31 Best Restaurants in La Rochelle, FRANCE (Where to Eat)

Best Restaurants in Larochelle, FRANCE (Where to Eat)
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Nestled along the picturesque Atlantic coast, the charming city of La Rochelle in France is a true gastronomic haven.

As a major port city with no less than 350 eateries with Michelin-starred restaurants, La Rochelle boasts a rich gastronomy and seafood tradition, with fresh catches from the nearby waters inspiring the menus of its top-rated restaurants. The region also beckons with its old port (Vieux Port), its aquarium, and its French-speaking music festival.

From Michelin-starred establishments to cozy bistros, this coastal gem offers a diverse array of dining experiences that seems to cater to every palate. In this guide, we'll explore the best restaurants in La Rochelle, highlighting the must-try dishes, local specialties, and the unique ambiance that makes each eatery a standout. Whether you're a seafood enthusiast, a lover of French cuisine, or simply seeking an unforgettable culinary adventure, La Rochelle's vibrant food scene is sure to leave you craving more.

Last thing - There are many quality establishments perpetuating the brilliance of French gastronomy in La Rochelle. But if we were to embark on a spaceX mission next week, here are the establishments were we would have fun each day before the trip.

Best Affordable Restaurants in Larochelle, France


1. Café Barrière - Casino Barrière La Rochelle

Café Barrière - Casino Barrière La Rochelle - Best Restaurants in La Rochelle, FRANCE

Café Barrière - Casino Barrière La Rochelle is a modern brasserie located in La Rochelle, France with a panoramic view of the ocean. 

The restaurant is known for its "Terre et Mer" (Land and Sea) cuisine, featuring fresh seafood platter (fruits de mer) and local ingredients prepared by Chef Philippe Théron. Diners can enjoy their meals on the terrace or in the elegant indoor dining room. The restaurant is situated within the Casino Barrière complex, offering a lively atmosphere and entertainment options beyond just the dining experience.

Café Barrière - All You Can Eat

15 Allée du Mail, +33 5 46 34 02 03

17000 La Rochelle, France  |  Website


2. PRAO Restaurant

Restaurant PRAO  - Best Restaurants in La Rochelle, FRANCE

Indulge in a culinary adventure at PRAO Restaurant, nestled in the vibrant "Rue Saint-Nicolas" district near the bustling port.

Since 2014, this gem has been serving up delectable dishes crafted from the freshest seasonal and local ingredients by the talented Chef Stéphanie PENOU and her passionate team. 

Step into the kitchen and you'll find four dedicated cooks, committed to creating culinary masterpieces without the need for freezers or microwaves. Pair your meal with wines expertly curated by Claire BOUCHAUD, chosen for their sustainable cultivation methods and unique flavors. Experience dining at its finest in an atmosphere that's as memorable as the cuisine itself.

Prao Restaurant

10 rue Saint-Nicolas, 05 46 37 85 46 

17000 La Rochelle, France


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3. La Fleur de Sel

La Fleur de Sel - Best Restaurants in La Rochelle, FRANCE

La Fleur de Sel is another highly-rated restaurant located in La Rochelle. It is known for serving delicious French cuisine in a cozy and intimate setting

The restaurant is a popular spot for lunch, offering a menu that showcases the best of local seafood and seasonal ingredients. With its charming atmosphere and excellent food, La Fleur de Sel is a must-visit for anyone looking to experience authentic French dining in the heart of La Rochelle.

La Fleur de Sel

45 rue Saint-Jean du Pérot, 05 46 41 17 06

17000 La Rochelle France


4. Bistro Régent La Rochelle Le GABUT

Bistro Régent La Rochelle Le GABUT - Best Restaurants in La Rochelle, FRANCE

Bistro Régent La Rochelle Le GABUT is a casual and authentic French bistro located very close to the water in La Rochelle, France. 

It offers a delightful culinary experience in a relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant serves a variety of savory dishes made with high-quality ingredients, reflecting the traditional bistro cuisine that is "spontaneous and lively". Bistro Régent is recommended by renowned French chef Philippe Etchebest, known for his expertise in classic French cooking. 

Customers can enjoy the restaurant's unique ambiance and flavorful dishes, making it a popular choice for meals with friends in a laid-back setting.

