12 Best Thermal Lawnmowers, Tested & Ranked (Reviews)

12 Best Thermal Lawnmowers, Tested & Ranked (Reviews)
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Looking for a lawn mower that packs a punch without harming the environment?

Say hello to thermal lawnmowers - the gasoline-powered grass groomers that are taking the landscaping world by storm.

Unlike their electric counterparts, these bad boys run on good ol' petrol, giving you the freedom to roam far and wide without being tethered to a power outlet. But don't let the fossil fuel fool you - many modern thermal mowers are designed with eco-friendly features that reduce emissions and noise pollution.

In this article, we'll dive deep into the world of petrol lawn mowers, exploring their pros, cons, and everything in between. From the latest innovations in engine technology to tips for choosing the perfect model for your yard, I've got you covered. I will also explain to you why the BRAST is the best value for money thermal mower according to my tests.


Top Thermal Mowers with the Best Value for Money

1. BRAST BRB-RM-16145 ESTART — Best Overall

2. SCHEPPACH MS180–51 — Best Mulching and Features

3. EINHELL GC-PM 40/2 S — Best Price, Ideal for Large Lawns

4. FUXTEC FX-RM4646 Easy Clean 4-in-1 — Best Self-Propelled

5. MAKITA PLM4120N — Best Briggs & Stratton Engine

6. NAX POWER PRODUCTS 1000S 450E — Best Ergonomic Design

6 Other Thermal Mowers Tested and Recommended


1. BRAST BRB-RM-16145 ESTART — Best Overall


The BRAST petrol mower with electric start offers an effective – not to say ideal – solution for maintaining your lawn.

Featuring an easy start, it can be started either manually by cable or electronically via the integrated start button. Its powerful 144 cc, 3.0 kW (4.1 PS) 4-stroke OHV engine ensures reliable performance, while Auto-Choke technology ensures worry-free starting.

This mower has a cutting width of 41 cm, rear wheel drive for easy handling, a spacious 40 liter grass bag and a cutting height adjustable in 7 levels from 25 to 75 mm . Its Big Wheeler wheels provide good grip, while the Li-Ion battery ensures hassle-free electric starting . In addition, it is equipped with a mulching function for ecological maintenance of your lawn.

Disadvantages of BRAST

  1. Can be relatively heavy at 26.5 kg.
  2. Requires premium unleaded fuel.

Benefits of BRAST

  1. Easy electric start.
  2. Powerful 4-stroke engine for efficient cutting.
  3. Auto-Choke technology for trouble-free starting.
  4. Cutting height adjustable in several levels.
  5. Mulching function included for environmentally friendly lawn care.

My opinion on BRAST


The BRAST petrol mower with electric start and mulching system has proven to be a reliable and efficient gardening tool.

Although the small wheels and lack of tire grip posed some challenges when first used, the quick set-up and powerful 144cc 4-stroke engine made it possible to mow the entire lawn efficiently .

My slightly older uncle appreciated the practical electric start which avoids physical effort . Overall this BRAST thermal trimmer is definitely my favorite, and it should serve me faithfully with a little practice.


2. SCHEPPACH MS180–51—Best Mulching and Features


The Scheppach MS180–51 petrol lawn mower offers exceptional versatility with its six integrated functions, including mowing, hooking, pulling, molding, side discharge and a practical cleaning function.

Its 5.4 HP 4-stroke gasoline engine provides reliable power for efficient mowing, even on difficult terrain. The generous 51cm cutting width allows large areas to be covered quickly, while the professional gearbox guarantees high torque for consistent performance.

Additionally, the 65 liter grass catcher reduces interruptions, and the fold-down handle makes storage easier. Side and high discharge options, as well as mulching function, provide maximum flexibility for turf maintenance.

Disadvantages of the SCHEPPACH
1. Can be a bit heavy for older users.

Advantages of the SCHEPPACH
1. Versatility with six integrated functions.
2. Powerful gasoline engine for efficient mowing.
3. Large cutting width for quick coverage.
4. Professional gearbox for consistent performance.
5. Generous grass catcher to reduce interruptions.
6. Folding handle for easy storage.

My opinion on SCHEPPACH


This mower has a powerful 171cc 4-stroke gasoline engine and a professional transmission for high torque. This allows the MS180–51 to overcome slopes effortlessly thanks to the wheel drive.

Regarding the integrated cleaning function , dirt in the steel housing after using the mower can be removed in no time thanks to the practical cleaning function with water connection. Back in its place, the handle is folded double-turned and the lawn mower is stored in a space-saving manner.

