I Tested 21 Best Light Bulb Security Cameras (Reviews)

Best Security Light Bulb Cameras (Reviews)
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In their quest to secure their homes, owners and tenants had a dream that was finally fulfilled: the union of the camera and the bulb.

Security light bulb cameras offer a unique and innovative solution, seamlessly integrating both lighting and surveillance into a single device. These innovative gadgets not only illuminate your home but also provide real-time monitoring, allowing you to stay informed about any suspicious activities. 

Whether you want to keep an eye on your front porch, monitor your pet's movements, or deter potential intruders, security light bulb cameras are an excellent investment for any home.

We have tested and reviewed the best light bulb security camera to help you make your choice among the top options available.


What is the Best Light Bulb Security Camera?

  1. LAVIEW - Best Overall
  2. ALKIVISION - Best Value
  3. SYMYNELEC 2K - Best Waterproof & Night Vision
  4. WESECUU - Best for 5G and 2.4GHz Wifi
  5. NOAHCAM - Best Pack
  6. NOAHTEC - Best withSiren
  7. KOWVOWZ 360° Degree - Best Polyvalent Pack for indoor/outdoor
  8. Armorcope 2K - Best Motion Tracking
  9. LITOKAM 4MP - Best for 24/7 Recording
  10. WOOLINK 2PCS - Best 360 Degree Pan Tilt
  11. TKENPRO - Best Brightness
  12. NOONKEY 2K 3MP - Best Light Socket
  13. EKEN 1080p - Best Design
  14. JOOAN 5G 360 - Best for Indoor
  15. 7 Best Selling Light Bulb Security Cameras


1. LaView: Best overall 

LaView 4MP Bulb Security Camera 2.4GHz,360° 2K Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor Indoor Full Color Day and Night, Motion Detection, Audible Alarm, Easy Installation, Compatible with Alexa - Best light bulb security camera reviews - grandgoldman.com


4MP HD Image & Starlight Color Night Vision: Capture clear 4MP HD images (2560X1440P) with 12× digital zoom. Enjoy superior day and night vision with color/smart/infrared modes, ensuring visibility within 30 feet even in complete darkness.

Wireless & Easy to Install: Install with a standard E27 bulb base (110V~240V) and easily connect to WiFi (2.4GHz only) via the LaView App. The security camera is certified by ETL, simplifying the installation process.

Motion Detection & Motion-Tracking Alerts: Accurate motion detection with a broad 355° range and 17 feet coverage. Set sensitivity levels and enable motion-tracking to record and follow moving objects automatically, triggering alarms when necessary.

Two-Way Audio & Alarm Siren: Communicate through the camera via your mobile phone. Set an audible alarm to deter intruders, utilizing the built-in advanced microphone and speaker for a comprehensive security solution.

Multi-user Sharing & Works with Alexa: Share video access with up to 20 users simultaneously, enhancing home security. Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, offering seamless integration and easy control of the indoor camera and app.


LaView 4MP Bulb Security Camera - Best Security Light Bulb Camera (Reviews)- grandgoldman.com

Setting up this light bulb camera  straight out of the box was a breeze, and navigating the app is a walk in the park. Initially, I placed it outdoors by entry door in February to experiment with its features, despite the chilly weather outside. Opting for a 128GB micro SD card over cloud storage was way simpler.

The camera consistently delivers clear images day and night, though there’s occasionally a slight lag between an object entering the frame and the recording kicking in. On the flip side, sometimes it starts recording just before the object is visible — pretty nifty. The tracking feature works like a charm, and the customizable recording area helps prevent unnecessary alerts, like my ferns swaying in the breeze.

While it lacks 360-degree movement and could look down more, it does its job well within its recording view. If it shifts to record another object, it won’t notice or capture events outside its scope unless they enter the current recording view. It’s been surprising to see some of the things it’s caught happening right outside my house when I had no clue.

I can’t vouch for the light feature, alarm, or talk functions as I haven’t used them. The camera’s portability is a plus; with WiFi at your campground, you can keep an eye on your camper and campsite when you’re away. For the price of the camera and SD card, it’s an affordable option with no monthly subscription hassles. I made a one-time payment, and it has been more than sufficient for my needs, providing peace of mind both at home and away. If you’re dipping your toes into the world of cameras, this is a great entry point.


2. Alkivision: Best value


2K HD Color Night Vision with Magicpix: The wireless outdoor camera delivers 2K video quality with Magicpix technology for superior day and night visibility. It supports color/smart/infrared night vision, ensuring clear details in all lighting conditions.

Motion Detection & Motion-Tracking Alerts: Equipped with precision sensors, the camera supports accurate motion detection and tracking over a wide range. With a 355° pan and 90° tilt, it auto-records and follows moving objects within 30 feet, triggering alarms when necessary.

