the best brand of induction cooker?

There is no “best” induction cooker brand, as the choice depends on your specific needs and preferences. However, reputable brands like Bosch , Siemens , Miele and Electrolux usually offer high-quality and reliable models.


Which brand of stove is the most reliable?

Again, there is no single answer, but brands like Bosch, Siemens and Miele are often considered very reliable in terms of durability and performance. It is important to read consumer reviews and compare the technical characteristics of different models.


What is the best brand for induction hobs?

As with stoves, there is no “best” brand of induction cooktop. However, brands like Bosch, Siemens, Electrolux and Neff are renowned for the quality and performance of their induction hobs.


How to choose an induction cooker?

When choosing an induction cooker, you need to take into account the size of your kitchen, the number of cooking zones you need, the desired power, the features (like timer, keep warm, etc.). ), as well as your budget. It is also important to check the size and compatibility with your cookware.


Who is the best cook in the world?

There is no “best” cooker in the world, because the choice depends on individual needs and preferences. However, premium brands like Wolf, Gaggenau and Miele often offer very high quality models, with exceptional performance and features.


Why buy an induction cooker?

Induction cookers offer several advantages: they are faster and more efficient than traditional cookers, easier to clean, safer and more energy efficient. They also allow precise temperature control, which is ideal for cooking.


What is the most economical electric stove?

Induction cookers are generally more economical than traditional electric cookers because they use less energy. However, the initial purchase cost may be higher. It is important to compare long-term operating costs to find the most economical cooker for your needs.


Which is better between glass ceramic and induction?

Induction cookers are generally considered more efficient and efficient than ceramic cookers. They offer more precise temperature control, faster responsiveness and better energy efficiency. However, ceramic cookers may be more affordable.


How much power for an electric stove?

The recommended wattage for an electric range generally ranges between 3,000 and 7,000 watts, depending on the size of the kitchen and the number of cooking zones. For an average-sized kitchen, power between 4,000 and 6,000 watts is often sufficient.


How does an induction cooker work?

Induction cookers work using a magnetic field that directly induces heat in compatible cookware. This allows for rapid response, precise temperature control and better energy efficiency compared to traditional electric cookers.

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Best Electric Induction Cookers (Reviews)



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