This ingenious, practical integrated cleaning function also makes transporting the mower easier.

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3. EINHELL GC-PM 40/2 S—Best Price, Ideal for Large Lawns

=> BEST PRICE / Superior Model EINHELL GC-PM 56/2 S HW

The Einhell GC-PM 40/2 S thermal lawn mower is a powerful, versatile, and above all very affordable solution for maintaining your lawn.

Equipped with a 4-stroke OHV engine delivering a power of 2 kW, this mower offers reliable performance with an idle speed of 2,900 rpm , ideal for large gardens up to 1,000 m². Its centralized cutting height adjustment system with 7 positions, varying from 25 to 75 mm, guarantees precise results on all types of grass.

Disadvantage of the EINHELL
1. Weight: Despite its plastic housing, its weight of 21.2 kg can be high for elderly users.

Advantages of the EINHELL
1. High performance: Powerful motor for efficient cutting.
2. Versatility: Suitable for large green spaces.
3. Easy adjustment: Centralized cutting height adjustment system.
4. Collection capacity: Large 45 liter collection bag with level indicator.
5. Comfort of use: Detachable propulsion for effortless mowing.
6. Compact: Foldable handlebar for convenient storage.
7. Handling: Plastic housing for easy handling.

My opinion on the EINHELL


This Einhell petrol mower is simply fantastic.

With its 2 kW 4-stroke engine, its centralized 7-position cutting height adjustment and its 45 liter collection bag, it is extremely practical and efficient for maintaining my land. Assembly is child's play, requiring only 4 screws , and its detachable pull and low noise level make it a real pleasure to use.


4. FUXTEC FX-RM4646 Easy Clean 4-in-1 — Best Self-Propelled

=> BEST PRICE / Latest Model FX-RM5170

The FUXTEC FX-RM4646 self-propelled petrol lawn mower is an ideal entry-level choice, for those looking for exceptional performance without compromising quality.

Featuring a sturdy sheet steel frame and EasyClean connection, this mower offers superior versatility with its 4-in-1 features: mow, catch, mulch and side discharge. Thanks to its powerful 146 cc engine and its “GT-gearbox” rear-wheel drive, it is perfectly suited to lawns of 400 to 1,000 m².

Disadvantages of the FUXTEC
1. Light weight can make the mower less stable on uneven terrain.

Advantages of FUXTEC
1. 4-in-1 versatility to meet various mowing needs.
2. Powerful engine and rear wheel drive for optimal performance.
3. Lightweight structure and Big Wheel wheels for easy handling, even on winding surfaces.
4. Easy transport with front bumper and integrated handle.
5. Self-traction to reduce fatigue when mowing.

My opinion on the FUXTEC

=> BEST PRICE / Latest Model FX-RM5170

For the price, I figured I couldn't ignore this self-propelled petrol mower.

Well, the FUXTEC FX-RM4646 turned out to be an excellent alternative to another one that I won't mention, but which is very similar to it. I wouldn't say the FUXTEC is amazing either, but it is extremely pleasant to use, with ridiculously low gas mileage — I was able to mow for 1 hour 40 minutes straight on a single tank.

Of course, the 50 liter grass collector is not very bulky and must be emptied frequently, but its filling indicator is very practical. In addition, it is important to never force the belt when the mower is clogged , as this could damage it. Overall and for the price, I highly recommend this FUXTEC FX-RM4646 self-propelled mower , which largely convinced me on a plot of 800 m².

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5. MAKITA PLM4120N — Best Engine: Briggs & Stratton


The Makita 41 cm 140 cc petrol lawn mower, model PLM4120N, is also a reliable choice for maintaining your lawn.

With its 140 cc Briggs & Stratton engine, this mower is ideal for gardens up to 1000 square meters. Featuring plastic and alloy steel construction, it is both sturdy and lightweight, weighing just 26 kilograms. Its manual operating mode gives you precise control when mowing.

Disadvantages of the Makita
1. The weight of 26 kg may be high for elderly users.
2. Manual operation: requires more effort than self-propelled mowers.

Advantages of the Makita
1. Powerful 140 cc Briggs & Stratton engine for efficient cutting.
2. 41cm cutting width for quick lawn coverage.
3. Progressive cutting height adjustment in 5 steps for a personalized result.
4. Rugged plastic and alloy steel construction for added durability.
5. 50 liter basket capacity to collect debris easily.

My opinion on the Makita


This 41 cm and 140 cc thermal mower also offers excellent value for money.

