10 Best Treadmills for Home Gym (Reviews)

Best Treadmills for Home Gym (Reviews)
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A treadmill is the death knell for procrastination.

It leads you (or pushes you, depending on how you see it) in small strides towards your dream body.

Treadmills are also a great way to get cardio in the comfort of your own space. They offer a variety of features, including adjustable speeds, inclines, and programs. Treadmills can be used for walking, running, and jogging, and can be a good option for people with limited space.

We tested the top affordable options to find the best treadmill for home gym. Here are our hands-on reviews and choosing advice, to help you pick the ideal walking pad for your space.


Best Treadmills for Home Gym

  1. NORDICTRACK T Series - Best Treadmill for Home Use Overall
  2. CIIHI C - Best Budget Treadmill
  3. UREVO - Best Treadmill Under $1,000
  4. SPERAX - Best Treadmill for Walking
  5. AIRHOT - Best Treadmill for Running
  6. HOMETRO - Best Folding Treadmill
  7. RUNOW - Best Curved Treadmill (Manual)
  8. GOPLUS 2-in-1 - Best Compact Treadmill
  9. SUNNY HEALTH & FITNESS - Best Treadmill with incline
  10. CURSOR FITNESS - Best Treadmill with Pulse Sensor 


1. NORDICTRACK T Series: Best Treadmill for Home Use Overall

NordicTrack T Series Expertly Engineered Foldable Treadmill (1) - Best Treadmills for Home Gym Reviews - grandgoldman.com


NordicTrack T Series Treadmill: Expertly engineered for home use, this foldable treadmill offers a superior interactive training experience.

iFit Membership Inclusion: Enjoy a 30-day iFit membership with access to live and on-demand workouts. Elite trainers can adjust your equipment for a personalized experience, a $15 value.

Intelligent Control Features: With 10% OneTouch incline control and smart OneTouch speed control (up to 10 mph), iFit automatically adjusts your speed and incline through a Bluetooth connection.

Smart-Response Motor and Spacious Design: The treadmill features a Smart-Response motor for effective training. The 20" x 55" tread belt provides ample space, while FlexSelect Deck Cushioning protects your joints during workouts.

Innovative Design for Compact Storage: The Spacesaver design with EasyLift Assist allows the treadmill to fold up after use for simple storage. Additional features include an auxiliary music port and dual 2-inch speakers for entertainment. The treadmill is built to last with a 300-pound user capacity and comes with a 10-year frame assurance, 2-year parts assurance, and 1-year labor assurance.

Our Helpful review

NordicTrack T Series Expertly Engineered Foldable Treadmill (1) - Best Treadmills for Home Gym Reviews - grandgoldman.com

Assembly was a breeze, and the treadmill works perfectly for our needs. After thorough research on various treadmills, YouTube reviews, and online ratings, I settled on this model. Living in upstate New York with harsh winters, this treadmill is our go-to on snowy or rainy days. Ordered with "Room of Choice Delivery" for $20, a wise investment given the weight and a third-floor destination. Assembly was smooth with help from YouTube videos, the BILT app, and the included instructions. Everything was well-protected in the shipping box.

I don't use iFIT and prefer scenic YouTube hikes on my tablet. Turning off the iFIT app was straightforward, and the treadmill worked flawlessly. The incline, speed adjustments, and preprogrammed workouts all performed well. During the New York snowstorm, we tested the treadmill. My tablet stayed stable as long as the speed was below 6 mph. The speakers were decent, and the screen provided clear information without my glasses. I rely on my Apple watch for accurate data.

The treadmill's performance, even at 7 mph, impressed me. My wife, a first-time user, found it easy to operate and loved her walk. The treadmill is easy to stow and move around. It looks solid, and I highly recommend it for home use, especially if you don't need a fancy screen and primarily use it on days when outdoor exercise isn't possible. Perfect for a couple with a few hours of daily usage.