AI Motion Detection Analysis Recognition: Advanced AI motion detection identifies people and pets. The demarcated area alarm allows setting specific detection zones, reducing unnecessary alerts. Notifications are summarized to streamline information and avoid frequent pushes.

Wireless & Super Easy Installation: The camera easily plugs into a standard E27/E26 light socket, similar to installing a light bulb. Using the “VicoHome” app, connect via Bluetooth or scan a QR code for seamless Wi-Fi integration. Simple installation ensures quick setup.

Two-Way Audio/Multi-Device & User Share: Featuring two-way communication, the camera enables interaction with those on the other side. Share access with family or friends, and enjoy free rolling 3-day cloud storage or use SD cards (up to 128GB, not included) for continuous 24/7 recording. Compatible with 2.4GHz WiFi only.


Alkivision 2K Light Bulb Security Cameras Wireless - Best Security Light Bulb Camera (Reviews)- grandgoldman.com

I recently purchased the Alkivision 2K Light Bulb Security Cameras, and I’m genuinely impressed. The 2K resolution ensures clear video quality day and night, capturing every detail. The full-color night vision is a game-changer for dark environments. The 360° motion detection gives me peace of mind, immediately alerting to any movement. The auto-tracking feature ensures nothing goes unnoticed, and the siren alarm adds a powerful layer of security. The 24/7 recording provides a comprehensive record for added peace of mind.

Setting up was a breeze with the wireless design and 2.4GHz network compatibility. The user-friendly mobile app allows easy monitoring from anywhere. The Alkivision 2K Light Bulb Security Cameras are a top-notch security solution offering exceptional video quality, advanced features, and user-friendly design. I highly recommend them for anyone seeking to enhance their home security — they’ve exceeded my expectations, providing invaluable peace of mind.


3. SYMYNELEC 2K: Best Waterproof & Night Vision

SYMYNELEC  5GHz2.4GHz Light Bulb Security Camera Outdoor Waterproof 2K, 5G Dual Band 2Wireless WiFi Light Socket Security Camera, 4MP Smart Cam with Color Night Vision - Best Security Light Bulb Camera (Reviews)- grandgoldman.com


Fast Installation & Setup; 5GHz/2.4GHz Supported: Installing the SYMYNELEC bulb security camera is a breeze – a simple replacement for a standard bulb in a 110V~240V socket. QR code setup takes just 3 minutes, with no drilling or wiring. The "Symynelec" app, available on the App Store or Google Play, facilitates easy installation. Compatible with both 5GHz and 2.4GHz dual-band WiFi routers.

Outdoor & Indoor Use: With an IP65 weatherproof rating, this camera is suitable for any environment, offering 24/7, year-round protection. Whether in porches, garages, gardens, or warehouses, it ensures your property and family are safeguarded.

4MP Color Night Vision & Multiple Devices Sharing: The 2K 4MP Full HD camera provides crystal-clear videos, even at night. Infrared LEDs extend night vision up to 66ft. Share access with family and friends, and enjoy compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free control.

360° Human Motion Detection Auto Tracking: The camera employs human recognition for 350° coverage, automatically tracking movements. With a wide field of view, it rotates 350° horizontally and 90° vertically, offering easy control through the Symynelec App for pan, tilt, zoom, light, talk, and playback.

Professional Live Chat Service: SYMYNELEC's light bulb security camera comes with exceptional customer support. Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, it offers lifelong technical support for connection, installation, and functionality inquiries. Feel confident with the perfect partner for your home security needs.


SYMYNELEC  5GHz2.4GHz Light Bulb Security Camera Outdoor Waterproof 2K, 5G Dual Band 2Wireless WiFi Light Socket Security Camera, 4MP Smart Cam with Color Night Vision - Best Security Light Bulb Camera (Reviews)- grandgoldman.com

This is my first-ever security camera. Overall, I'm quite pleased with its performance and it seems to be of good quality. The night vision is a standout, especially when set to auto. The video quality is consistently great. While I initially faced some WiFi connection issues, I resolved them by connecting to a WiFi extender closer to my patio, where the camera is placed. Now, with a 65 to 75% signal, I rarely experience disconnections.

The features are practical, and the user-friendly app makes navigation a breeze. The follow motion feature impressively tracks movements within the camera lens. Adjusting motion sensitivity helps minimize false alerts. I added a 128GB SD card for motion detection recordings, which works efficiently. The option for 24/7 recording is available, and manual clips can be recorded as well.

The ability to view live footage from anywhere is a plus, and the 2-way microphone/speaker function works seamlessly. Saving recordings to my phone or tablet is simple through the app. I appreciate not having to subscribe to a cloud service to store recordings. Spending time familiarizing yourself with the app settings is recommended, especially for potential stressful situations.