The motor is pleasantly quiet, which makes use more comfortable. Getting started is quick and easy, as long as you follow the instructions carefully . The design is very successful and seems robust, also making cleaning easier. Mulching is a real plus, allowing you to recycle mowing waste. However, the blade could be a little sharper originally.

On an area of ​​approximately 700 m², this non-self-propelled mower fulfilled its role perfectly, even on uneven terrain. Although it took a bit of pushing in some areas, it was still pleasant to use . I think that for regular maintenance it will be a pleasure to use this mower.

However, I do not recommend this model for people with joint problems in their shoulders or arms , because manual pushing can be tiring in the long term.

In this case, a self-propelled mower like the FUXTEC mentioned above would be more suitable. Overall, the MAKITA is also a very good petrol mower, especially for this price.


6. NAX POWER PRODUCTS 1000S 450E — Best Ergonomic Design


If the previous models do not find favor with you, the NAX POWER PRODUCTS 1000S petrol mower is my ultimate reliable choice for maintaining your lawn.

Featuring a 125cc Briggs & Stratton 450E Series engine, it delivers optimal performance and starts easily every time. Its sturdy 16-inch (42 cm) steel frame provides extensive protection against damage and corrosion, ensuring a long service life.

Advantages of the NAX POWER PRODUCTS 1000S

  • Easy cutting height adjustment between 25 and 75 mm in 6 positions.
  • Super-Mulching: 4-in-1 function allowing collection of cut grass, side discharge, rear discharge or mulching.
  • Innovative solution with two pivoting front wheels makes it easier to maneuver around obstacles.

Disadvantages of the NAX POWER PRODUCTS 1000S

  • High weight of 25kg due to its steel structure, which can make transport difficult especially for the elderly user.

My opinion on the NAX POWER PRODUCTS 1000S


This Nax Power 1000S thermal mower is a revelation.

Equipped with a 125 cc Briggs & Stratton 450E series engine, it offers impressive power for a cutting width of 42 cm and a 45 liter grass collector. Despite its robustness, it is surprisingly light and handy , making it a real pleasure to use.

During my first mowing on tall, wet grass, I was amazed by its performance: the mulching is impeccable without any effort. Its pivoting front wheels give it remarkable agility, even in the tightest places.

With a 650 m² lawn, it performs with flying colors , allowing me to finish mowing in just 50 minutes. The only downside is the instructions in Polish, fortunately compensated by the downloadable French version. Beyond my expectations, this Nax Power mower is also a real garden companion.

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Other Tested and Recommended Thermal Mowers

So that the article is not endless either, here are the other models that I have tested and that I highly recommend. In case you still haven't found a model worthy of your lawn.

7. YARD FORCE Self-Propelled 125cc 46cm with Briggs & Stratton 450E Gas Engine

8. MURRAY EQ2–500 — 4 in 1 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower, 46cm — 50L Lawn Bag

9. HONDA HRG466SKEH 18-Inch 4-Wheel Self-Propelled Rotary Lawn Mower

10. FUXTEC Self-Propelled Thermal Lawn Mower with Adjustable Speed ​​FX-RM5196PRO

11. NEMURA Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower 146cm3

12. BRAST 3-wheel thermal mower TRIKE E-START 224cc

MURRAY EQ2-500 Self-Propelled Gasoline Lawn Mower

Why choose a thermal mower?

Petrol mowers have several advantages that make them attractive to many lawn owners:

Power and performance

Internal combustion engines are generally more powerful than their electric counterparts, allowing them to cut tall, dense grass more easily. This makes them particularly suitable for large areas or uneven terrain.

High autonomy

Unlike electric mowers which rely on a battery, thermal models can run for long periods of time without needing to be recharged. This allows you to cover larger areas without interruption.

Ease of use

Petrol mowers are generally easier to use than electric models. They do not need to be plugged in and do not require a battery to recharge, making them more convenient for users.


NEMURA Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower 146cm3

How to Choose a Thermal Mower: 7 Essential Criteria

1. Cutting width

The cutting width is the main or most important criterion for choosing your thermal mower (or with another type of engine). The cutting width simply represents the width of the swath cut during a mowing pass. It of course depends on the width of the mower but above all on the size of the blades (cutting diameter).

The larger the cutting width of your mower, the fewer trips you will make to mow a given area.

For a lawn of 1000 square meters , say 50 meters by 20 on a side, this makes a big difference. If you have a mower with a cutting width of 53 cm (as in our selection of models) and another of 40 cm, let's see the difference in distance covered.

In the first case, with 0.5 m cutting width, it will be necessary to make 50/0.50 paths of 20 meters long, i.e. 94.33 X 20 = 1886 meters.