2. CIIHI C: Best Budget Treadmill

CIIHI C Walking Pad Treadmill Under Desk with 265lbs Capacity - Best Treadmills for Home Gym Reviews - grandgoldman.com


Dual Exercise Modes: The under desk treadmill offers both walking and running modes, making it versatile for users with different exercise preferences.

Joint-Friendly Design: Featuring advanced shock absorption technology, the treadmill reduces impact on knees and joints during running, ensuring a low-impact and safe workout experience.

Sturdy and Secure: With a weight capacity of 265 lbs, this small treadmill is designed for strength and durability, providing a stable exercise platform for a wide range of users.

Portability at its Best: Lightweight and equipped with front mobile wheels, the treadmill is easy to move. Whether at home or in the office, transportation is effortless, allowing for convenient use in different settings.

Powerful Performance: The treadmill boasts a 2.25HP motor for smooth and strong running. With a speed range of 0.6-4mph, it caters to various fitness levels, helping users achieve their desired workout intensity.

Our Helpful review

CIIHI C Walking Pad Treadmill Under Desk with 265lbs Capacity - Best Treadmills for Home Gym Reviews - grandgoldman.com

Looking for a home workout solution for the winter with limited space, I found something that fits the bill along with my new weight bench. And it's been a great find. Easy to use, the remote is handy, and it stores in a very small space. However, if you have a very long stride, this might feel a bit too small for you. Keep that in mind !


3. UREVO: Best Treadmill Under $1,000

UREVO Under Desk Treadmill, Walking Padd - Best Treadmills for Home Gym Reviews - grandgoldman.com


Double Shock Absorption: Enjoy a comfortable exercise experience with the UREVO Under Desk Treadmill's 15.7"*41.3" track, 5 layers of anti-slip belt, and 8 shock absorbers. It effectively reduces joint impact, protecting your knees.

Powerful and Silent Motor: The 2.25HP motor provides a stable 265-pound weight capacity while remaining whisper-quiet. Exercise anywhere without disturbing yourself or others.

Portable and Installation-Free Design: With a lightweight build, two front wheels, and a compact size (50"*20.4"*4.9"), this treadmill is easy to move and requires no installation. Conveniently place it under your bed or sofa to save space.

2-In-1 Walking Jogging Machine: With a speed range of 0.6-4mph, adjust it to your preference for walking or jogging. Use it under your desk for versatile workouts. The included remote control with one-key prompt sound elimination adds to the ease of use.

Multi-Function Display: Stay informed about your exercise with the LED display showing time, calories, steps, speed, and distance. Monitor your progress in real time for a clear overview of your workout data. Enjoy the added assurance of a one-year warranty and responsive after-sales support.

Our Helpful review

UREVO Under Desk Treadmill, Walking Padd - Best Treadmills for Home Gym Reviews - grandgoldman.com

I've been on the lookout for an affordable way to exercise at home, fora while, and this treadmill allows me to stay active while working. It's compact, user-friendly, and easily fits under my standing desk or in the living room, letting me catch up on TV while getting my steps in.

The setup is straightforward, and with the help of a few videos, I got it working quickly. The LCD display shows speed, time, distance, and calories burned, helping me track my progress towards daily targets. A standout feature is its lightweight design and bottom wheels, making it a breeze to move from one room to another. Apractical investment in your health and well-being, if you're looking to stay active while working.


4. SPERAX: Best Treadmill for Walking

Sperax Walking Pad,Under Desk Treadmill,Treadmills for Home,320 Lb Capacity - Best Treadmills for Home Gym Reviews - grandgoldman.com


Powerful, Quiet Motor: The Sperax Walking Pad boasts a robust 2.5HP motor, supporting up to 320 lbs while operating quietly for a disturbance-free workout at home or in the office.

LED Display & Remote Control: Equipped with a user-friendly LED display, track real-time speed, distance, time, and calories effortlessly. The remote control allows convenient speed adjustments and instant stops, with speed levels ranging from 0.6 to 3.8 MPH.