Installed about 8 feet above the ground, it provides a good view of my front patio. While I can't vouch for its weatherproof ability, as I installed it under a deck, it has been sheltered from rain or snow. The pan and tilt features work well, though it occasionally misses an event. It's a well made camera considering the price point, and it does a commendable job.


4. WESECUU: Best for 5G and 2.4GHz Wifi 


5G & 2.4G Dual Band: Enjoy superior signal reception, stability, and longer-range with the latest dual-band technology. The 5G & 2.4G dual-band light bulb camera ensures lag-free, real-time video with smoother performance compared to traditional single-band options. Easy installation involves screwing the camera into an E26 bulb base and connecting it to your home WiFi via the Esceecloud APP.

Two-Way Audio & Real-Time Alerts: Built-in microphone and speaker facilitate two-way communication for seamless interaction with family or visitors. Set audible alarms to deter intruders; when the motion sensor detects movement, the camera emits a loud alarm sound and activates white light simultaneously, enhancing home security.

Motion Detection & Body Detection Alarm: The PTZ camera features a highly sensitive motion sensor with a 355-degree horizontal rotation and 90-degree vertical flip, ensuring a 360-degree blind spot-free detection and tracking range. Enable human body detection alarm to receive accurate notifications when movement is detected, reducing false alarms.

2K HD Video & Color Night Vision: Experience crystal-clear 2K HD images, surpassing 1080P clarity. The camera supports color and infrared night vision, ensuring clear monitoring up to 33 ft in low-light environments. Enjoy 24/7 home safety with excellent night vision capabilities.

Multi User Sharing & Smart Storage: Share access with family and friends for simultaneous monitoring through the app. The camera supports cloud storage (paid access required) and up to 128GB micro SD card storage. Compatible with Alexa, the outdoor camera is easy to install and operate, providing comprehensive home surveillance.


WESECUU Light Bulb Security Camera -5G& 2.4GHz WiFi 2K Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor Motion Detection and Alarm,Two-Way Talk,Color Night Vision,Human Detection, Bulb Camera - Best Security Light Bulb Camera (Reviews)- grandgoldman.com

I opted for these as a budget-friendly alternative to pricier security cameras, and they’ve exceeded my expectations. The app is user-friendly, and I’ve added it to my Alexa skills for convenient camera monitoring. With a 360-degree view, I can pan and tilt, although 180 degrees suits my wall-mounted setup. 

Manual adjustments are rare as the cameras auto-track movement, outlining people in yellow and notifying me through the app. Storage options include cloud subscription or a microSD card for later video review. The resolution is impressively clear, setup is a breeze, and the wifi connection is stable. Overall, couldn’t be happier with them.


5. NOAHCAM: Best Pack


Easy Installation— Bluetooth Quick Connection: The outdoor light bulb camera offers seamless installation. Simply screw it into a light socket, open your phone’s Bluetooth, and follow in-app instructions for a quick connection to 2.4GHz/5G WiFi. No additional power supply is needed. The smart bulb camera is designed for E27 light sockets (100V~240V) and includes a convenient light socket adapter.

Motion Detection & Body Detection Alarm: Equipped with a highly sensitive motion sensor, the Wesecuu 360 camera supports 355-degree horizontal rotation and 90-degree vertical flip, ensuring 360-degree accurate detection and tracking. Activate the human body detection alarm in the app to receive instant notifications, reducing false alarms.

2K FHD & Color Night Vision: With 2K Ultra resolution, this outdoor security camera delivers superior image quality for clear face and detail recognition. Six floodlights and six IR lights enable color night vision in complete darkness, allowing day and night monitoring with ease.

Two-Way Talk & Real-Time Alerts: The camera supports two-way language communication with its built-in microphone and speaker. Initiate real-time calls with family or visitors. The light socket security camera can emit a loud alarm sound and white light simultaneously when detecting movement, enhancing security.

Multi-User Sharing & Smart Storage: Enable simultaneous monitoring by sharing access with family and friends through the app. The 360-degree wifi outdoor lightbulb camera supports cloud storage (requires paid access) and up to 128GB micro SD card storage. Alexa compatibility ensures easy installation and operation, making your home security smarter and simpler.


NOAHCAM Light Bulb Security Camera, 5G2.4G WiFi Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor with Motion Detection and Alarm, Two-Way Talk, Color Night Vision, Human Detection, Bulb Camera Work with Alex - Best Security Light Bulb Camera (Reviews)- grandgoldman.com

I recently got my hands on the Noahcam Light Bulb Security Camera, and it’s been a game-changer for my home security. Blending in like a regular light bulb, this camera nails the perfect combo of stealth and tech. Installation was a breeze — it fits into any standard light socket, and the WiFi setup, both 5G and 2.4G, was surprisingly smooth. No worries about the WiFi reach; this camera’s connection is rock-solid.

