7 Best Cable Machines for Home Gym (Functional Trainers)

7 Best Cable Machines for Home Gym (Functional Trainers)
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We heard you're looking to add strength training to your home gym.

Cable machines are the icing on the cake for a complete home gym setup. They have a wide range of exercises targeting all major muscle groups, for a congestion worthy of Hercules. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the different types of cable machines, the factors to consider when choosing one, and the benefits of using a cable machine for your home workouts. 

But first, here are our opinions on the best cable machines for home gyms on the market. We unearthed them during laborious selection and testing, to help you find the perfect one.

What are the Best Cable Machines for Home Gyms ?

  1. SPEEDIANCE All-in-one Smart Home Gym - Best Overall
  2. SYEDEE Cable Crossover Machine - Best value
  3. BOWFLEX PR3000 - Best Multifunction
  4. GDLF LAT Pulldown Machine - Best price
  5. DONOW Cable Crossover Machine - Best for Full Body
  6. SIGNATURE Fitness - Most versatile
  7. FITNESS REALITY All-in-one Rack - Best for Garage Gym

1. SPEEDIANCE All-in-one Smart Home Gym: Best Overall

Speediance All-in-One Smart Home Gym, Smart Fitness Trainer Equipment, Total Body Resistance Training Machine, Strength Training Machine - Best Cable Machine for Home Gyms - grandgoldman.com


Revolutionary All-in-One Design: Speediance redefines home workouts with a smart fitness trainer that seamlessly integrates cardio and strength training. Enjoy a comprehensive full-body workout from the comfort of your home.

High-Performance Digital Weight System: Experience the convenience and reliability of Speediance's digital weight system, ensuring a smooth and effective workout every time.

Space-Efficient, Versatile Training: With up to 220 lbs of adaptive resistance, 500+ moves, and 180+ workouts, Speediance maximizes possibilities while minimizing space requirements. Customizable modes like Freelift and partner mode offer a personalized workout experience.

Innovative Ski Mode for Elevated Cardio: Take cardio to new heights with Speediance's Ski Mode, featuring two ski handles and 10 customizable height settings. Transform your workout into a dynamic ski erg experience for efficient and exhilarating cardio sessions.

Ready-to-Use Standing Design: Unbox and start your workout instantly with Speediance's all-in-one standing design. No assembly, drilling, or wall mounting is required, ensuring a hassle-free fitness journey.

Warranty for Peace of Mind: Enjoy a 24-month warranty for the machine and a 12-month warranty for accessories, starting from the date of purchase. Replacement parts are available for purchase after the warranty period, ensuring lasting support for your fitness investment.

Our Helpful review

Speediance All-in-One Smart Home Gym, Smart Fitness Trainer Equipment, Total Body Resistance Training Machine, Strength Training Machine - Best Cable Machine for Home Gyms - grandgoldman.com

I recently got the Speediance Smart Gym, and I'm thrilled with it.

The gym is user-friendly and packed with smart design features, both in hardware and software, making it incredibly versatile for various workouts. I sync it effortlessly with my Apple fitness/watch, and the presence of the Speediance app adds to the convenience.

The ability to have multiple family profiles is a standout feature, since we all use it regularly in my household. The customer service is highly responsive, and the delivery was surprisingly fast—it arrived in just a few days, much earlier than expected. In my humble opinion, this gym competes admirably with the more well-known Tonal, considering initial and ongoing costs, efficient use of space, and ease of installation/mobility.

Taking advantage of the current promotion offering a free lifetime membership made it an easy decision for me. Given my budget, this was a significant investment, and after thorough research, I have no regrets. The software and workout library continue to improve, and I hope they add subtitles functionality during workouts soon.

2. SYEDEE Cable Crossover Machine: Best value

SYEDEE Cable Crossover Machine, syedee Functional Trainer with 17 Height Positions, Cable Fly Machine, 350lbs Home Gym Equipment with Pulley System - Best Cable Machine for Home Gyms - grandgoldman.com


Stability and Compact Design: Occupying just 20 square feet, this cable crossover machine is a powerhouse in a compact form. Constructed with robust 50mm x 50mm 16-gauge steel, it boasts a 350 lbs weight capacity, ensuring durability. Its dimensions of 52 x 56 x 82 inches (L x W x H) make it perfect for any home gym corner.