Bistro Régent La Rochelle Le GABUT

10 Pl. des Coureauleurs, +33 5 46 29 13 84

17000 La Rochelle, France  |  Website


5. Le Comptoir Saoufé: Perfect for Seafood Foodies

Le Comptoir Saoufé - Best Restaurants in La Rochelle, FRANCE

If you like oysters, shrimp, mussels, and all other kinds of seafood, you won't want to leave Le Comptoir soufflé. 

This relaxed neighborhood establishment is highly rated on The Fork for the flavor of its regional platters of fish, butter, salads and other fresh-from-the-ocean delights. And to sample more French specialties, the restaurant also offers varieties cheeses, delicious smoked salmon, breads, salamis and pickles, everything for the greatest pleasure of local or passing gourmets.

Le Comptoir Saoufé

12 Rue du Port

17000 La Rochelle  |  Website  



Best High-end Restaurants in Larochelle, France


6. Christopher Coutanceau | The two-star iodized table

Give honour where honour is due. Let's start this culinary epic with the local child. Sitting at Christopher Coutanceau's table in his eponymous restaurant in La Rochelle, on Concurrence Beach, is like opening a window - not onto the Pacific - but onto the Atlantic, this prolific ocean which waters the imagination of the chef since childhood.

 Charente-Maritime forges my identity and nourishes my inspiration, and the sea is my garden ”, likes to imagine the cook-fisherman crowned with a third macaron, green this one, for his commitment to sustainable fishing.  

  • © Philippe Vaures
    © Philippe Vaures

On the plate:  Lean meat, celtuce and anchovies; Stewed blue lobster, early vegetables, mushroom ravioli; Mackerel, white asparagus, smoked trout eggs… the chef enhances the spoils of the auction with infinite delicacy.

The 8-course tasting menu is a veritable tour of the ocean, acclaimed, tested and approved by Grand Goldman. As an escort, a beautiful cellar with more than 22,000 bottles and 2,400 references completes this high-level stopover. 

Christopher Coutanceau
Plage de la Concurrence, 17000 La Rochelle
Tel. : +33 5 46 41 48 19  |  


  • © P. Monetta
    © P. Monetta


7. The Four Sergeants | A chic brasserie in a winter garden

The sergeants in question were called Bories, Goubin, Pommier and Raoulx, four young Bonapartists guillotined in 1822. What does this have to do with our case? It turns out that two of them were imprisoned in the Lantern Tower.

That's it for the history lesson, let's get back to our sheep... or rather to our bosses. Chef Carlos Foito, associated with Jonathan Dumele, took over this sleepy restaurant, infusing it with a  frankly invigorating trendy spirit  . The framework ? A winter patio under a magnificent Eiffel glass roof. Chic.

  • © The Four Sergeants
    © The Four Sergeants

On the plate:  Careful brasserie cuisine, festive without being snobbish, perfect for improv feasts as well as for big evenings. Seafood and caviar from Nouvelle-Aquitaine to kick off the hostilities followed, on the meat side, by a juicy veal loin and its truffled polenta, veal jus with marjoram. No impasse on dessert: the éclair with sesame and Charentes melon is a perfectly appropriate finale. 

Les Quatre Sergents
49 rue St Jean du Pérot, 17000 La Rochelle
Tel. : +33 5 46 41 35 80  |  



  • © The Four Sergeants
    © The Four Sergeants

8. The Astrolabe | A world cuisine full of flavors 

A stone's throw from the central market of La Rochelle, chef Damien Chomont's restaurant shatters borders. Hospitality is embodied here in a decor of old maps, woodwork and a stylish terrace.

It’s modern, and above all far from the endless clichés of “exotic” decor. Same in the kitchen. What awaits you: local products - fish from the auction, regional fruits and vegetables, Parthenaise meat - simmered in fusion sauce in dishes with traveling titles:  Richness of the canopy, On the banks of the lagoon ... A dinner ? No, a trip.

On the plate:  One dish, one destination. We set off for Japan with these langoustines marinated in ponzu sauce, swimming like bliss in their fragrant broth. At cruising speed, The Legend of the Crying Tiger - tataki-cooked beef rump steak, roasted peanuts and chimichurri sauce - proves to be a wise choice. Landing in pleasure in Madagascar with a baba in vanilla caramel syrup, nestled in a Tanariva milk chocolate mousse, which is worth 1000 times the jet lag.

35 Rue Gambetta, 17000 La Rochelle
Tel. : +33 5 46 41 52 55  |  


  • © L’Astrolabe
    © L’Astrolabe

9. Chris's Skiff | Coutanceau in bistro mode

Closely attached to his eponymous gastronomy, Christopher Coutanceau unveils the Bonard brother: a marine neo-bistro with a relaxed atmosphere made up of large tables, a shell bench and bay windows where the sea spray rushes in.