Installation-Free & Space-Saving: This treadmill comes fully assembled, ready for use straight out of the box. Its space-saving design, complete with transport wheels, makes it easy to move and store under furniture, optimizing your home space.

Non-Slip Running Belt & Shock Reduction: Enjoy a safe and free-running experience on the spacious 16.54”x39.78” rubber runner belt, designed with both shock-absorption and non-slip features to enhance stability.

Ideal for All Ages: Suitable for personal and family use, including elderly users, the Sperax Walking Pad makes for an excellent, thoughtful gift, providing a safe and enjoyable exercise option for everyone.

Our Helpful review

Sperax Walking Pad,Under Desk Treadmill,Treadmills for Home,320 Lb Capacity - Best Treadmills for Home Gym Reviews - grandgoldman.com

I've been loving this treadmill for my home office, where I pair it with my stand-up desk. It's a breeze to store on the side when not in use—just put it vertically against the wall. The size is just right, not too big or too small.

In terms of performance, it's been excellent. I've been doing 30-minute sessions throughout the day without any issues. The display is clear, showing distance, calories, time, and speed. It also comes with a simple-to-operate and effective remote – it's a solid choice.


5. AIRHOT: Best Treadmill for Running

AIRHOT Under Desk Treadmill, Walking Pad 2 in 1 for Walking and Jogging, Portable Walking Treadmill - Best Treadmills for Home Gym Reviews - grandgoldman.com


Compact and Space-Saving: The AIRHOT Under Desk Treadmill is just 4.5 inches thick, designed for easy storage with built-in wheels. Ideal for small spaces, it effortlessly fits under your desk, bed, or sofa without sacrificing functionality.

Powerful Yet Quiet Operation: With a 2.5HP motor, this treadmill supports up to 265 pounds. Operating below 45 decibels, it ensures a silent workout experience, suitable for both home and office use. Enjoy a powerful and quiet exercise routine.

Joint-Friendly Design: Featuring a spacious 40" x 16" running area, the treadmill includes 5 layers of anti-slip belts, 10 shock absorbers, and 4 rubber cushions. This design not only provides comfort but also minimizes joint impact, protecting your knees during workouts.

Durable Turf-Texture Running Belt: The non-slip turf-texture running belt maintains its grip and wear-resistant properties even during intense workouts. Ensuring safety and longevity, it offers a reliable and easy-to-clean running surface for your exercise sessions.

Smart Fitness Monitoring: The digital monitor and smart remote control facilitate easy tracking of calories burned, speed, time, and distance. With a customizable speed range of 0.6-3.7MPH, you can tailor your workout to meet your fitness goals efficiently.

Our Helpful review

AIRHOT Under Desk Treadmill, Walking Pad 2 in 1 for Walking and Jogging, Portable Walking Treadmill - Best Treadmills for Home Gym Reviews - grandgoldman.com

I really like using the treadmill after my power rack exercices . Running on it is flexible and easy on the knees, so my family and I make it a nightly routine. It's super convenient. The treadmill is compact, practical, and reasonably priced. The quality is excellent, and it operates quietly. I'm genuinely satisfied with it.

It doesn't take up much space, and my friends have mentioned how little noise it makes. The simple structure makes it perfect for home use. The AIRHOT treadmill has a great quiet effect, ensuring no disturbance to people downstairs. It also shows your calories burned, distance walked, count of steps and how long you've been walking. It allows the whole family to exercise together, I mean one after the other. Big kudos to the makers of this treadmill.


6. HOMETRO: Best Folding Treadmill

HomeTro 3.0HP Foldable Compact Treadmill,2 in 1 Walking Pad & Jogging Machine for HomeOffice - Best Treadmills for Home Gym Reviews - grandgoldman.comCHECK PRICE

Versatile Fitness Options: HomeTro 3.0HP Treadmill offers both fast running and under-the-desk walking with a speed range of 0-8.7 mph, providing flexibility in your workout routine.