Free Attachments for Full-Body Workout: Included are three free accessories - Lat pull-down bar, Row bar, and 2 Strap Cable Handles, providing versatility for a complete workout. The multi-handles pull-up bar allows for various grip options, making it an all-in-one solution without the need for additional equipment.

Ultra-Smooth Pulley System: Experience a seamless training session with the upgraded pulley system featuring high-quality pulleys and 17 height positions on each side. The addition of 4 rolling bearings on the weight holder ensures a smooth and quiet pull-down, enhancing your training routine.

High Storage Capacity: Keep your space organized with top bar hooks and 3 storage hooks for lat pull bar organization. Two weight storage poles maintain accessibility, enabling quick weight changes while enhancing stability during workouts.

Our Helpful review

SYEDEE Cable Crossover Machine, syedee Functional Trainer with 17 Height Positions, Cable Fly Machine, 350lbs Home Gym Equipment with Pulley System - Best Cable Machine for Home Gyms - grandgoldman.com

Out of the box, this model is pretty standard.

The 8-page booklet dedicates 6 pages to the build, straightforward if you've ever assembled something boxed before. Dimensions were spot on. The 4 points connecting the pulleys function smoothly. Compared to my old pin stack machine, the pulley action is sturdier, and the motion is incredibly smooth. The rails for the weights are also slick. The materials used are top-notch, giving you more bang for your buck.

Now, for some constructive feedback. The shrouds covering the weight pins for Olympic plate holes are made of cheap plastic, and the set screw sticks out. It takes a little push to get the plates flush. For taller individuals (I'm 5'8", so not a big issue for me), the handheld pulleys on the rails don't reach the top hole. The double pulley is too long, preventing access to the final adjustment with a hole. Flipping the pulley doesn't work; it interferes with the weight load on the springs. Not a deal-breaker for most, but something to keep in mind.

One more thing: if you don't load weights onto the lower pins, the machine lifts during lower pulley exercises. Front anchor points should be an option, but I wedged a 2x3 between the beam and the machine to stabilize it permanently. Despite these minor quirks, I'd rate it a solid 10/10, especially considering the price.

3. BOWFLEX PR3000: Best Multifunction

BowFlex PR3000 Home Gym - Best Cable Machine for Home Gyms - grandgoldman.comCHECK PRICE

Powerful Resistance Options: Experience versatile workouts with Power Rod resistance ranging from 5 to 210 lbs, catering to various fitness levels and exercise preferences.

Multi-Use Hand Grip/Ankle Cuffs: Maximize flexibility and performance with the Quick Change Power Rod system, featuring adaptable hand grip/ankle cuffs for a wide range of exercises.

Upgradeable Resistance: Elevate your fitness journey with the option to upgrade Power Rod resistance to an impressive 310 lbs, providing room for progression and increased challenge.

Durable Construction: Built with a heavy-duty steel frame, the BowFlex PR3000 ensures long-term durability, making it a reliable companion for your fitness endeavors.

Efficient Pulley System: Streamline your workout routine with the no-change cable pulley system, enabling quick transitions between exercises. An instructional workout placard is included to guide you through effective workouts, ensuring you make the most of your home gym experience.

Our Helpful review

BowFlex PR3000 Home Gym - Best Cable Machine for Home Gyms - grandgoldman.com

There was a killer deal on home treadmills and fitness gear just before the Coronavirus lockdowns hit. Worried that our gym would close, my husband and I snagged this Bowflex PR3000 for a sweet $489. The box arrived the next Saturday via express delivery. It was a hefty package, but with a couple of hand trucks, we got it where we wanted. Assembling it was a breeze, taking my husband about 2.5 hours with basic assembly skills.