In the second case, there will be 50/0.4 journeys of 20 meters to complete, i.e. 125 journeys of 20 meters, therefore a total of 2500 meters . Which represents a significant gap of almost 700 meters, extra time, fatigue and a little more fuel consumed.

In general, the larger your lawn , the more you need a mower with a wide cutting width . We recommend not going below 40 cm for a thermal mower and to provide at least 50 cm cutting width if you have a lawn that exceeds 600 m2.


2. Power

This is an important criterion but it always remains difficult to lay down rules in this area. Obviously, the more powerful your mower, the better. This is especially true in the case of self-propelled mowers where the power of the engine will be used to move the mower, without you having to push.

Overall, the power of a mower should be proportional to the area you have to mow. For areas of more than 700 square meters , it will be necessary to have a minimum power of 1500 W to have enough torque, traction and comfort of use.

3. Adjustable cutting heights

Most petrol mowers have a number of adjustable cutting heights . This adjustment is carried out, most of the time, by means of a notched lever which lowers or raises the cutting deck.

The thermal mowers on the market offer cutting height possibilities ranging from approximately 20 mm to 75 mm , or even more in certain cases.

It is important to have a minimum height which is not above 30 mm and a maximum height as high as possible but never below 60 mm . The number of adjustable heights available is also quite large and there must be at least 4 possibilities to have a sufficient choice. It should be noted that many models have up to 7 different cutting heights , which allows perfect adaptation depending on the season and the type of lawn you have.

4. The volume of the grass catcher

This is obviously a criterion linked to the area of ​​lawn you have. However, the capacity of a bin within a few liters is not crucial for the proper functioning of your petrol mower. You must of course have a collection bin of the appropriate size: for example, a bin of more than 50 liters for lawns of 700 m2 and more. But, in use, there will be little difference between a 60 and 65 liter bin.

On the other hand, the ergonomics of the tray is important . Make sure it is easy to install and remove . Then it has transport handles to move it and emptying is easy. These are important points which determine its ease of use and your working comfort.

5. Ergonomics of the mower

The ergonomics of a petrol mower are often revealed by its maneuverability and driving comfort. Petrol mowers are quite heavy machines so maneuverability must be analyzed closely. Overall, it is quite good on all the models we tested but there may be differences due to engine power, traction capacity, wheel dimensions and various parameters.

Concerning driving comfort, it is better to choose mowers with adjustable handlebars . Most of the time, 3 positions are offered and can adapt to the different morphologies of users. This is an important point because poorly adjusted handlebars can easily cause kidney aches and back pain, even if only after a few minutes.

6. Other additional functions

Various functions can be appreciated on a thermal mower. None are essential but their addition can make a big difference and facilitate the use of such a machine.

Starters and Boosters

First of all, it will be necessary to distinguish between thermal mowers with systems that make it easier to start the engine. Everyone has known these thermal engines that were difficult to start with a handle and a pull cord, which always proved to be more or less lengthy hassles.

Today, many starting systems make work easier: battery starters , integrated boosters or even pullers that multiply your effort, are all valuable and beneficial systems for easy starting.


Mulching has practically become an essential feature, as it is so appreciated by many users. It is simply the possibility of finely grinding the cut grass and spreading it on the ground .

It is also possible to store it in the bin to recover it after grinding. This is particularly appreciated as mulch or to act as a natural fertilizer for your lawn or garden.

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7. Security features

The safety of using a mower should not be taken lightly. Any cutting device must be approached with the utmost seriousness.

It is thus possible to have double start switch functions to complicate the starting process and prevent untimely (by children for example) or involuntary starting from being caused.

Another basic safety function is the protection of access to the blades by a very enveloping guard. Today, most models of petrol mowers have very solid housings which go down quite low, close to the ground, preventing any access of the feet to the cutting blades.


BRAST 3-Wheel Thermal Lawn Mower TRIKE E-START 224cc

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Thermal Mower



  • Higher exhaust emissions and noise
  • Need to refuel regularly
  • More frequent maintenance of the engine and mechanical parts
  • Higher environmental impact than electric mowers


  • Superior power and performance for large areas
  • High autonomy without having to recharge
  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • Generally less expensive than electric models

Petrol mowers offer many advantages for lawn owners looking for a powerful and autonomous solution . Although they have a greater environmental impact , they remain an attractive option for many users thanks to their performance and ease of use.


BRAST BRB-RM-16145 ESTART — Best Thermal Trimmer Overall

Thermal Mowers at the Best Value for Money – FAQ


What is the most reliable brand of mower?

