Diamond Watch Care Tips: Best Practices for Longevity

How to Take Care of a Diamond Watch for More Use and Flex
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To make sure your diamond watch lasts as long as possible and retains its stylish appearance, it is recommended to take good care of it on a daily basis. 

Beyond a light dusting, the way you store it, wear it and the frequency of technical maintenance are key factors in the longevity of your timepiece.

Let's take a look at how to take care for your diamond watch for more use, more style, and to perpetuate the art of flexing.

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How to Store a Diamond Watch

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When it comes to storing your diamond watch, the key is to keep it in a safe and dry place. Avoid storing your watch in areas that are exposed to direct sunlight or high humidity, as this can damage the watch and the diamonds. 

It's also important to avoid exposing your watch to extreme temperatures, as this can cause the metal to expand or contract, affecting the accuracy of the watch. This especially true for luxury diver's watches as well, even though they are known to be more sturdy.

If you're not wearing your watch regularly, consider investing in a Watch Winder like the one from Mahogany brand above. It can help keep the watch in pristine condition while it's not being worn.

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How to Clean a Diamond Watch

Whether you have a top-of-the-range Swiss ladies' watch, a vintage collector's watch or even a diving watch, regular cleaning is essential to maintain it's appearance. It's essential to do it properly to avoid damaging the watch or the diamonds. 

First, make sure to remove any dirt or dust from the watch using a soft-bristled brush. Then, use a mild detergent and warm water to clean the watch, being careful not to get the watch too wet.

Rinse the watch slightly and pat it dry with a soft, clean cloth. It's important to avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials to clean the watch, as this can scratch the watch face or damage the diamonds.

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In a matter of minutes your jewelry will look like it was cleaned by a professional.

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What can I use to clean my gold wrist watch?

To clean a gold wrist watch, you can use a gentle soap and water, a specialized gold cleaner like Weiman's above, or a mixture of baking soda and water for stubborn stains or tarnish. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals, and handle the watch with care.

Does dish soap damage diamond watches?

Using dish soap to clean a diamond watch can potentially damage the watch. Dish soap is a powerful degreaser and can strip away the natural oils that lubricate the watch's movement, causing damage or even stop working altogether. 

Additionally, dish soap can leave a film or residue on the watch that can dull the appearance of the diamonds. To avoid damaging your watch, use a mild detergent specifically designed for cleaning men or women diamond watches, including jewelry. If in doubt, consult a professional for proper care and maintenance.

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Does vinegar clean diamond?

Vinegar neither is not recommended for cleaning diamond watches, as it can be too acidic and potentially damage the watch or its components. It's best to use a mild detergent specifically designed for cleaning watches or jewelry.

How to Maintain a Diamond Watch

To keep your diamond watch in good condition, regular maintenance is essential. This includes having the watch serviced by a professional watchmaker every two to three years, or more frequently if the watch is worn often. It is best not to miss a maintenance session scheduled by your watchmaker, especially if it is a watch from a major manufacturer.

During the service, the watchmaker will clean and oil the watch, as well as check for any damage or wear and tear. It's also important to have the watch's battery replaced regularly, as a dead battery can damage the watch's movement. This is also true for the world's top Swiss Luxury watch brands.

Finally, make sure to have any repairs or adjustments made by an agreed professional watchmaker to avoid causing further damage to the watch.

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How to Wear a Diamond Watch

It is also necessary to take precautions when wearing your diamond watch: Indeed, a jewel of this value requires constant attention. 

Avoid wearing the watch during activities that could cause it to come into contact with hard surfaces or other objects. This includes activities such as sports, gardening, or household chores. It's also important to avoid wearing the watch in environments where it could be exposed to harsh chemicals, such as cleaning products or solvents. 

Finally, be careful not to expose the watch to water, unless it's specifically designed for underwater use.


Taking care of a diamond watch requires some effort, but it's widely worth it to keep your timepiece in good condition. With proper cleaning and care, it will remain immaculate and stylish for years to come. 

Remember to store your watch in a safe and dry place, and clean it regularly using a special Jewelry Cleaner like Weiman’s or just a mild detergent with warm water. Also have the watch serviced by a professional watchmaker every few years, and take precautions when wearing it to avoid damage. 

By following these simple steps, you can enjoy your impeccable diamond watch for years to come and far beyond.


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