We tested the machine, and it was well-designed. The real challenge came the next day when we did a full workout. While it can't mimic the feel of iron weights, the Bowflex offers a unique workout. It's challenging, and though it takes more reps, it delivers resistance that has strengthened and toned us. 



My husband believes it requires more reps to feel properly tired, but he's satisfied with the results. The PR3000's manual is helpful, but you'll need some imagination for additional muscle groups. Unlike machine weights, the Bowflex resistance isn't on a fixed path, making you exert force to move the resistance and maintain the arc for the exercise, ultimately making you stronger.

Switching between exercises is quick, way faster than waiting for machines at a crowded gym. We added on the abdominal crunch attachment, the ex curl bar, and the 310 lb upgrade, enhancing our workout variety. Originally a lockdown solution, the PR3000 has become our preferred way to work out. It's a time-saver compared to the commercial gym, and while it's not the ultimate solution for bodybuilders, it's perfect for those aiming to get fit and reasonably strong.

4. GDLF LAT Pulldown Machine: Best price

GDLF LAT Pull Down Machine Low Row Cable Fitness Exercise Body Workout Strength Training Bar Machine - Best Cable Machine for Home Gyms - grandgoldman.comCHECK PRICE

Targeted Muscle Development: Specifically designed for strength training, this machine effectively targets the latissimus dorsi muscle, promoting its development through downward rotation and depression of the scapulae, combined with adduction and extension of the shoulder joint.

Adjustable Foam Rollers: Enjoy a customized workout with 4-position adjustable foam rollers that accommodate different heights, ensuring a secure lock-in position for high pulley lat exercises. These rollers prevent the body from lifting due to resistance attached to the bar.

Versatile Seat Height Adjustment: Personalize your workout experience with 4 adjustable positions for the seat height, catering to individual requirements and providing optimal comfort during exercise.

High and Low Pulley Stations: Benefit from both high and low pulley stations, allowing you to efficiently work various muscle groups, including biceps, forearms, lats, shoulders, traps, and triceps. The design ensures safe and effective workouts.

Comprehensive Upper Body Strengthening: This machine not only develops upper body strength but also targets key muscle groups like biceps, latissimus dorsi, and rear deltoids, making it an ideal choice for a comprehensive upper body workout with a focus on the pulling motion.

Our Helpful review

GDLF LAT Pull Down Machine Low Row Cable Fitness Exercise Body Workout Strength Training Bar Machine - Best Cable Machine for Home Gyms - grandgoldman.com

This lat pulldown machine is a steal for the price. I couldn't believe the value it offers. Let me break it down for you.

First off, assembling this thing was a breeze. The instructions are straightforward, and I managed to put together 99% of it by myself. Had my 13-year-old son lend a hand to hold the base while I attached it. If you've got a ratchet with the right-sized socket and an adjustable crescent, assembly is a walk in the park.

Secondly, the machine is both sturdy and light. I assembled it away from its final spot and moved it effortlessly. The narrow base is a space-saver, perfect for those with limited room. Just a heads up, it might slide during facepulls due to its lighter weight. I fixed this by placing two 65lbs dumbbells on each side, giving it the stability it needed.

Now, a friendly heads-up for taller folks like me (I'm 6'3" and 265 lbs). While the machine feels rock-solid, taller individuals may need a slight lean to get a full stretch during lat pulls. Not a deal-breaker for me, but if you're 6 feet and above, consider your reach. I highly recommend this lat machine. It ticks all the boxes – great price, compact footprint, and solid weight capacity. A fantastic addition to my home gym and now a staple in my workout routine.

5. DONOW Cable Crossover Machine: Best Full Body

DONOW Cable Crossover Machine, Cable Fly Machine Home Gym System Workout Station with Dual Pulley System Pull-Up Bar Cable - Best Cable Machine for Home Gyms - grandgoldman.com


All-In-One Design: The DONOW cable crossover machine is a comprehensive home gym system equipped with essential accessories, including a triceps rope, seated row/chin bar, lat bar, revolving straight bar, 2 nylon cable handles, and 2 snaplock hooks.