Some of the most reliable brands of gas mowers include BRASTHonda, Briggs & Stratton and Kohler.

These manufacturers are recognized for the robustness and durability of their engines, as well as the quality of their components. They generally offer good warranties and quality after-sales service, which makes them safe values ​​for users looking for a reliable long-term petrol mower.


What is the best thermal mower?

The best thermal mower is the BRAST BRB-RM-16145 ESTART, for its power and maneuverability.

That said, choosing the ideal model depends on individual needs and preferences. We can also cite high-performance models such as the SCHEPPACH MS180–51 , the EINHELL GC-PM 40/2 S , or the FUXTEC FX-RM4646 . These mowers stand out for their power, their maneuverability, their efficient mulching system and their robustness. They are suitable for medium to large plots.


How much does a good mower cost?

The price of a good thermal mower generally varies between 400 and 800 euros.

Entry-level models tend to be around 400–500 euros, while high-end mowers can reach 700–800 euros. Price depends on factors like engine power, cutting deck size, features (mulching, collection, etc.) and brand. It is important to find the right balance between quality and budget.


What is the best mower on the market?

There is no “best” mower on the market, as the choice depends on the specific needs of each user. However, we can cite very high-performance models such as the Honda HRX217VKA, the Toro TimeMaster 30" or the Husqvarna LC221RH. These mowers are distinguished by their power, their maneuverability, their efficient mulching system and their robustness. They are suitable for terrains medium to large size.


SCHEPPACH MS180–51 — Best Mulching and Features

What are good brands of mowers?

Among the best brands of thermal mowers, we can cite:

  • BRAST : Recognized for the robustness and durability of its engines, as well as the quality of their components.
  • Honda: Known for the reliability and durability of its engines.
  • Briggs & Stratton: Renowned engine manufacturer, offering solid warranties.
  • Husqvarna: Swedish brand specializing in garden tools, with quality products.
  • Toro: American company offering high-performance and innovative mowers.
  • Craftsman: Brand known for its sturdy and affordable garden tools.


When is the best time to buy a lawn mower?

The best time to buy a petrol mower depends on several factors:

  • Time of year: The best opportunities generally present themselves in the spring (before mowing season) or late summer/fall, when dealers are looking to sell off their inventory.
  • Promotions and sales: Watching for sales periods (summer sales, Black Friday, etc.) can help you score good deals.
  • Replacing an old model: If your current mower is reaching the end of its life, it is better to anticipate its replacement so as not to be caught off guard.


What is the difference between a thermal mower and a gasoline mower?

The main difference between a petrol mower and a petrol mower lies in the type of fuel used:

  • Thermal mower: Works with natural gas or propane, making it more ecological and economical to use.
  • Gasoline mower: Uses gasoline, which generally makes it more powerful but also more polluting and noisy.
    Petrol mowers are often quieter and require less maintenance than gasoline models. However, the latter sometimes offer greater autonomy.


FUXTEC FX-RM4646 Easy Clean 4-in-1 — Best Self-Propelled

What are the disadvantages of mulching?

Although mulching has many advantages (saving effort, natural fertilization of the lawn), it can also have some disadvantages:

  • Risk of overloading the motor if the grass is too high or too wet.
  • Need to mower more often to prevent the blades of grass from becoming too long.
  • Accumulation of debris on the ground which can promote the development of diseases.
  • Less aesthetic than regular collection, especially on well-maintained lawns.

It is therefore important to find the right balance between mulching and collection, depending on the size of the land and mowing conditions.


Which mower for an 800 m2 plot?

For a plot of land of around 800 m2, a self-propelled petrol mower with a cutting width of between 50 and 60 cm would be ideal. Models like the Honda HRX217VKA, the Toro TimeMaster 30" or the Husqvarna LC221RH would be perfect. They offer power and maneuverability adapted to this type of surface, while offering advanced features such as mulching or collection. Their fuel tank generous also gives them good autonomy.


Which mower to choose for 700 m2?

For a plot of land of around 700 m2, a self-propelled petrol mower with a cutting width of between 46 and 53 cm would be ideal. Models like the BRAST BRB-RM-16145 , the SCHEPPACH MS180–51 or the EINHELL GC-PM 40/2 S would be perfect. They offer a good compromise between power, maneuverability and autonomy, while offering advanced functionalities such as mulching or collection. Their robust engine and well-designed chassis make them suitable for this type of surface.

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Thermal Mowers at the Best Value for Money (Reviews)



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