10 Best Smart Plugs for Home & Office (Reviews)

10 Best Smart Plugs for Home & Office (Reviews)
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It’s time to upgrade your smart home with the convenience and flexibility of smart plugs. 

These unassuming devices transform ordinary electrical outlets into intelligent hubs, enabling you to remotely control and schedule your appliances from anywhere with an internet connection. Whether you're seeking to save energy, enhance home security, or simply streamline your daily routine, smart plugs are a valuable addition to any smart home setup.

Among the hundreds that we tested, here are the best smart plugs and sockets that we selected.

Best Smart Plugs

1. KASA SMART HS103P4: Best overall for Smart Home

Kasa Smart Plug HS103P4, Smart Home Wi-Fi Outlet Works with Alexa, Echo, Google Home & IFTTT - best smart plugs - grandgoldman.com


The Kasa Smart Plug HS103P4, a set of four Wi-Fi outlets, offers seamless voice control through Alexa and Google Home Assistant. It eliminates the need for a hub, allowing remote control of electronic devices via the Kasa app from anywhere. It also works well with Echo, Google Home & IFTTT. With scheduling features, users can automate the on/off cycles of appliances like lamps and fans. 

The setup is effortless, requiring a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection. Developed in Silicon Valley and trusted by over 5 million users, Kasa is UL certified for safety and earned PCMag's 2020 Reader's Choice recognition.

Our Helpful review

Kasa Smart Plug HS103P4, Smart Home Wi-Fi Outlet Works with Alexa, Echo, Google Home & IFTTT, No Hub Required, Remote Control, 15 Amp, UL Certified, 4-Pack, White 2 - best smart plugs - grandgoldman.com

While searching for Christmas light timers, I came across "Smart Plugs" and decided to give them a try. After reading mixed reviews on various smart plugs, I discovered the Kasa Smart Plug with overwhelmingly positive feedback. I ordered a 4-pack compatible with HomeKit (Apple/Siri) and other devices. Setting them up with my iPhone was incredibly easy, and programming them to turn on at sunset and off at midnight was a breeze. 

The app even provides energy usage and time-on details, helping me calculate a weekly cost of about 10 cents for running my LED Christmas lights. Considering their affordability (under $40 for a 4-pack), it's mind-blowing how powerful and user-friendly they are. I have three running different light strings, grouped under "Christmas Lights." Now, a simple command like "Siri, turn on my Christmas Lights" impresses the neighbors. I've recommended them to several neighbors, and everyone seems to have ordered them. If only I could get a commission for my sales—just kidding!

2. EIGHTREE: Best 5GHz Wifi compatible

Eightree Smart Plug for 5GHz & 2.4GHz, Smaet Outlet WiFi Socket with APP Remote Control, Compatible with Alexa, 4 Pack ET05-USA 2 - best smart plugs - grandgoldman.com


Introducing 5G Excellence with EIGHTREE's 5GHz Smart plug, seamlessly connecting to both 5GHz and 2.4GHz signals for hassle-free connectivity. Control devices remotely via the Smart Life app, managing schedules and timers to simplify your routine and save energy. 

Enjoy hands-free operation with compatibility with Alexa and Google Home. The compact design, ETL, and FCC certifications ensure reliability, backed by a 2-year warranty. Follow easy setup tips for voice control and SmartThings compatibility, and reach out for dedicated support throughout the process.

Our Helpful review

Eightree Smart Plug for 5GHz & 2.4GHz, Smaet Outlet WiFi Socket with APP Remote Control, Compatible with Alexa, 4 Pack ET05-USA 2 - best smart plugs - grandgoldman.com

I've experimented with several smart devices, and this is the first one that successfully worked for me. Ensure that you choose the right unit compatible with your WiFi strength. Download the app on your phone, plug it into the wall, let it discover your WiFi, and you're good to go.

You can create "scenes" by combining different smart plugs to activate or deactivate at specific times. The scheduling functionality is fantastic. The design is remarkably simple, resulting in a flawless and impressive product.

3. BN-LINK: Best Multi-Plug

BN-LINK Smart Power Strip Compatible with Alexa Google Home, Smart Plug WiFi Outlets Surge Protector with 4 USB 6 Charging Port Multi Plug Extender,15A - best smart plugs - grandgoldman.com


Introducing the BN-Link Multi Plug Extender, a 5-foot heavy-duty power extension cord with 6 controllable outlets and 4 always-on USB ports, delivering 1875W/15A and 5V/3A respectively. The USB-C fast charging port supports up to 20W output. Achieve hands-free control via Alexa or Google Home for convenience, especially beneficial for the elderly or hard-to-reach plugs. 