The real kicker? The motion detection. It’s super responsive, shooting alerts to my phone at the slightest movement. Huge peace of mind, especially when I’m away. Pulling up the live feed on my phone gives me real-time insights. Now, video quality. Day or night, it’s impressive. Night vision stands out — no grainy images here; it’s clear and discernible even in low light. All in all, this Light Bulb Security Camera has seriously upped my security game. It’s discreet, powerful, and user-friendly.


6. NOAHTEC Security Camera 2K Pack: Best Bundle With Siren 

NOAHTEC Security Camera 2K Light Bulb Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor 2pcs- 2.45G Hz WiFi 360° Motion Detection Cameras for Home Security Outside Indoor - Best Security Light Bulb Camera (Reviews)- grandgoldman.com


Support Dual Band WiFi: These wireless outdoor/indoor cameras effortlessly install into common E27 light sockets (110V~240V). Download the Esceecloud App on your mobile phone to connect the light bulb camera to both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi, with no additional steps. The included adapter simplifies the setup, making home security convenient.

Two-Way/Multi-Device & Multi-User Sharing: Built with a microphone and speaker, the camera enables two-way communication. Create multiple accounts and share the wireless security camera with family for connected protection. Human detection alerts only trigger for complete body detection, ensuring accurate notifications.

3MP HD Image & Full Color Day and Night Vision: Supporting 3MP HD, these outdoor wireless cameras deliver ultra-clear details day and night. Enjoy color/smart/infrared night vision for clear imaging in various lighting conditions, providing the best night vision experience.

Siren/Notification: With motion detection and tracking, the exterior security camera activates an alarm and emits white light to deter intruders. It supports 24/7 cloud or SD card recording (up to 128GB, not included), ensuring you don’t miss any crucial moments. Real-time notifications maximize home safety.

Pan, Tilt, and Zoom in Full 3MP HD: Remotely control and monitor the wireless indoor camera through the Esceecloud app, allowing live streaming and room exploration. The 360° left/right rotation and 90° vertical up/down tilt, combined with 3MP HD, make it versatile for home security or even as a pet camera using the phone app. Elevate your security with these feature-rich light bulb cameras.


NOAHTEC Security Camera 2K Light Bulb Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor 2pcs- 2.45G Hz WiFi 360° Motion Detection Cameras for Home Security Outside Indoor - Best Security Light Bulb Camera (Reviews)- grandgoldman.com

No other light bulb cam can beat these value for the price. It was easy to set up and use, and the app is straightforward to navigate. I initially set it up indoors to test its features before installing it outside. I’m using an SD card for storage, and it was simple to install. The camera produces clear images both day and night, and it generally starts recording quickly when it detects movement. 

However, there have been instances where there’s been a slight delay between the movement and the actual recording. The tracking function is excellent, and I’ve been able to define recording areas to minimize false alarms like swaying plants. Overall, I’m happy with the performance of this camera. It has its limitations, such as the lack of 360-degree movement and its blind spot near the camera. However, it’s still a great value for the price.


7. KOWVOWZ 360° Degree: Best Pack for indoor/outdoor

KOWVOWZ 360 Degree Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 2.4GHz & 5GHz WiFi Light Bulb Camera, 1080p Indoor for Home Camera System - Best Security Light Bulb Camera (Reviews)- grandgoldman.com


Dual-Band 2.4GHz & 5GHz WiFi Connectivity: Seamlessly connect these outdoor light bulb cameras to your home network, ensuring smooth remote viewing experiences with dual-band support.

1080P HD Video with Night Vision: Enjoy clear and detailed footage with 1080p HD video quality, enhanced by reliable night vision capabilities for around-the-clock monitoring.

Motion-Activated Alerts: Stay informed with instant alerts triggered by motion detection. Receive notifications when movement is detected, enhancing security awareness.

Easy Installation with Existing Light Bulb Socket: Effortlessly set up the cameras by utilizing your existing light bulb socket—no complex wiring required. Simplify installation while ensuring effective surveillance.

Two-Way Audio: Facilitate communication through the app with the built-in two-way audio feature. Engage in real-time conversations and enhance interaction remotely.

IP65 Weatherproof Rating: Designed for versatile use, these cameras boast an IP65 weatherproof rating, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, providing reliable performance in various conditions.


KOWVOWZ 360 Degree Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 2.4GHz & 5GHz WiFi Light Bulb Camera, 1080p Indoor for Home Camera System - Best Security Light Bulb Camera (Reviews)- grandgoldman.com

I grabbed these to keep an eye on our backyard and side yard, especially when I'm feeling too lazy to step outside. Our petite garden attracts occasional veggie-loving critters, and I wanted a flexible solution beyond our fixed home security system. These cameras can be plugged in anywhere and connect to the router.