Heavy-Duty Construction: Crafted from commercial-grade steel with 15-gauge thickness, the DN-5011 ensures stability and safety during your workouts. Weighing over 200lbs, it provides a secure exercise environment. The gym-sized design (H81”, W79.7”, D56”) offers versatility for a range of exercises.

Dual Cable System: Boasting nylon-coated cables and two high-quality independent pulleys, the cable pulley system ensures a smooth workout experience. The dual stirrup handles with rolling bearings can be easily adjusted to 16 height positions, facilitating various cable exercises.


myprotein discount


Full Body Home Gym: Target different muscle groups with tricep pulldowns, overhead tricep lifts, arm curls, standing and close row exercises, as well as chin-ups and lat pull-downs. Achieve a complete workout from the comfort of your home.

Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a lifetime limited warranty, demonstrating the machine's durability. All accessory replacements are free during the warranty period. Elevate your home gym experience with this reliable and versatile cable fly machine.

6. SIGNATURE Fitness: Most versatile

Signature Fitness Multifunctional Home Gym System Workout Station with Leg Extension and Preacher Curl, Multiple Versions - Best Cable Machine for Home Gyms - grandgoldman.com


High Quality Construction: Crafted from durable steel and featuring a robust pulley system, the Cable Crossover Machine ensures longevity and reliability in your home gym setup. The inclusion of two premium handles enhances your workout experience.

Large Capacity Plate Holder: Accommodating 2-inch Olympic iron plates and bumper plates, the weight plate holder boasts a generous 9-inch size. With an impressive overall weight capacity of 1000 lbs, this home gym system provides ample room for your strength training needs.

Space-Efficient Design: With dimensions measuring 102 inches in width and 79 inches in height, this multifunctional workout station is a space-efficient addition to your home gym. Optimize your workout space without compromising on versatility.

Versatile Workout Options: Target various muscle groups and enhance coordination with a range of balance-improving exercises. From abs and biceps to triceps and pectorals, this machine offers versatile workout options to suit your fitness goals.

Our Helpful review

Signature Fitness Multifunctional Home Gym System Workout Station with Leg Extension and Preacher Curl, Multiple Versions - Best Cable Machine for Home Gyms - grandgoldman.com

I checked out loads of reviews before making my purchase, and they all echoed the same sentiments, so I thought I'd share my take on it. Assembling this thing is a bit of a puzzle, but it's doable.

First off, the instructions consist only of photos of the finished steps. There's no accompanying text guiding you through the process. When it comes to connecting the cables, start at the end with the largest point and work your way back pulley by pulley. I made the mistake of doing it the other way and had to redo the whole thing.

The set arrives in several boxes, neatly labeled 1, 2, and so on. However, the parts are all mixed up among the boxes. To get everything you need, be prepared to open ALL the boxes, including the smaller ones inside the larger ones. The setup steps don't align with the box numbers. One thing to note is that the set comes straight from China, and they've hurried the powder coating on the metal. Expect black powder everywhere. Give it a good clean before putting it to use.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed. It's well-built for the price, although setting it up can be a bit tricky. On the bright side, my set had all the necessary parts in the box.

On the downside: I'd suggest replacing the handles that come with it. They're a bit on the cheap side.

As for the perks: All the moving parts collaborate seamlessly, so you won't find yourself swapping cables or making modifications to switch between workouts.

7. FITNESS REALITY All-in-one Rack: Best for Garage Gym

Fitness Reality Squat Rack Power Cage with  Optional LAT Pulldown & Leg Holdown Attachment  Squat and Bench Rack Combos 2 - Best Cable Machine for Home Gyms - grandgoldman.com


Cable Crossover and Lat Pull Down Combo: Upgrade your Fitness Reality Power Rack with this ultimate combo package, incorporating the benefits of a traditional cable crossover and a lat pull down system, complete with an adjustable leg hold down bar for versatile workouts.

Space-Saving & Compatibility: Designed to fit seamlessly inside existing Fitness Reality Cages, this option is the most space-saving on the market. Compatible with various Fitness Reality racks, including SKU# 2810 (810 XLT), 2808 (Black and Red), 2809 (half rack), and 2827 racks.