Set smart schedules and timers for devices, optimizing energy efficiency. With surge protection and indicator lights, the power strip ensures safety, while remote control via the BN-LINK Smart app adds convenience, turning your home into a smart, energy-efficient space. No hub required.

Our Helpful review

BN-LINK Smart Power Strip Compatible with Alexa Google Home, Smart Plug WiFi Outlets Surge Protector with 4 USB 6 Charging Port Multi Plug Extender,15A - best smart plugs - grandgoldman.com

I searched tirelessly for a stylish power strip capable of powering my wife's wax warmers and allowing Alexa control. The crucial factor was compatibility with the Smart Life app, as I aim to streamline our home devices under fewer apps.

Discovering this strip met my criteria, with Smart Life integration, an angled low-profile plug, and USB ports, prompted me to try it. The delivery was swift, and it quickly connected to our dedicated 2.4GHz router. Setting up with Alexa was a breeze, taking less time than straightening the cord. My only letdown was the cord length—just under 5 feet; however, given the price and easy setup, I'm content.

4. AMAZON: Best for Alexa


The Amazon Smart Plug seamlessly integrates with Alexa, offering hassle-free voice control for any outlet. Certified for Humans, it ensures a straightforward setup without the need for technical expertise. Users can schedule devices to operate automatically or manage them remotely, enhancing convenience. 

With a compact design that keeps the second outlet accessible, this plug is user-friendly, requiring only a plug-in and a few minutes in the Alexa app. Notably, it operates without the necessity of a smart home hub, allowing easy customization through the Alexa app.

Our Helpful review

Amazon Smart Plug  Works with Alexa  control lights with voice  easy to set up and use - best smart plugs - grandgoldman.com

I recently incorporated the Amazon Smart Plug into my home, and it has significantly simplified my smart home setup. Here's why I appreciate it:

Voice-Controlled Convenience

Controlling lights with just my voice is a game-changer. It seamlessly integrates with Alexa, allowing me to effortlessly manage my home's lighting with simple voice commands.

Easy Setup

Setting up the Amazon Smart Plug was a breeze. The step-by-step instructions were clear, and I had it up and running within minutes. No complicated processes or technical hiccups – just plug, connect, and you're good to go!

Flawless Integration with Echo

I use it in conjunction with my Echo, and the integration is flawless. The two devices work seamlessly together, creating a truly hands-free experience. Whether I'm in the mood for a cozy evening or need a well-lit workspace, a simple command to Alexa does the trick.

Reliable Performance

The Amazon Smart Plug has proven to be reliable. It responds promptly to commands, and I haven't experienced any connectivity issues. It's a dependable addition to my smart home ecosystem.

5. GOVEE: Best for scheduling

Govee Smart Plug, WiFi Plugs Work with Alexa & Google Assistant, Smart Outlet with Timer & Group Controller, WiFi Outlet for Home, No Hub Required, ETL & FCC Certified, 2.4G WiFi Only, 4 Pack - best smart plugs - grandgoldman.com


GOVEE Smart WiFi plugs offer enhanced connectivity with Bluetooth or WiFi, ensuring a stable and fast connection. Say goodbye to disconnection concerns as you gain control over home appliances from anywhere. Enable Smart Voice Control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing for hands-free device management. 

Schedule and control groups effortlessly, promoting energy efficiency. With ETL & FCC certification, these compact plugs boast multiple safeguards, supporting 10A, 1100W, and 120V. The Govee Home App facilitates easy installation and usage, promoting a seamless and shared smart living experience

Our Helpful review

Govee Smart Plug, WiFi Plugs Work with Alexa & Google Assistant, Smart Outlet with Timer & Group Controller, WiFi Outlet for Home, No Hub Required, ETL & FCC Certified, 2.4G WiFi Only, 4 Pack - best smart plugs - grandgoldman.com

I recently acquired the Govee H5083 Smart Plug, and it has significantly improved the management of my electronic devices at home. This smart plug stands out in the realm of home automation, providing a seamless and convenient experience that simplifies my daily life. Here's why I consider the Govee H5083 a top choice:

  • Effortless Setup: The H5083 was incredibly easy to set up. Plugging it into an outlet and connecting it to the Govee Home app on my smartphone took just a few minutes, thanks to the app's user-friendly interface.
  • Intuitive and Versatile Control: Through the Govee Home app, I can control the H5083 from anywhere globally. Whether I'm at home, work, or away on vacation, managing my devices, setting schedules, and creating customized scenes is a breeze with a few taps on my smartphone. The app's impressive level of control and flexibility enhances the overall experience.