Powerful and Quiet Operation: Equipped with a 3.0 HP motor, this portable treadmill supports up to 265lbs, ensuring a strong and stable performance. Enjoy a quiet workout experience, ideal for home, apartment, or office use.

Safety and Comfort Priority: The 5-layer anti-slip shock-absorbing running belt ensures joint and muscle protection. The treadmill features sturdy armrests for balance, and a safety key for instant shutdown in emergencies.

Convenient Control and Monitoring: Easily adjust speed and stop using the remote control. Dual LED displays offer real-time progress feedback. Smart APP integration allows you to record workout data and participate in group running events.

Assembly-Free and Space-Saving: The HomeTro treadmill requires no assembly, making it hassle-free to start your fitness journey. Its compact, foldable design and transport wheels make storage and relocation effortless. Enjoy a 12-month warranty and 24/7 customer support for added peace of mind.

Our Helpful review

HomeTro 3.0HP Foldable Compact Treadmill,2 in 1 Walking Pad & Jogging Machine for HomeOffice - Best Treadmills for Home Gym Reviews - grandgoldman.com

It performs well and is compact. The remote control adds convenience, reaching a fairly fast running speed. The handles are a nice touch when walking.

Regarding drawbacks (though they don't overshadow the advantages): it doesn't store upright; using wheels for movement requires bending almost to the ground, which is awkward; constant loud beeps accompany every button push and can't be turned off; the LED lights on the handle are non-adjustable.

Overall, I recommend it as a good compact treadmill. I'm 6'1", and it suits my stride, though I wouldn't prefer it any smaller.



7. RUNOW: Best Curved Treadmill (Manual)

RUNOW Curved Treadmill, Non-Electric Motorized Treadmill for Commercial & Home Running - Best Treadmills for Home Gym Reviews - grandgoldman.com


Enhanced Calorie Burn: The RUNOW Curved Treadmill allows you to run at your own pace, burning 30% more calories compared to traditional treadmills, without impacting your joints.

User-Friendly Design: This manual treadmill requires no electricity, offering easy speed adjustment for activities like sprinting, jogging, and HIIT training. With convenient features like transport wheels, cup holder, and four-speed manual resistance adjustment, it caters to diverse fitness plans.

Versatile Application: Ideal for athletes, runners, sports enthusiasts, office workers, and seniors, the curved treadmill is simple to operate, eliminating the need to wait for acceleration or deceleration. Even the elderly can exercise freely.

LCD Monitoring: The 5” mini LCD screen on the curved treadmill tracks essential workout data, including time, distance, calories, watt, speed, pace, and resistance level (L1-L4), helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Reliable Build and Service: Constructed with durable metal and crawler rubber for effective shock absorption, the curved treadmill is easy to maintain and assemble, ensuring a low maintenance cost and long service life. Additionally, a two-year warranty underscores our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Contact us anytime for superior support.

Our Helpful review

RUNOW Curved Treadmill, Non-Electric Motorized Treadmill for Commercial & Home Running - Best Treadmills for Home Gym Reviews - grandgoldman.com

Recently, I got my hands on this RUNOW apparatus, which is pretty solid and sturdy overall.

Starting with the cons, unboxing is a bit of a challenge. Having some assistance can speed things up; assembling it alone took me a while. Despite not being handy, I managed it, and I believe anyone can. The Amazon app's checkout offers professional assembly, which initially gave me peace of mind about the final price. However, doubts crept in. Despite reassurance from customer service, both a call and a chat revealed that my location and the delivery courier didn't support professional assembly.

On the positive side, it's well-packed, adding weight, so getting help is a good idea. Watching a YouTube video for assembly is recommended as the manual lacks detail. The professional-quality material makes it suitable for both home and commercial gyms. Longevity is ensured with proper care. Though heavy, it signifies high-quality equipment, making the investment worthwhile compared to pricier/cheap branded alternatives seen on social media. I still recommend it, provided you approach the purchase, unboxing, and assembly smartly.