Dozens of Exercises & Workouts: Enhance your Fitness Reality Cage's value by adding numerous exercises to your routine. From lat pull downs and seated rows to chest flies, curls, tricep extensions, and more, diversify your workout for optimal fitness results.

Flex Handles for Comfort: Enjoy freedom of movement with flex handles, reducing stress on wrist, elbow, and shoulder joints during linear or rotational lifts. The adjustable length feature ensures comfort, featuring premium steel D-Rings, thick Nylon webbing, and heavy-duty stitching for durability.

True 1:1 Pulley Weight Ratio: Experience a rare and reliable 1:1 pulley weight ratio, ensuring that 100 lbs of weight produces 100 pounds of actual resistance. Eliminate the uncertainty of mechanical advantages or disadvantages, providing accurate strength assessment for effective workouts.

Our Helpful review

Fitness Reality Squat Rack Power Cage with  Optional LAT Pulldown & Leg Holdown Attachment  Squat and Bench Rack Combos 2 - Best Cable Machine for Home Gyms - grandgoldman.com

I've been lifting on and off throughout my life, and at 73, I realized it was high time to get back into it after a 20-year break. I recently got this rack and had it set up in just about 30 minutes – the assembly was pretty easy, and I managed to do it all by myself.

The packaging was top-notch, and the rack arrived in perfect condition. No scratches or dents anywhere, and the paint and metal parts were flawless. I opted for upgraded J-Hooks beforehand because the stock ones lacked rubber padding and didn't suit my preferences. A minor drawback, considering the rack's affordable price.

I usually lift solo, without a spotter. While I felt confident doing so at 55, I've become more cautious with the passing years. That's why the 1" spotting bars are perfect for added safety. Now, I can push myself for that last rep without worrying about potential injuries if I can't complete the lift.

Although I no longer aim for max weight, focusing on 6 to 15 reps instead, this rack seems sturdy enough to support 600 pounds if needed. While it might be overkill for Olympic weightlifting, it's an excellent addition to your home gym if you're like me and just want a reliable setup. Just be sure to pair it with a solid bench, and you won't be disappointed.


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How to Choose a Cable Machine for Home Gym

Cable machines are a great addition to any home gym, as they allow you to perform a wide variety of exercises that can target all of your major muscle groups. However, with so many different cable machines on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.

Here are the key considerations when choosing the best cable machine for your home gym.

1. The Different Types of Cable Machines

There are two main types of cable machines: wall-mounted and freestanding. Wall-mounted cable machines are the most compact and space-efficient option, but they may not be as versatile as freestanding machines. Freestanding cable machines offer more flexibility in terms of placement and movement, but they may take up more space.

2. Weight Capacity and Pulleys

When choosing a cable machine, you will need to consider the weight capacity and pulleys. The weight capacity is the maximum amount of weight that the machine can safely lift. The pulleys are the wheels that the cable runs through. There are two main types of pulleys: single-stack and double-stack. Single-stack pulleys offer more resistance, while double-stack pulleys offer more versatility.

3. Attachments

Some cable machines come with a variety of attachments, such as a lat pulldown bar, a low-row cable, and a preacher curl bar. These attachments can help you to target different muscle groups and perform a wider variety of exercises.

4. Price

Cable machines range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The price will depend on the features of the machine, such as the weight capacity, pulleys, attachments, and brand name.


Best Cable Machine for Home Gyms - grandgoldman.com


When to Consider a Cable Machine for Your Home Gym (Benefits)

If you are looking for a versatile and functional piece of equipment for your home gym, a cable machine is a great option. Here are some reasons why you might consider a cable machine for your home gym:

  • Versatile: Cable machines can be used to perform a wide variety of exercises, which helps to target all of your major muscle groups.
  • Functional: Cable machines can be used to perform functional movements that mimic everyday activities.
  • Compact: Cable machines can be folded up and stored easily, making them a great option for small homes.
  • Durable: Cable machines are built to last, so you can expect to get many years of use out of them.