6. KASA OUTDOOR: Best for the yard & balcony


Introducing the Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug, a versatile addition to your smart home. With a robust Wi-Fi range of up to 300 feet and IP64 weather resistance, it's perfect for outdoor use. This ETL certified plug supports up to 15A/1875W and is voice-controlled, compatible with Alexa and Google Home. 

Easily set up and manage through the Kasa app, allowing remote control of outdoor devices. Additionally, leverage scheduling features for automated on/off cycles, providing hands-free convenience for landscape lighting, pool pumps, holiday decorations, and more. Embrace a smarter, connected outdoor experience.

Our Helpful review

Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug, Smart Home Wi-Fi Outlet Timer, Max Load 15A1875W, IP64 Weather Resistance, Compatible with Alexa, Google Home & SmartThings, No Hub Required, ETL Certified(KP401) - best smart plugs - grandgoldman.com

Setting up the device was a breeze, effortlessly connecting it to both my Alexa and Google Home apps. The process was straightforward, and controlling the device through my phone's app proved intuitive and user-friendly. A standout feature is the ability to set presets, handy for adjusting light brightness. Its waterproof design adds versatility for various environmental needs.

The device's overall build quality is commendable, with a sturdy construction imparting a sense of durability. Integration with Alexa enhances functionality; a simple command like "Alexa, turn on the patio" illuminates the lights as desired. Impressive control extends to voice commands like "Alexa, set patio to 1%" allowing precise ambiance adjustments. This seamless interaction between technology and the environment is not only convenient but also oddly satisfying, making controlling the lights an enjoyable part of my routine.

7. WYZE: Best Vacation Mode

Wyze Plug, 2.4GHz WiFi Smart Plug, Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, No Hub Required, Two-Pack, White - best smart plugs - grandgoldman.com


Wyze Plug empowers your home with voice commands, seamlessly integrating with Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free control. Manage your energy usage and enhance safety by remotely checking and controlling Wyze Plugs. Utilize scheduling in the Wyze app to automate on/off times, waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. 

Grouping functionality simplifies room management, allowing simultaneous control. Activate vacation mode for added security, simulating occupancy. Wyze Sense adds motion-based automation, turning devices on in presence and off when vacant. Wyze Plug also connects with other smart devices through IFTTT for a comprehensive smart home experience.

Our Helpful review

Wyze Plug, 2.4GHz WiFi Smart Plug, Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, No Hub Required, Two-Pack, White - best smart plugs - grandgoldman.com

This product is excellent—don't hesitate, give it five stars! It complements home security, creating the appearance of occupancy with automated "vacation mode" light controls and more. A recent OTA firmware update resolved my little wi-fi connection issues, and now all plugs remain stable. They are now working flawlessly. Kudos to Wyze!

8. HBN Mini: Best ETL Certified

HBN Smart Plug Mini 15A, WiFi Smart Outlet Works with Alexa, Google Home Assistant, Remote Control with Timer Function, No Hub Required, ETL Certified, 2.4G WiFi Only, 4-Pack - best smart plugs - grandgoldman.com


The HBN Smart Plug Mini 15A, is a WiFi-enabled outlet designed for seamless home automation. With remote control via the HBN Smart app, users can manage lights, fans, and appliances from anywhere globally using their smartphones. The timer and schedule functions allow automated on/off cycles for various devices, promoting energy efficiency. 

Voice control compatibility with Alexa and Google Home adds convenience, especially for those with mobility challenges. Group control simplifies managing multiple outlets, and the easy installation process ensures a hassle-free experience. ETL certified for safety, the HBN Smart Plug comes with a 15-month warranty for peace of mind.