8. GOPLUS 2-in-1: Best Compact Treadmill

Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill, 2.25HP Superfit Under Desk Electric Treadmill - Best Treadmills for Home Gym Reviews - grandgoldman.com


Versatile 2-in-1 Design: Goplus Superfit treadmill offers two modes, functioning as a jogging machine or a running treadmill, catering to diverse fitness preferences.

Powerful and Quiet Operation: Equipped with a robust 2.25HP motor, the treadmill operates quietly, ensuring an uninterrupted workout experience at home or in the office without disturbing others.

Comfortable and Informative Display: The non-slip running belt with a 5-layer texture provides a spacious and safe running area. The multifunctional LED display shows real-time data, including time, speed, distance, and calories, enhancing your workout monitoring.

Entertainment and Convenience Features: Featuring a Bluetooth speaker, phone holder, remote control, and app control, the treadmill offers entertainment options like music and video streaming. The remote control facilitates speed adjustments, while the app records exercise data for comprehensive tracking.

Compact and Easy to Store: The treadmill's foldable design and built-in transport wheels make it effortlessly movable and easy to store, saving space in your home or office. Additionally, it comes pre-assembled, eliminating the need for installation.

Our Helpful review

Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill, 2.25HP Superfit Under Desk Electric Treadmill - Best Treadmills for Home Gym Reviews - grandgoldman.com

I found this foldable treadmill to be exactly what I needed. I wanted a slim walking pad for a few reasons: 1. to start walking in the morning without changing into outdoor clothes, especially in winter, and walk in the evenings while watching Netflix to avoid being a couch bum, 2. to use as a walking desk during work meetings, and 3. as something I could occasionally run on.

Setting it up was a breeze - I plugged in the emergency tag, applied the provided lubricant, and turned it on. The Bluetooth feature works, though I don't use it often. I prefer keeping the bars up and adding wood slats to make it a desk, but it easily breaks down flat if needed. Tools and instructions are provided for adjusting the belt, which naturally shifts over time. It's a bit heavier than expected, but that's beneficial for running. 

When folded, it's genuinely slim and can easily fit under my bed, but I prefer to keep it set up for convenience. It's worth the investment, overall.



9. SUNNY HEALTH & FITNESS: Treadmill with incline

Sunny Health & Fitness Premium Treadmill with Auto Incline - Best Treadmills for Home Gym Reviews - grandgoldman.com


Double Deck Technology for Stability: Benefit from the stability of the double deck running surface, integrated shock absorption system, and cushioned design, ensuring unparalleled support for low-impact training.

Versatile Incline Options: Explore 12 incline levels (0-12%) with the auto incline button, effortlessly elevating your workout for a challenging session and helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Real-Time Heart Rate Tracking: Maximize workout efficacy with real-time heart rate monitoring, ensuring you maintain optimal intensity and align your effort with your fitness aspirations.

Quick Access Speed Buttons: Conveniently select speeds with dedicated buttons for 2mph, 4mph, 6mph, and 8mph. From beginners to seasoned runners, effortlessly find the perfect pace for your fitness journey.

Integrated BMI Calculator and More: Stay on top of your fitness journey with an integrated BMI calculator for body composition tracking. Additionally, enjoy built-in speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, and three countdown modes for a motivated and tracked workout experience.

Our Helpful review

Sunny Health & Fitness Premium Treadmill with Auto Incline - Best Treadmills for Home Gym Reviews - grandgoldman.com

Setting up the treadmill was a breeze – it comes mostly assembled, just a few screws needed. It's not the quietest, and the Bluetooth isn't loud enough over the treadmill noise when watching Netflix. The belt is thinner than commercial gym ones, but no tripping issues.

The treadmill operates well and was easy to set up, though it took two people to bring it inside due to its weight. It's not noisy, but the walking space is a bit narrow. Works fine for me, but if you have a large stride, it might not be suitable. I'd buy it again, especially for the easy speed and incline adjustments. It's a solid budget treadmill. The incline isn't very steep, but it widely gets the job done.