Installation and testing were a breeze. While I wouldn't risk exposing them to rain, they work fine on a back porch or from a screened-in sunroom. The scanning and easy-angle adjustment feature is handy—I felt like a surveillance maestro. However, I didn't foresee one hiccup; a camera placement idea was a bit too far from the router, causing connectivity issues. It's not the camera's fault; just a distance challenge. Good news is, I've got a Wi-Fi extender/booster waiting in the wings.

After a trial run in the living room, it dawned on me that these cameras are like movable spies for any open space. Planning to station one at the entryway for visitor previews and another in hubby's shop for impromptu check-ins. Who knew keeping tabs on the garage or knowing when someone pulls in could be this amusing? These cameras are like modern-day detectives – easy to move, easy to use, and just the right amount of nosy.


8. Armorcope 2K Light Bulb Security Camera 2.4GHz, 360°: Best Motion Tracking

Armorcope 2K Light Bulb Security Camera 2.4GHz, 360°: Best Motion Tracking - Best light bulb security camera - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


Advanced Motion Detection & Tracking**: The Armorcope light bulb security camera boasts cutting-edge motion detection technology, covering a wide 355° pan and 110° tilt within 30 feet. Once triggered, it tracks moving objects automatically, offering real-time alerts to keep your home safe.

Vivid 2K Color Night Vision: Experience crystal-clear 2K HD resolution with full-color night vision, thanks to the innovative Magicpix technology. Even in low-light conditions, the outdoor camera captures vibrant images, ensuring nothing escapes your notice.

Intelligent AI Recognition & Easy Installation: Featuring enhanced AI motion detection, the camera distinguishes humans and pets with precision. Setup is a breeze—simply screw it into a standard light socket, connect to your WiFi, and enjoy optional cloud storage and two-way audio for added peace of mind (...).


Armorcope 2K Light Bulb Security Camera 2.4GHz, 360°: Best Motion Tracking - Best light bulb security camera - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

We have been using two Armorcope 2K Light Bulb Security Cameras for a few months now, and they have been working perfectly.

 Installation was a breeze and the controls are very sensitive. Depending on where you place the camera, you can cover a wide area. The design of the camera as a "bulb" is quite clever, and we were able to easily mount them on our old desk lamps for power. 

The cameras are versatile and pretty well designed, with remote control access from a smartphone. The video resolution is excellent, and we highly recommend it to family and friends. It fits perfectly into our outside light fixture and records in 10-second intervals. The white light feature allows for color recording at night, and the audio recording quality is good. The app control is very convenient for managing all functions.



9. LITOKAM 4MP Light Bulb Security Cameras Wireless: Best for 24/7 Recording

LITOKAM 4MP Light Bulb Security Cameras Wireless: Best for 24/7 Recording - Best light bulb security camera - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


Easily install and set up the 4MP Light Bulb Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor by litokam in just 3 minutes.

No need for drilling or wiring, simply replace your existing bulb. Download the "littlelf smart" app and connect to your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Please note that 5GHz Wi-Fi is not supported. Enjoy crystal-clear 4MP resolution and full-color night vision up to 33 feet away, ensuring you never miss any important details, even in complete darkness.

This versatile camera is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Install it on porches, back doors, garages, gardens, warehouses, or eaves to provide 24/7 protection for your family and loved ones. The camera uses PIR and humanoid filtration technology to accurately detect human motion, reducing false alarms by over 90%. With 355° horizontal and 56° vertical rotation, you can easily monitor your home from anywhere (...).


LITOKAM 4MP Light Bulb Security Cameras Wireless: Best for 24/7 Recording - Best light bulb security camera - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

I have tried out the LITOKAM 4MP Light Bulb Security Cameras and I must say that they are quite different from my Reolink battery cams. 

The outdoor cams on the LITOKAM aren't as sensitive to infrared motion, which was a bit disappointing. However, I really liked that these cameras work well in visible light and provide constant monitoring, just like the AC powered indoor units.

The image quality is decent, with a size of 2560 x 1440 pixels, but I suspect that the actual native resolution is around 640x480.

The images have noticeable sharpening halos and appear somewhat cartoonish due to posterization. On a small smartphone screen, the images look fine, but transferring them to a PC reveals a lack of detail, making it difficult to identify people's faces if they are more than 15 feet away from the camera. So, it's not ideal for police identification purposes.

However, the motion sensitivity is impressive, even picking up single snowflakes when set to medium or high sensitivity. Even ground squirrels chasing each other triggered the recording as soon as they entered the camera's view.The playback speed is very quick, much faster than my Reolinks, and the recording timeline is user-friendly. The zoom and pan/tilt functions work smoothly as well.