Our Helpful review

HBN Smart Plug Mini 15A, WiFi Smart Outlet Works with Alexa, Google Home Assistant, Remote Control with Timer Function, No Hub Required, ETL Certified, 2.4G WiFi Only, 4-Pack - best smart plugs - grandgoldman.com

A fantastic set of smart plugs designed to streamline the timer functions for your indoor lights. Our order arrived promptly, and the setup process was a breeze after downloading the app. Here are some key points:

  • Ensure your WiFi is 2.4 GHz for direct plug connectivity.
  • The app is swift and user-friendly on iPhones, guiding you effortlessly through each plug setup.
  • Setting timers is a straightforward process, and they've been working seamlessly for our interior lights.
  • You can still manually control outside timer periods.

9. WEMO: Best Switch Socket

WeMo Switch Smart Plug, Works with Alexa - best smart plugs - grandgoldman.com


Belkin's Wemo smart plug offers effortless home automation, seamlessly integrating with Alexa for convenient voice control. With the Wemo Switch, a hub-free and subscription-free solution, users can remotely manage lights and appliances through a user-friendly app. Set personalized schedules, sync with external events, and enhance security with the "Away Mode," making it appear as if someone is home. 

The Wemo Switch also collaborates with Nest Thermostat, ensuring intelligent responses based on your presence. Compatible with Android (4.1 and higher) and iOS (8 and higher), Wemo provides a user-friendly smart home experience. Electrical Rating: 120V/15A/60Hz/1800W.

Our Helpful review

WeMo Switch Smart Plug, Works with Alexa (2)  - best smart plugs - grandgoldman.com

The hardware is excellent—simple to set up and performs well. However, as others have noted, the software has issues. It's sluggish, slow to refresh, visually unappealing, and overall feels unpolished. Despite these drawbacks, it can still fulfill its intended purpose if you can tolerate its shortcomings.

While the device can be controlled through IFTTT, the functionality is limited; you can only turn it off and on. Unfortunately, accessing the built-in timer function directly is not possible.

Discovering the device with Amazon Echo is straightforward ("Alexa, discover my appliances"). It adopts the name assigned in the WeMo app for voice commands. However, it has basic capabilities, lacking features like scheduling commands for a specific time.

10. MEROSS: Best Value Pack

Meross Smart Plug Mini, 15A & Reliable Wi-Fi, Support Apple HomeKit, Siri, Alexa, Echo, Google Assistant and Nest Hub, App Control, Timer, No Hub Needed, 2.4G WiFi Only, 4 Pack - best smart plugs - grandgoldman.com


Upgrade your smart home with the Meross Smart Plug Mini 4 Pack, offering a reliable 15A connection and seamless integration with Apple HomeKit, Siri, Alexa, Echo, Google Assistant, and Nest Hub. This compact plug, requiring no hub, provides remote control via a HomeKit bridge, ensuring your devices are always at your fingertips. 

Enjoy hands-free control through voice commands with various platforms, and optimize energy usage with scheduled on/off settings. The plug's quality, with PC flame-retardant material and ETL/FCC certifications, guarantees safety and performance for home appliances up to 15A.

Our Helpful review

Meross Smart Plug Mini, 15A & Reliable Wi-Fi, Support Apple HomeKit, Siri, Alexa, Echo, Google Assistant and Nest Hub, App Control, Timer, No Hub Needed, 2.4G WiFi Only, 4 Pack - best smart plugs - grandgoldman.com

Having used WeMo plugs before, I was pleasantly surprised at how simple these are to set up. Point an Apple iPhone at it, and it configures and works in less than a minute. Install the Meross app, and it connects with an Echo in moments—very impressive.

However, in this pack of 4, one doesn't work at all. It starts, shows up on WiFi, but refuses to configure. Meross customer service gave me advice on connecting to this final device. I've now connected to it, set it up on my Apple Home system. It wasn't easy, but it did work!🙂 I appreciate the effort from their support.

How to Choose a Smart Plug

Power Requirements

  • Identify the wattage of the appliances you plan to connect.
  • Select a smart plug with sufficient power handling capacity (6A-16A).

Voice Assistant Compatibility

  • Choose smart plugs compatible with your preferred voice assistant, such as Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri.
  • Ensure compatibility with multiple smart home platforms for expanded control.

Additional Features

  • Consider smart plugs with energy monitoring capabilities to track power consumption and identify energy-saving opportunities.
  • Opt for plugs with built-in USB ports for convenient device charging.