10. CURSOR FITNESS: Best Treadmill with Pulse Sensor

CURSOR FITNESS Home Folding Treadmill with Pulse Sensor - Best Treadmills for Home Gym Reviews - grandgoldman.com


Quiet Brushless Motor: The CURSOR FITNESS Home Folding Treadmill features a powerful brushless motor with 2.5 HP, delivering efficient and low-maintenance operation. It operates quietly, emitting only 40-65 dB of noise, ensuring a disturbance-free workout environment for you and your neighbors.

Real-time Heart Rate Monitoring: Keep track of your heart rate during workouts with the built-in handrail heart sensors. This feature ensures that you exercise with precision and efficiency, optimizing the benefits of your fitness routine.

Digital LED Console: The treadmill's digital LED console provides real-time updates on your workout progress, displaying essential metrics such as time, speed, distance, calories burned, and heart rate. Choose from 12 preset programs or customize your own workout routine for a personalized fitness experience.

Spacious Running Area: Enjoy a comfortable workout experience with the treadmill's spacious 15.4 x 40.2” running belt, offering ample leg and elbow space. This feature caters to the comfort of not only individuals but also family members and pets who may join in on your exercise routine.

CursorCare Service and 5-Year Warranty: Benefit from the dedicated CursorCare service team based in Los Angeles, providing 24/7 support and ensuring 100% satisfaction throughout your shopping and usage experience. Additionally, the CURSOR FITNESS Treadmill comes with an extended 5-year warranty, covering the frame structure for 5 years and parts for 1 year, guaranteeing worry-free usage backed by reliable customer support.

Our Helpful review

CURSOR FITNESS Home Folding Treadmill with Pulse Sensor - Best Treadmills for Home Gym Reviews - grandgoldman.com

My wife and I got this treadmill for our new home gym. We needed something light and easy to move around for our daily steps. This treadmill completes his mission perfectly, enabling us to get the exercise we wanted.

Setting it up was a breeze, and we were walking on it within 10-15 minutes. I'd give it a 10/10, and I'd definitely buy it again. If you're looking for a straightforward treadmill without any extras, consider getting this unit ASAP.



Other Top Treadmills

  • YAGUD Compact Under Desk Treadmill & Walking Pad:  CHECK PRICE
  • YDZJY Walking Treadmill for Home & Office:  CHECK PRICE
  • REDLIRO Mini, Best Portable Treadmill:  CHECK PRICE
  • BINFANUO Portable Under Desk Treadmill:  CHECK PRICE
  • XTERRA Fitness TR Folding Treadmill:  CHECK PRICE


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How to Choose a Treadmill for Home Gym

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a treadmill for your home gym. Here are a few tips:


Determine how much space you have in your home gym. Treadmills come in a variety of sizes, so you can find one that fits your space.


Treadmills range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Consider your budget when making your decision.


Decide which features are important to you, such as adjustable speeds, inclines, and programs.


Choose a treadmill that is well-made and will last for years to come.


Best Treadmills for Home Gym Reviews - grandgoldman.com


When to Consider a Treadmill for Home Gym (Benefits)

Treadmills offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Convenience: Treadmills allow you to get your cardio in anytime, whether it's early in the morning or late at night.
  • Safety: Treadmills are a safe way to get cardio, as they have safety features such as a sensor that will stop the belt if you fall.
  • Variety: Treadmills offer a variety of workout options with auto inclines, so you can keep your trainings interesting.


Treadmills Types

There are two main types of treadmills: traditional and curved.

Traditional treadmills

Traditional treadmills have a flat belt that runs on a motor. They are the most common type of treadmill.

Curved treadmills

Curved treadmills have a curved belt that is powered by the user's own momentum. They are said to be more comfortable and efficient than traditional treadmills.


Best Treadmill for Home Gym FAQ


What type of treadmill is best for home use?