At the party: shellfish, crustaceans and fish from the day's catch, sublimated, straight to the point, on the plancha, on the grill or over a wood fire. 

On the plate:  Very clever who can guess the contents. Here it is the return from fishing which dictates the menu. That day: sparkling cockles with butter, yuzu and combava, followed by delicate pollack seared just right on the plancha and flanked by homemade fries. All washed down with delicious wines. 

La Yole de Chris
Plage de la Concurrence, 17000 La Rochelle
Tel. : +33 5 46 41 41 88  |  



  • Chris's Skiff © Philippe Vaures
  • Chris's Skiff © Philippe Vaures


10. The Broth | Classicism at its best

Former right-hand man of Alain Ducasse at Jules Vernes, when the latter still reigned over the Michelin-starred Eiffel Tower , also working at Domaine Les Crayères and l'Espérance, Jemmy Brouet is (finally) flying from his own kitchen.

His style, inevitably, bears the marks of the great houses he worked with. And it's happy. But beyond virtuosity, it is the audacity that moves us. This tenuous balance between technique and risk-taking of which only the greats have the secret. 

On the plate: At lunchtime, the market menu offers an eloquent overview of the chef's talents. As a starter that day: a royale of foie gras cooked with sherry lentils, smoked duck breast, Chioggia beetroot, and cocoa-peanut quenelle. Brilliantly following in his footsteps: a pork loin confit in charcuterie style, flanked by its forest garnish.

Le Bouillon
15 rue du Docteur Bigois Quartier La Pallice, 17000 La Rochelle
Tel. : +33 5 46 42 05 29  |  


  • © Le Bouillon Instagram
    © Le Bouillon Instagram


11. Lipstick | The dining cellar that has everything good 

Lovers of good bowling, this is where the wine is good. With such a surname, Stéphane Lerouge was predestined. After working in various Relais & Châteaux and  Michelin-starred restaurants  (the Louis XV in Monaco), the sommelier opened this cheerful shop ten years ago. In a joyfully crazy broc' decor, we shop exclusively organic, biodynamic and "natural" wines, unearthed in France by the inexhaustible Taulier.

On the plate:  A no-fuss meal, comforting and designed for sharing, cooked with fresh produce from the nearby market. 

Lerouge auxlips
4 rue des Cloutiers, 17000 La Rochelle
Tel. : +33 05 46 50 08 17   |  




12. La Fabuleuse cantine | Committed cooking and zero waste

Anti-waste and sexy cooking? This is the highly successful bet of this hybrid place managed by Renaud Barillet, founder of La Bellevilloise.

The pitch: sublimate unsold organic produce from local producers to put an end to waste while feeding the flock with a creative jam. In the old fish market opposite the maritime museum, this 2.0 refreshment bar extends over 400 m² with a bar, open stage and sunny terrace.

In the plate: Comfortable little dishes at reasonable prices including the famous Superwaste burger with its soft bun in a meat or vegetarian version (made with lentil falafels), fish and chips as desired and homemade desserts.

La Fabuleuse cantine
Place Bernard Moitessier, 17000 La Rochelle
Tel. : +33 5 46 09 86 14  |  



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  • © La Fabuleuse cantine Instagram
    © La Fabuleuse cantine Instagram


13. Les Flots | The essential gastro by Grégory Coutanceau

In the Coutanceau family, we want to see… Grégory. The eldest of the clan, son of the late Richard and brother of Christopher, starred chefs, reigns over this table in the Old Port, a former 18th century estaminet nestled at the foot of the Tour de la Chaîne.

Passed by Alain Ducasse in Paris and Monaco, Hélène Darroze, Frédéric Anton… the inspired chef here deploys his vision of the feast with La Rochelle sauce: an iodized score full of finesse and generosity. One of our favorites.

  • © Les Flots Instagram
    © Les Flots Instagram


In the plate: The chef's signature starter - unforgettable flame-seared langoustines accompanied by homemade Sturia "vintage" caviar, royal Charentaise chowder, lemon condiment and dehydrated caviar grains - displays a sophistication from another era.

A turnaround with the dish, exhilaratingly simple: sole caught in a small boat and cooked meunière, fine mash and potato mille-feuilles browned in the oven. Yum.