If you are looking for a way to improve your fitness at home, a cable machine is a great investment. With its versatility, functionality, and durability, a cable machine can help you to achieve your fitness goals.


Frequently Asked Questions about Cable Machines for Home Gyms (FAQ)

Are cable machines good for home gyms?

Yes, cable machines are excellent additions to home gyms, offering versatility, functionality, and a wide range of exercises for strengthening all major muscle groups. Their compact footprint and adjustable pulley positions make them ideal for even small home exercise spaces.

What is the best cable workout machine?

The "best" cable workout machine depends on individual needs and preferences. However, some top-rated and highly recommended cable machines for home gyms include the REP Fitness Ares, Force USA MyRack Cable Crossover Attachment, and MAXPRO SC Portable Cable Machine.



What is the best workout equipment for a home gym?

A well-rounded home gym should include a variety of equipment, including a cable machine, dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, and stability balls. The specific equipment you choose will depend on your fitness goals and preferences.

What is the best workout machine for at home?

A cable machine is a versatile and effective option for home workouts, offering a wide range of exercises for all major muscle groups. It's suitable for both beginners and experienced exercisers, and its compact design makes it ideal for smaller home spaces.

What is a disadvantage of cable machines?

One potential disadvantage of cable machines is that they may not provide the same stability as free weights. This can be challenging for certain exercises, such as squats and presses. However, cable machines offer other benefits, such as increased range of motion and reduced risk of injury.


Best Cable Machine for Home Gyms - grandgoldman.com


Can I build muscle just with a cable machine?

Yes, you can build muscle using a cable machine alone. Cable machines provide a variety of exercises that target all major muscle groups, and they can be used to effectively overload those muscles. However, combining cable exercises with other forms of resistance training, such as using dumbbells or barbells, can provide a more comprehensive workout and yield faster results.

Are cable machines worth it?

Cable machines are a worthwhile investment for home gyms, offering versatility, functionality, and effectiveness in building muscle and strength. They can be used to perform a wide range of exercises, targeting all major muscle groups, and they provide a challenging workout that can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Is cable better than dumbbells?

Both cable machines and dumbbells offer unique benefits for strength training. Dumbbells allow for more freedom of movement and unilateral training, while cable machines provide constant tension throughout the range of motion. Ultimately, the best choice for you depends on your individual preferences and fitness goals.

Are cables better than weights?

Cable machines and weights are both effective tools for strength training, and the best choice for you depends on your individual needs and preferences. Cable machines offer constant tension throughout the range of motion, which can be beneficial for certain exercises. However, dumbbells allow for more freedom of movement and unilateral training, which can be beneficial for developing balance and coordination.



Why cable machines are better than free weights?

Cable machines offer several advantages over free weights, including:

  • Constant tension: Cable machines provide constant tension throughout the range of motion, which can lead to greater muscle engagement and strength gains.
  • Reduced risk of injury: Cable machines can help to reduce the risk of injury, as they provide resistance in both directions, which can help to stabilize the joints.
  • Variety of exercises: Cable machines can be used to perform a wide variety of exercises, which can help to target all major muscle groups and keep your workouts interesting.
  • Compact footprint: Cable machines are often smaller and more compact than free weights, which makes them a good option for home gyms with limited space.

Are cable machines more effective?

The effectiveness of cable machines for muscle growth and strength development is similar to that of free weights. Both types of equipment can be used to effectively target all major muscle groups and achieve your fitness goals.

How many reps should you do on cable machine?

The number of reps you should do on a cable machine depends on your fitness level and training goals. For muscle growth, aim for 8-12 reps per set. For strength training, aim for 3-5 reps per set.

Can I squat with cable machine?

Yes, you can do squats using a cable machine. There are several different cable squat variations, and you can adjust the weight to suit your fitness level.

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Kevin Wing

Kevin is a stalwart when it comes to fitness and health, with a track record spanning over a decade. As a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist, his passion shines through in every article. Kevin's journey, from competitive bodybuilding to holistic wellness, now allows him to share his understanding of nutrition and training.