The best type of treadmill for home use depends on your individual needs and preferences. However, traditional treadmills are typically the most popular option for home gyms. They offer a variety of features, including adjustable speeds, inclines, and programs.

Is a treadmill worth it for a home gym?

A treadmill can be a great addition to a home gym, offering convenient and effective cardio workouts. However, it is important to consider your budget and space limitations before making a purchase.

What brand of treadmills do most gyms use?

Commercial treadmills are typically used in gyms. Popular brands include Life Fitness, Precor, and Technogym. These treadmills are designed to withstand heavy use and provide a comfortable and supportive workout experience.


SEKODAY Silicone Treadmill Belt Lubricants/Lubes | 4.2 Ounce, High Temperature Resistant and Stable Lubricant,with Hard Application Tubes and Precision Screw Caps for Easy Use - Best Treadmills for Home Gym Reviews - grandgoldman.com

SEKODAY Silicone Treadmill Belt Lubricant  |  CHECK PRICE


What is the best heavy duty treadmill for 2024?

There are many great heavy-duty treadmills on the market, but some of the top contenders include the Sole F85, NordicTrack Commercial 2950, and ProForm Performance 795t. These treadmills offer a combination of durability, performance, and features.

Are cheap treadmills worth it?

Cheap treadmills may be tempting due to their low price, but they often lack the durability and features of higher-end models. If you plan to use your treadmill regularly, it is worth investing in a more quality product.

How much should you pay for a home treadmill?

Treadmill prices can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The price you pay will depend on the features and quality of the treadmill.

Do treadmills burn belly fat?

While treadmills can help you burn calories, which can contribute to weight loss, they are not specifically targeted at burning belly fat. To effectively target belly fat, you need to combine cardio with strength training and a healthy diet.



Is it OK to just do treadmill every day?

While it is generally safe to use a treadmill every day, it is important to vary your workout routine to avoid overuse injuries. Aim for a mix of cardio and strength training exercises.

Do treadmills use a lot of electricity?

On average, treadmills use about 600 to 700 watts of electricity. Using a treadmill for 3 hours a week will use about 101.4 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. The electricity consumption of a treadmill depends on factors such as the speed, motor size, and user's weight. Running faster puts more strain on the motor and draws more electricity. 

Is a treadmill better than a bike for home gym?

Both treadmills and bikes are great options for home gyms. The best option for you will depend on your individual preferences and goals. Treadmills are better for simulating running outdoors, while bikes can be more comfortable for longer workouts.

Is it better to walk on a treadmill or naturally?

Walking on a treadmill is just as effective as walking naturally, if not more so. Treadmills can provide a more controlled workout environment, which can be beneficial for beginners or people with joint issues.

Is a treadmill better than a workout?

No, treadmills are not better than workouts. A well-rounded workout should include a combination of cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises.

Is treadmill better than lifting weights?

Treadmills and weightlifting are both effective forms of exercise, but they target different muscle groups. Treadmills work your lower body and heart, while weightlifting works your upper and lower body muscles.

What you need to know before buying a treadmill?

Before buying a treadmill, consider the following factors: budget, space, features, durability, and warranty.

What is better than a treadmill?

There is no single "better" exercise option, as the best exercise for you will depend on your individual needs and goals. A combination of cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises is the best way to achieve overall fitness.

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Weather Stations  |  Smart Outdoor Lighting  |  Enhancing Home Security with Outdoor Lights  |  Smart Sprinkler Systems for Automation  |  Weather-based Lawn Maintenance Automation  |  Smart Outdoor Camera Placement TIps  |  Automatic Garage Doors  |  How to build a Secure Smart Garage  |  Entry Gates Guide

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Kevin Wing

Kevin is a stalwart when it comes to fitness and health, with a track record spanning over a decade. As a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist, his passion shines through in every article. Kevin's journey, from competitive bodybuilding to holistic wellness, now allows him to share his understanding of nutrition and training.


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