Les Flots
1 rue de la Chaîne, 17000 La Rochelle
Tel. : +33 5 46 41 32 51  |  



  • © Les Flots Instagram
    © Les Flots Instagram

14. Koya | The Nikkei table that gets people talking

Where we talk about Carlos Foito again. Landing ten years ago in Charente, the chef of Portuguese origin has forged a conquistador's destiny with tempting restaurants and well-crafted concepts.

Not content with delighting the palates at Ginger and Les 4 Sergents (see above), the chef has set his pianos at Koya, an embassy of nikkei cuisine (Japanese-Peruvian fusion) which turns heads. A stone's throw from the Old Port, the modern setting - blond parquet flooring, textured chairs, large bay windows and kawaii terrace - has all the makings of an already cult bistro.

In the plate: Here are the fresh starters: tuna tatakis with mango and jalapeno sauce, crispy gyozas and other grilled octopus with chimichurri sauce... on the main course, we feast on sashimi with delicious sauces, meat tepanyaki (rack of Iberian pork, Argentinian beef, duck breast, etc.) mixing the best of both worlds.

10 rue Chef de Ville, 17000 La Rochelle
Tel. : +33 5 86 58 00 16  |  


  • © Koya Instagram
    © Koya Instagram


15. Théo Chereau | The haute couture tea room

After his shop in the central market, the young prodigy pastry chef (ex-Christophe Coutanceau and Parisian palace Le Bristol) set up shop on rue Minage two years ago, and shares his sweet wonders in a chic and warm setting that is always full.

On the program: premium pastries, rare Tartares, sober to the eye but subtle on the palate, some of which required more than six months of research and development.

In the plate: Little miracles to share such as this sublime Pavlova with black fruits or this festive pyramid of cute macaroons.

The impeccable trompe l'oeil creations, Cédric Grollet-style, work on each other selfishly: L'Oursin, a soft biscuit with seaweed from the Ile de Ré, pineapple compote, yuzu and light black sesame cream or this crunchy coffee bean Hazelnut praline, Kamok liqueur biscuit, light coffee mousse. And with this ? Exceptional teas including a rare organic Gyokuro, sencha with iodized and vegetable flavors.

Théo Chereau
7 rue du Minage, 17000 La Rochelle
Tel. : +33 5 46 29 66 51  |  



  • © Pâtisserie Théo Chereau Instagram
  • © Pâtisserie Théo Chereau Instagram


15 Popular Restaurants in La Rochelle, FRANCE


16. André restaurant

  • Address: 1 Rue de Perpigna, 17000 La Rochelle, France
  • Phone: +33 5 46 48 06 42

17. La Suite restaurant

  • Address: 5 Rue du Palais, 17000 La Rochelle, France
  • Phone: +33 5 46 41 06 07

18. L'Imprevu bar

  • Address: 33 Rue du Temple, 17000 La Rochelle, France
  • Phone: +33 5 46 41 30 33

19. La Solette Cour du Temple

  • Address: 14 Rue du Temple, 17000 La Rochelle, France
  • Phone: +33 5 46 41 03 33

20. Brille Soleil restaurant

  • Address: 14 Quai Duperré, 17000 La Rochelle, France
  • Phone: +33 5 46 41 48 48

21. Impressions restaurant

  • Address: 38 Rue du Temple, 17000 La Rochelle, France
  • Phone: +33 5 46 41 38 38

22. Les Flots restaurant

  • Address: 38 Quai Duperré, 17000 La Rochelle, France
  • Phone: +33 5 46 41 32 32



23. Le Bistrot des Bonnes Femmes restaurant

  • Address: 36 Rue de l'Alma, 17000 La Rochelle, France
  • Phone: +33 5 46 41 06 00

24. Christopher Coutanceau restaurant

  • Address: 2 Quai des Chantiers, 17000 La Rochelle, France
  • Phone: +33 5 46 48 46 46

25. Le Maillon restaurant

  • Address: 10 Rue du Marché aux Herbes, 17000 La Rochelle, France
  • Phone: N/A
  • Website: restaurantlemaillon-larochelle.fr/ (for reservation or inquiry)

26. Le Café du Nord restaurant

  • Address: 14 Rue de la Monnaie, 17000 La Rochelle, France
  • Phone: +33 5 46 41 49 49

27. Au Steak House restaurant

  • Address: 1 Rue du Lieutenant Lapérine, 17000 La Rochelle, France
  • Phone: +33 5 46 41 14 41