Unfortunately, I couldn't access the camera on my PC, most likely due to the low detail of the sensor. Overall, considering its low cost and easy setup, the LITOKAM 4MP Light Bulb Security Cameras (S1) are a good option for a basic security camera.



10. WOOLINK 2PCS Light Bulb Security Cameras 3MP, 2.4GHz Wireless WiFi: Best 360 Degree Pan Tilt

10. WOOLINK 2PCS Light Bulb Security Camera 3MP, 2.4GHz Wireless WiFi: Best 360 Degree Pan Tilt - Best light bulb security camera - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


Stunning 3MP Super HD Day and Night Vision - This wireless WiFi bulb camera deliver true Super HD crystal-clear images, much clearer than 1080p cameras. you can access the live stream through your iPhone/Android phone/Ipad.It can provide you with a clear vision at all times, no matter day or night

Two-Way Audio and Remote Access - Built in high quality Mic and speaker, this home bulb camera allows you use the Two Way Audio function to talk with your family in front of the camera.It also support you to view the live video remotely anytime and anywhere by Phone and Pad through the App

Smart Motion Detection and Alarm - WiFi light bulb camera support detect human motion.when any motion is detected,it will immediately send you real-time notification through APP.You can view the screen detected by the camera through the APP at any time and don't need to worry about missing any moment while you are out, which makes your home safer (...).


WOOLINK 2PCS Light Bulb Security Camera 3MP, 2.4GHz Wireless WiFi: Best 360 Degree Pan Tilt - Best light bulb security camera - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

I purchased these cameras for my front porch setup.

They sync up after a few tries during the two-minute installation process. Just ensure your wifi router has internet and sufficient range for connection.

The app lets you control the cameras remotely, and you can opt for 32gb SD cards instead of cloud storage. However, higher capacity SD cards may have connectivity problems. The cameras provide a clear picture with black and white night vision, and the motion sensor can activate a white floodlight when detecting movement at night.



11. TKENPRO Light Bulb Security Camera 5G & 2.4GHz, Dual Band IP65 Waterproof: Best Brightness

TKENPRO Light Bulb Security Camera 5G & 2.4GHz, Dual Band IP65 Waterproof: Best Brightness - Best light bulb security camera - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


Stable Dual-Band WiFi - The TKENPRO light socket security camera offer seamless operation on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi bands, resulting in an expanded surveillance range. You can select the WiFi band that perfectly matches your personal requirements. Whether used indoors or outdoors, this lightbulb camera ensures consistent and dependable signal quality.

IP65 Waterproof Indoor & Outdoor Cam - This light socket camera has an excellent IP65 waterproof rating, able to withstand temperatures from -4°F to 122°F, ensuring long-term outdoor working stability. Plus, its wireless feature eliminates the hassle of cables and intricate setups. Simply plug the camera into an E26/E27 socket, connect to your wifi, and get instant access to live footage and remote control. Ideal for living rooms, hallways, porch, doorways, backyards, indoor, outdoor.

2K HD Video with Color Night Vision - TKENPRO 2K wireless security camera guarantees exceptional visual clarity day and night. With advanced color/shimmer night vision, these outdoor security cameras provide optimal visibility in any lighting condition. It has a viewing range of 50ft and delivers unparalleled night vision, even in the presence of faint starlight or darkness (...).


TKENPRO Light Bulb Security Camera 5G & 2.4GHz, Dual Band IP65 Waterproof: Best Brightness - Best light bulb security camera - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

I really like this tkenpro 5G&2.4GHz Light Bulb Security Camera. 

When my router stopped working, I decided to upgrade to a 5G router. However, I soon discovered that many security cameras only work with a 2.4G router. Luckily, this camera connected seamlessly with my 5G router. 

The picture quality is excellent, whether it's day or night. The app is user-friendly and offers a range of useful features. I'm so impressed that I'm planning to buy a second camera for other areas of my house. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this camera to others.




12. NOONKEY 2K 3MP Light Bulb Security Camera, 5G& 2.4GHz WiFi Alexa E27 360°: Best Light Socket

NOONKEY 2K3MP Light Bulb Security Camera, 5G& 2.4GHz WiFi Alexa E27 360°: Best Light Socket - Best light bulb security camera - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


【Wireless & Easy Installation】Simply screw the light bulb security camera into a normal E27 light socket (110V ~ 240V). NO ADDITIONAL POWER SUPPLY, real wireless camera. New connection technology, open the phone app and follow the installation guide or the instructions in the app to complete the connection to the WiFi camera within 30 seconds.