Form Factor and Size

  • Ensure the smart plug's dimensions fit comfortably into your available outlets without blocking adjacent sockets.
  • Consider the plug's design and aesthetic to complement your home décor.

Wi-Fi Compatibility

  • Select a smart plug compatible with your existing Wi-Fi network for seamless connectivity and remote control.
  • Opt for plugs with dual-band Wi-Fi options for better performance in congested networks.


Choosing the best smart plugs - grandgoldman.com


When to Consider a Smart Plug

Energy Savings

  • Automate the power cycle of idle appliances like lamps, chargers, and air conditioners to reduce energy consumption.
  • Schedule smart plugs to turn off during specific times or when you're away, minimizing energy waste.

Home Security Enhancements

  • Create simulated occupancy with smart plugs that automatically turn on lights and appliances while you're away, deterring potential burglars.
  • Utilize smart plugs to remotely turn on security systems or activate alarms, enhancing home protection.

Enhanced Convenience and Routine Automation

  • Schedule lights to turn on with sunrise or automatically dim at bedtime, creating a personalized ambiance.
  • Control appliances remotely from anywhere, even on the go, for added convenience.

Smart Home Integration and Automation

  • Integrate smart plugs with your smart home ecosystem to create complex automations.
  • Use IFTTT or other automation platforms to trigger actions based on specific events or conditions.

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best smart plugs - grandgoldman.com


Best Smart Plugs: FAQs


Is a Smart Plug Worth It?

Smart plugs offer a range of benefits that can enhance your home and daily life, making them a worthwhile investment for many. They can save energy, enhance home security, improve convenience, and provide endless automation possibilities.

What Smart Plugs Work Best with Google Home?

Several smart plugs are compatible with Google Home, allowing voice control and integration with your smart home ecosystem. Popular options include TP-Link Kasa, Wemo, and Wyze plugs.

What is the Longest Range Smart Plug?

The longest range smart plug can vary depending on the specific model and Wi-Fi conditions. Some plugs can cover up to 300 feet, while others may have a shorter range.

Are Smart Sockets Any Good?

Smart sockets offer similar functionality to smart plugs but provide more outlets, allowing you to control multiple devices simultaneously. They are a good option for controlling multiple appliances in the same room, such as lamps, coffee makers and kitchen devices.

What are the Cons of Smart Plugs?

Despite their numerous benefits, smart plugs also have some potential drawbacks. They may add a small amount of complexity to your setup, and some users may find the setup process slightly tedious.

Do Smart Plugs Slow Down Wi-Fi?

Generally, smart plugs do not significantly impact Wi-Fi performance. Their data usage is minimal, and they only communicate with your router occasionally. However, if your Wi-Fi network is already congested, adding a large number of smart plugs could potentially cause some slowdown.



Do Smart Plugs Use a Lot of Electricity?

Smart plugs themselves consume very little electricity, even when turned on. The majority of the power consumption comes from the devices you connect to the plug. Therefore, smart plugs should not have a significant impact on your overall electricity bill.

Are Smart Plugs Expensive to Run?

Smart plugs are very energy-efficient and should not add much to your electricity bill. The cost of running a smart plug is typically less than a dollar per year.

Do Smart Plugs Use Electricity when Off?

Most smart plugs enter a standby mode when not in use, consuming very little power. This standby power consumption is typically negligible and should not affect your electricity bill.

What is the Difference between a Smart Plug and a Smart Switch?

A smart plug is an adapter that fits into an existing electrical outlet and controls the power to the appliance connected to it. A smart switch replaces the existing wall switch, providing remote control and automation capabilities for the circuit it controls.

How Do I Choose a Smart Plug?

When choosing a smart plug, consider the following factors:

  • Power handling capacity: Ensure the plug can handle the wattage of the appliances you plan to connect.
  • Voice assistant compatibility: Choose plugs compatible with your preferred voice assistant like Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri.
  • Additional features: Consider energy monitoring, built-in USB ports, and dual-band Wi-Fi options.
  • Form factor and size: Ensure the plug fits your available outlets without blocking others.
  • Wi-Fi compatibility: Select a plug compatible with your Wi-Fi network.

Are Smart Plugs Better than Smart Bulbs?

The choice between smart plugs and smart bulbs depends on your specific needs. Smart plugs are versatile and can control a wider range of appliances, while smart bulbs offer greater control over lighting ambiance and color. Ultimately, the best option for you will depend on how you plan to use it.


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