28. La Yole de Chris restaurant

  • Address: 2 Quai Louis Duguat, 17000 La Rochelle, France
  • Phone: +33 5 46 41 14 46

29. L'Académie de la Bière (beer shop)

  • Address: 2 Rue Saint-Jean du Pérot, 17000 La Rochelle, France
  • Phone: +33 5 46 41 14 12

30. Captain Houblon bar

  • Address: 21 Rue Saint-Jean du Pérot, 17000 La Rochelle, France
  • Phone: +33 5 46 41 00 09

31. Ernest le Glacier (ice cream shop)

  • Address: 14 Rue de l'Alma, 17000 La Rochelle, France
  • Phone: +33 5 46 41 21 46



Discovering the Top Restaurants in La Rochelle, FRANCE - FAQ


What is the highest rated restaurant in France?

The highest rated restaurant in France is Mirazur, located in Menton on the French Riviera. Mirazur has been awarded 3 Michelin stars and was named the best restaurant in the world by the World's 50 Best Restaurants list in 2019.

Chef Mauro Colagreco's innovative and sustainable cuisine, which highlights the region's fresh produce, has earned Mirazur widespread critical acclaim.


What is the Speciality of La Rochelle?

La Rochelle is known for its seafood and maritime cuisine. As a coastal city, it has a rich tradition of fishing and access to an abundance of fresh seafood. Specialties include oysters, mussels, fish stews like bouillabaisse, and local white wine. The city's historic harbor and picturesque old town also make it a popular tourist destination in France.


Is La Rochelle worth visiting?

Yes, La Rochelle is definitely worth visiting. The city's well-preserved old town, with its medieval towers, arcaded walkways, and charming harbor, is a major draw for tourists.

Beyond the historic architecture, La Rochelle offers excellent seafood dining, a must-try "Croustillant de chèvre" (goat's cheese tart), lively markets, and easy access to the nearby Île de Ré, a beautiful island known for its beaches and cycling routes. The city's mix of maritime history, culinary delights, and scenic beauty make it a fantastic destination in western France.


La Rochelle Vieux Port FRANCE - Best Restaurants in La Rochelle, FRANCE

 La Rochelle's Vieux Port, FRANCE

What restaurant was voted best restaurant in the world?

In 2021, Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark was named the best restaurant in the world by the World's 50 Best Restaurants list.

Led by acclaimed chef René Redzepi, Noma is renowned for its innovative, hyper-local Nordic cuisine that highlights foraged and fermented ingredients. This was the fifth time Noma has been awarded the top spot, cementing its status as one of the most influential and celebrated restaurants in the world.


What is the only 7 star restaurant in the world?

There is no such thing as a "7 star" restaurant in the world. The Michelin Guide, the most prestigious restaurant rating system, awards a maximum of 3 stars to restaurants of exceptional quality.

Some other restaurant ranking systems, like Forbes Travel Guide, use a 5-star scale. But no credible organization has ever established a 7-star rating for restaurants.


How many 3 star Michelin restaurants are in France?

As of 2023, there are 32 restaurants in France that have been awarded the prestigious 3-star Michelin rating, the highest accolade in the Michelin Guide.

France has more 3-star Michelin restaurants than any other country in the world, cementing its reputation as a global culinary powerhouse. Some of the most renowned 3-star restaurants in France include Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athénée, Arpège, and Le Grand Véfour in Paris, as well as Maison Pic in Valence and L'Auberge du Vieux Puits in Fontjoncouse.


What city in France has the most Michelin star restaurants?

The city in France with the most Michelin star restaurants is Paris. As of 2023, the French capital is home to 113 Michelin-starred restaurants, including 10 establishments with the prestigious 3-star rating.

Other French cities with a high concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants include Lyon, Marseille, and Bordeaux, but none can match the sheer number and density of top-tier dining options found in Paris.


How many 3 star Michelin restaurants are there in the world?

As of 2023, there are 135 restaurants around the world that have been awarded the coveted 3-star Michelin rating. The majority of these 3-star establishments, 32 in total, are located in France, cementing the country's status as a global culinary leader.

Other countries with a significant number of 3-star Michelin restaurants include Japan (35), the United States (14), and Spain (11). Earning 3 Michelin stars is an extraordinary achievement, recognizing restaurants that offer exceptional cuisine, service, and dining experiences.

Le Panier de Crabes, Rue de la Fourche, Rue St Jean-du-Pérot, Balsamic glaze

Best Restaurants in La Rochelle, FRANCE (Where to Eat)



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