【2K 3MP Super HD & Color Night Vision】This wireless WiFi light bulb camera provides 3MP ultra-high-definition images, which are 40% better than other 1080P pixel security camera images. With 4 floodlights and 4 IR lights, three modes of smart night vision, infrared night vision and full-color night vision can be switched freely at the same time, the lightbulb security camera allows you to see clearly colored images even in the dark.

【Motion Tracking& Real-time Alarm】The wireless WiFi bulb camera adopt high-sensitivity motion sensor to detect human moving objects, follow it to move,when you are not there, it will send you real-time alarm notification through APP immediately, let you know every potential danger in your home (...).


NOONKEY 2K3MP Light Bulb Security Camera, 5G& 2.4GHz WiFi Alexa E27 360°: Best Light Socket - Best light bulb security camera - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

This security camera is the simplest to set up and use. 

The picture quality is amazing. I love the different setting in the app and you can tailor it to your needs or wants. The app is not complicated at all. I looked for hours at different security camera bulbs and doorbell camera and this company has got a great start to something good here. 

Audio is clear and loud if too loud you can turn it down in the app also. There are so many features I could write an entire pamphlet. Last thing, you can put a micro SD card in it to save video and/or pictures however they offer cloud storage and it is very affordable. You can also buy subscription to the storage cloud to fit your needs. 5 stars all day long.




13. EKEN 1080p Light Bulb Security Camera, 360 Degree Pan/Tilt Panoramic: Best Design

EKEN 1080p Light Bulb Security Camera, 360 Degree Pan/Tilt Panoramic: Best Design - Best light bulb security camera - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


[Safeguarded Cloud Storage] - Benefit from AES-128 encrypted cloud storage with an optional subscription plan (available separately). Take advantage of a 30-day free trial to explore recording, reviewing, and sharing your videos with ease.

[Smart AI-Powered Human Tracking] - Ensure comprehensive event capture with the camera's ability to detect and follow people within its view.

[Expansive 355° Panoramic Coverage] - Enjoy thorough monitoring with the 1080p light bulb security camera's impressive 355° horizontal pan and 95° vertical tilt range.

[Vibrant Color Night Vision & Motion Activated LED Light] - Maintain clear visuals of your property in low-light situations with vivid color night vision.

[Seamless Two-Way Communication] - Connect with visitors from anywhere, ensuring smooth interaction.


EKEN 1080p Light Bulb Security Camera, 360 Degree Pan/Tilt Panoramic: Best Design - Best light bulb security camera - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

This 360° light bulb security camera makes home security simple and effective. 

Just screw it in like any light bulb, and you get instant, full coverage with a cool feature that follows movement. You can control everything easily with its app, making it super convenient. 

It's great at spotting people and lets you know right away on your phone. Plus, it has powerful lights for clear pictures, even in the dark. And all of this for just $24! It's a great deal for making your home safer without any hassle.




14. JOOAN 5G Light Bulb Security Camera, 360 Wireless Bulb: Best for Indoor

JOOAN 5G Light Bulb Security Camera, 360 Wireless Bulb: Best for Indoor - Best light bulb security camera - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM


5G/2.4G Dual-band WiFi - The light bulb security camera supports 5G/2.4G WiFi networks. It is equipped with 360°horizontal rotation,95°vertical rotation, protect your family safety without any blind spots. Which can be remotely controlled by Free APP "cam720" without any blind spot.

Secure Cloud & Micro SD Card Storage - JOOAN 5g light bulb camera provides you with secure cloud storage, no one can access your privacy without your permission (even if the SD card is lost). At the same time, camera bulb supports up to 256G micro SD card storage (not included).

2K Color Night Vision & Easy Installation - The 5g wireless camera light bulb has 4 floodlights and 4 IR lights, which can provide clear and colorful images even in complete darkness as long as the light setting is turned on. Security light bulb with camera can be installed using a normal E27 bulb base(110V~240V), Just power on and reset, connect it to your WiFi network, and you can set it up quickly and easily in minutes, no more extra installation steps (...).


JOOAN 5G Light Bulb Security Camera, 360 Wireless Bulb: Best for Indoor - Best light bulb security camera - GRANDGOLDMAN.COM

The WIFI setup for the camera is simple, and the app offers many features. 

The picture quality and night vision are satisfactory, and on the first day of installation, everything is working well.

The camera only tracks movement from left to right, not up and down, despite having a 360-degree view. This limitation may allow individuals to move out of the camera's range, as it does not track movements vertically. The tracking feature works effectively for horizontal movements, but manual camera adjustments using the app are slow. There is no 4x zoom feature on the camera itself, but you can zoom in on video footage using the app. 

Also, the setup process may be challenging, as the instructions lack important details for certain operations and features. Despite these limitations, the camera offers good value for its price.




More Best Selling Light Bulb Security Camera

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  2. GBIUT Light Bulb Security Camera, 5G& 2.4GHz WiFi 2K:  CHECK PRICE
  3. WONLIDER Light Bulb Security Camera 5G/2.4G,PTZ 360° Panoramic:  CHECK PRICE
  4. JENNOV 2K/3MP Light Bulb Security Camera, 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi Security Camera Wireless Outdoor 360°:  CHECK PRICE
  5. NOSSLEY 5G Wifi Light Bulb Camera 360°HD:  CHECK PRICE
  6. ATSITK 1080p Outdoor Security Camera with Audio and Motion Alerts:  CHECK PRICE
  7. SMMTINE 8MP Light Bulb Security Camera,2.4G/5GHz 4K:  CHECK PRICE


How to Choose a Light Bulb Security Camera


Ensure the camera provides high-resolution video for clear and detailed images. A resolution of at least 1080p is recommended for optimal viewing.

Field of View

Consider the desired coverage area. A 360-degree camera offers a comprehensive overview, while a directional camera focuses on a specific area.

Night Vision

Night vision capabilities are crucial for monitoring at night. Look for cameras with infrared LEDs or color night vision for clear images even in darkness.

Motion Detection and Alerts

Motion detection enables instant alerts when movement is detected, alerting you to potential security breaches.

Two-Way Audio

Built-in microphones and speakers allow you to communicate with anyone in the monitored area, whether to deter intruders or check on pets.

Cloud Storage or Local Storage

Choose between cloud storage solutions for offsite backup or local storage options for offline viewing.

Compatibility with Smart Home Devices

Ensure compatibility with your existing smart home devices to integrate seamlessly with your home automation setup.


Best Security Light Bulb Camera (Reviews)- grandgoldman.com


Why you Need a Light Bulb Security Camera

  1. Protecting Entryways: Install security light bulb cameras at entrances like doors and windows to monitor for suspicious activity.
  2. Enhancing Outdoor Security: Place cameras in outdoor areas like patios, driveways, and backyards to maintain vigilance even when away.
  3. Monitoring Pets or Elderly Loved Ones: Keep an eye on your furry companions or ensure the well-being of elderly relatives with live footage.
  4. Deterring Potential Intruders: The presence of a security light bulb camera can serve as a deterrent, discouraging unwanted visitors.
  5. Extending Security Coverage: Expand your security network to additional areas with wireless light bulb cameras.


Best Light Bulb Security Camera: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is the best light bulb security camera on the market?

The best light bulb security cameras on the market include LaView, Alkivision, and  Symynelec.

Are light bulb security cameras worth it?

Light bulb security cameras can be a great investment for homeowners who want to improve their home security. They are a versatile option that can be used to provide both lighting and surveillance. Additionally, they are relatively affordable and easy to install.

What is the best security light camera?

A security light camera is a type of light bulb security camera that has a built-in security camera. This type of camera can provide both lighting and surveillance, making it a convenient and effective way to deter crime and monitor your home.

Do light bulb cameras work when the light is off?

Some light bulb security cameras can still work when the light is off, while others require the light to be on in order to function. It is important to check the specifications of the particular camera you are interested in to determine whether or not it will work when the light is off.

Can bulb camera work without wifi?

No, bulb cameras require an internet connection to function. This is because they need to communicate with the cloud in order to store footage, receive updates, and send notifications.


Best Security Light Bulb Camera (Reviews)- grandgoldman.com


Does light switch need to be on for light bulb security camera?

The light switch does not need to be on for a light bulb security camera to function. However, the light switch will need to be on in order for the light to turn on, which may be necessary in some cases.

How much electricity does a light bulb security camera use?

The amount of electricity that a light bulb security camera uses will depend on the particular model. However, most light bulb security cameras use very little electricity, comparable to a standard light bulb.

What is best night vision camera?

Several light bulb security cameras offer night vision capabilities. Some of the best night vision cameras include the TP-Link Kasa Smart Light Bulb Camera and the Wyze Bulb Color.

Do you need an SD card for a light bulb security camera?

No, you do not need an SD card for a light bulb security camera to function. However, if you want to record footage locally, you will need to purchase an SD card.



What are the disadvantages of light socket security cameras?

One of the disadvantages of light socket security cameras is that they are more susceptible to tampering than other types of security cameras. Additionally, they may not be as durable as other types of cameras.

How long does the security light bulb last?

The lifespan of a security light bulb will depend on the particular model. However, most security light bulbs are designed to last for several years.

Is the light bulb camera a light too?

Yes, light bulb security cameras are also lights. They can be used to illuminate your home, both during the day and at night.

Do bulb cameras light up?

Yes, bulb cameras light up when the light is on. They can be used to provide both lighting and surveillance.

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